February 25, 2018

MARS DISCLOSURE 2013: Two Spaceports Discovered on Google/Mars With Triangle Craft / 3 Or 4 State-Sized Triangle UFO’s Spotted Orbiting Moon “Martians Aren’t Coming, Martians Are Here!”



Position on MARS ; N 15 deg 51 min 40 sec W 16 deg 21 min 40 sec

Note ; Best view 720 HD , 1080 HD can be slow .
This Space Port is one of many , there are many on the planet Mars
This Planet is inhabited!
Look it up , and see ! Use Google Mars

The Triangle in the end is about a Mile ( US ) wide !
COMPARE with the Phoenix Lights , and that huge Triangle that flew above the City !

Regards !
Carl ” jokkfly ”


This Vid will show you that the planet MARS is inhabited by Aliens

Use HD 720 , down to the right ! ( HD 1080 is slow )

This depression on Mars is 2700 meter or 8100 feet deep !
I named it ” Port 101 ”
Location ; N 35 deg 50 min 13 sec W 6 deg 52 min 12 sec

You can check it out for yourself !
Use the Google Earth , select Mars
If you connect your PC with your TV-set , with a HDMI-cabel , you will have more options to adjust the Picture
A good setting is ; Mid Contrast , Colour Low Bright Max Sharpness


Yours !
Carl “jokkfly”



Date of sighting: January 16, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths orbit, on ISS (International Space Station)

This greenish looking UFO is triangle in shape. It must be very close to the ISS. It looks like about 50 meters or less. Also you can clearly make out one of its edges which gives us an idea of its width. Another great catch by the UFO researcher on Youtube called, Streetcap1. He recorded this video directly from the NASA ISS live Internet cam. SCW


Multiple Triangle shaped UFOs orbiting Full Moon New Enhanced zoomed in v

I shot this video on 12/10/2011. I enhanced the image quality as best I could zoomed in,used edging and at the end of the video I slow down the video 50% .and zoomed in as far as I could get, so you could get a better look at the UFO’s. while watching this video I noticed that the objects have a triangular shape to them.

The other night when the moon was full I thought I would film it. Mostly to get a closer look but when I watched the video later I found 3 object that moved across the moon I’m not sure what they are so I call them UFO’s. I numbered the areas where the objects are and then used edge detection. Is NASA hiding something? If you like this check out my channel for more interesting things. Please Share I think people should see this.


green triangle ufo iss

Green Triangle UFO Within 50 Meters Of International Space Station, Jan 2013.

Date of sighting: January 16, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths orbit, on ISS (International Space Station)

This greenish looking UFO is triangle in shape. It must be very close to the ISS. It looks like about 50 meters or less. Also you can clearly make out one of its edges which gives us an idea of its width. Another great catch by the UFO researcher on Youtube called, Streetcap1. He recorded this video directly from the NASA ISS live Internet cam. SCW





Triangle UFO On Google Earth?

January 26, 2008

This Australia UFO photo shows the strange but clearly seen triangle shape with what appears to be bright lights perched on each corner.

This Australia UFO photo was taken off Google Earth at a range of 10,571 feet, note the triangle with bright lights in the center.

TR-B3 gary-mckinnon_sloar-wardenNew U.S. Air Force TR-3B Stealth Bomber

black triangel ufo's


The “Black Triangles” are considered to be a unique class description for a group of “Unidentified Flying Objects”. From as early as the 1940s to today, individuals have reported seeing this type of UFO in the evening and night skies around the world. This type of UFO has been commonly reported throughout the United States. However, sightings have been reported in other locations of the world as well, such as Britain and even Russia.

While it is not at all uncommon for individuals to observe what they believe to be UFOs in the evening and night sky, sightings are often associated with only catching a brief glimpse of the air vessels. When it comes to the black triangle UFO mystery, what makes it highly unusual is that whoever is driving the aircraft seems to be unmoved by the fact that the population over the regions that they travel can easily observe them. As a matter of fact, these UFOs have been known to travel extremely low to the ground and at relatively slow speeds! Could it be that the people or beings traveling in these large vessels actually want to be seen?

Most reports involving these UFO’s describe the aircraft being at least two hundred feet in length, and they are described as being extremely silent. Many have seen what appeared to be a type of small running type lights on each corner of the craft, while others have stated that they have not observed any lights on the bottom of the apparent spacecraft. Nine out of ten reports indicate that the air vessels move extremely slowly and often appear to hover in one place for extended periods of time. There are many that have actually observed the UFO moving slowly and then rapidly accelerating and disappearing very quickly.

One of the most popular reports regarding the black triangle UFO occurred in the area of Brussels on the 30th day of March in the year of 1990. The citizens of the area observed the aircraft hovering over the city and immediately contacted the officials. The law enforcement agency officials reported seeing the UFO moving slowly over the city. Immediately, the Belgian Air Force sent out numerous F-16s to pursue the aircraft. The pilots from the Air Force reported catching the vessel on radar, but then it would immediately dart ahead. Finally, the UFO sped out of sight.

The black triangle UFO mystery has perplexed government officials, military officials, scientists, and even individuals that study aircraft and possible UFOs. Could this aircraft be some sort of secret military aircraft? Could it be a spacecraft directed by aliens? At this point, this remains to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries as far as unidentified flying objects are concerned, but one of the most interesting ones to say the least.


UFOs have been spotted in triangular shapes before, like this one in Belgium.

UFOs have been spotted in triangular shapes before, like this one in Belgium.

triangle ufo.jpg3
Giant Triangle UFO flies over California neighborhood

A witness has reported the sighting of an UFO in Daly City in California, US on the 2nd of November, 2012 at 9:25 PM. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), as filed on the 3rd of November, 2012.

The witness describes what he was doing when he saw the UFO. He also talks about its direction and shape.

“I went outside in the back yard to smoke. I looked up at the stars, it is a fairly clear night. A falling star came straight down to the west. So i waited for another to fall. Within about ten seconds from my left to right looking to the west, a triangle shaped craft with lights (i think 7) flew in a north westerly direction.”

The witness then talks about his reaction, where he was standing and how the Archontic-like object appeared to him.

“I was standing close to the house so it appeared from behind several roofs. The first thing that came to mind was WOW, IT’S TRUE! There was no sound. “

The witness tells us what how the object behaved and also mentions sighting a commercial aircraft, which was flying not too far away from the UFO.

“As it flew away I saw the “wings” expand outward, I thought, why is it doing that? Then i saw a commercial aircraft coming in on its flight path to land at SFO. Then I thought I wonder if those pilots will see it. It appeared bigger than a normal commercial aircraft.”

He further tells us that the ‘alien’-like craft might have possessed the technology to become invisible. The witness mentions that he felt very lucky to have sighted this craft.

“As their paths were about cross it seemed to become invisible. That might be because of distance to me, or a cloud, or it really did become invisible. I waited for the commercial craft to pass over head, and i could hear its engines. To tell you the truth I feel very lucky to have witnessed this craft.”

The witness questions the possibility that this UFO would have been an US Air Force aircraft.

“Unless the U. S. Air Force is about to reveal that we have had these type of crafts for some time. I am also thinking why it was so in the open for any one to see.”

Finally, he describes the time and date of the sighting, and also the fact that he felt it was real.

“This is about 9:25 P.M. 11/2/12.I would say it was flying at the same height as most aircraft going up the coast. I know what I saw, and it was real.”

The above quotes were edited for clarity.


UFO 10

Visual Stealth? Alien technology?
I believe the date was July 26, 1986.

I had just come home from training at Ft Hood Texas. My mother had suggested I bring my army sleeping bag home with me because the air-conditioner had broken down and it was hot as hell in the house. She picked me up from the Reserve station and sure enough, it was 110 in the house, according to the air-cons thermostat in the hallway, just prior to 10 pm on the above date.

I grabbed my sleeping bag and a top sheet from the hall cupboard and pitched my sleeping bag back in the far corner of the back yard where there were fewer shrubs and better air flow. After lying there sweating for a few minutes I thought to myself “Screw this, I’m going to make myself a glass of iced tea. I glanced at my new digital/analog watch that I had bought at the PX at Hood the day before and the time was 10:04 pm. I got up, walked toward the sliding glass back door to go in the house when a movement in my peripheral vision made my head turn.

I looked up in time to see THREE UFO’s come to a stop over what I estimated to be the house of the guy who lived across the street from me. Not over my house, over my neighbors. Theres that line of sight trick where you stand back from a house and you can see the roof, but as you approach it you see less and less of the roof and just more of a line.

I estimated the three craft to be roughly the size of a 3 bedroom house, your average subruban home in scenic Irving Texas. Thats each one, as big as a house. I should correct myself and say that they were over my neighbors, homes/yards etc. Probably not more than 50 feet over tree top height and no more than 100 feet from me.

They were rock solid in the sky, there was no up or down movement, no side to side, no tilting, wobbling, nothing. They were just rock solid in the sky. When you have 3 objects in close proximity, its easy to tell if one of them moves, because there is a relationship and all things having a relationship in this, there were also the roofline of my house and other objects, trees etc.

Now to the question, and perhaps some of you science guys might have an answer, or perhaps I can give you a clue and set you in the right direction.

On the bottom of each craft, there was a triangle of blue lights, inside of a square of red lights, inside of a circle of yellow lights. The yellow circle was quite large, covering most of the “core” of the bottom of the craft.

In the years since this experience I have figured out a couple major things about these colors, and the shapes used. Those are the three primary colors of light, with them you can make any other colors. They also happened to be in the three primary shapes, with those shapes you can make any other shapes.

All I can figure is that A) I saw them because I was almost directly underneath them, and was very, very close to them, and B) They hadnt activated what I thought would be a visual stealth system.

Here is 1115 UFO Guardian, Original Case Footage


I’m sure most of you would have already seen this clip, in its original airing on Unsolved Mysteries, or at some later time, but more on this later, We will come back to it, its key.

Now, to greater details. The craft I saw were shaped sort of like a manta ray with short sweeping wings. and yet not unlike the F-117 stealth fighter, which was still in the fantasy stages at this point in time.

Totally silent, no noise whatsoever. There was no movement whatsoever. I noticed when they left that it felt like they took an electrostatic charge with them when they left. The air around me changed back to normal.

They didnt turn to leave like a conventional aircraft, like three hockey puck shaped magnets stuck together, they just left as a group. I figured in about 1 to 2 seconds they went from my house in south Irving, to north Dallas. then they puased for just a split second before… 1 to 2 seconds later, I estimated them to be over Garland which is a considerable drive by car. and then BANG, they were off toward Arkansas. I could still see the circle of yellow lights until that third hop.

I should mention that I lived in south Irving, TX, again because 5 miles from my house was a little place called Hensley Air Naval Station, which has LTV Vought right next to it. LTV did the wiring harnesses for everything from F-14 Tomcats to B-2 Bombers. I remember reading articles about (and it was a really big deal) when they rolled out the first B-2s.

Anyway, my house was almost in a straight line with the runway at Hensley Field, so I have no doubt a craft just over treetop height would have clear line of sight to that area. My best friend lived 8 houses down and the jets used to fly directly over his house all the time, like they were using it to line up with the runway.

Ok, back to the Gaurdian clip. On its original airing, they had already done their research, sent the tape off to their experts in the field, and proved without doubt this was a genuine sighting. “Even if there were a generator 5 miles off in the distance our equipment would still detect the sound of it powering that many lights” and thats pretty much an exact quote, even off the top of my head, from a 25 year old memory. Without doubt. Its genuine.

This clip aired only a few months after my experience. Notice the short, swept wings (I know they are hard to see, watch it again.) about 6 months later, Unsolved Mysteries came back with another story reneging on the first saying “and weve discovered that the original airing of the Gaurdian tape was a COMPLETE HOAX.” End of story, never to be heard of again.

When the Gaurdian clip aired the first time there were about a dozen of us watching it together. I looked at my older brother and said “Thats what followed us from Burnet to Ft. Worth.” and he replied “Damn straight!! HOLY CRAP!!!” The discussion was on and everyone in the room took great interest in it, but that in itself is a whole nother story.

Back to the basics. I see UFOs not far from a military base and a place where they roll out high tech aircraft. This production facility would have been considered a key target by the Soviet military. Coincidence? Roughly six months later The Gaurdian clip airs on TV. Six months later there is a retraction of the Gaurdian tape, now claiming it to be a hoax. Six months later there is a report on the radio, where the Federal Government admits they are “working on visual stealth” I only heard that ONE time and never heard it again.

To say the least, theres a whole lot of disinformation going on here. This I know.

What I would like you guys to discuss, for starters, would be the technical aspects of visual stealth. Ive given (I admit I could be wrong, but I dont think so) major clues as to the how’s. Red Blue Yellow, Triangle Square, Circle, and perhaps some matrix, or strobe efect, which could effectively wipe the craft from view when they are all vibrating? at the right rate, etc.

I cant tell you how the visual stealth works, or why I saw it, I can only say that I think they chose those three colors and shapes for a VERY specific reason. Nobody builds something like that for no reason at all.

Also, from my experiences (this was only one, and I gave slight mention of a second) if you are watching an alledged UFO clip, if it wobbles, spins or anything besides remain perfectly motionless, its a FAKE, excluding when they are specifically moving through clouds etc. Hoaxers use little tricks like camera shake so that you never get a clear view.

Sorry I do get ahead of myself sometimes. I failed to mention that the craft were perfectly flat black, very much like our known stealth craft, no seems that I could see, and yes the bottoms were fairly well lit with all that red blue yellow going on, particularly the yellow.

No I do not think this was a secret government project. I think that if the evil bastards running the Fed had these, it would be INSTANT global domination. NWO would have been already acheived (who could resist this technology?) so rule that out. Piss us off and we will nuke ya ass and be safely back in our airspace before the bomb ever got close to the ground.

I admire the work that you are doing in regards to magnetic propulsion systems here, and these craft are clearly magneticly propelled. I dont know about the powerhouse, but theres magnetics involved, this I know.

If anyone wants more detail, Im happy to provide, please just dont go knocking on the guys door!! I no longer live there!!! havent for 20 years.

Questions? Discussion? Let it rip guys. I’ve been carrying this for 25 years now and I would like some logical, intelligent input for these theories I’ve carried for a very long time

Go to maps.google.com and search for Pebblebrook Trail Irving Texas, then look south, into Grand Prairie, and youll find Hensley (possibly renamed, dont know) Field. I lived on the eastern half of Pebblebrook.

Also, I know at least 1 other person who saw this, though he lived on the western half of Pebblebrook. Will relate if anyone is interested.

Edit: I forgot to mention that when they finally took off, it was 10:14 according to my watch when I walked into the kitchen. I had been standing there the wole time mouthing the word “MOM!!!!” but nothing came out. She was standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes the whole time and I couldn’t make a sound… that has never happened before or since.

these things were black as the night that surrounded them. The only lights, and try to picture this in your head for me, because I REALLY suck at art, is the lights are like the lights that surround a neon sign in Times Square. They sort of resemble Christmas tree lights with spacing like this . . . . and they often flash, often times in a rectangle, if thats the general shape of the sign . . . . . . . . in this case the lights were all lit, never flashing or going off, and the were the only lights to be seen from the bottom of the craft. in this case the dots represent the colored lights, and the spaces between are pitch black. They put out enough light that I could see the basic outline of the craft.

On the very outside is a very large circle of yellow . . . . . . lights, with a medium size square of red on the inside of the afore mentioned yellow circle. inside that is a small PERFECT TRIANGLE of blue lights. perhaps this is a better description than the one I gave earlier. Think: small medium large. I am trying to find a clip of manta, or sting rays, as viewed from beneath because thats the general outline these things had, only with smaller more graceful swept back wings. As soon as I find a clip that resembles what I need I will post the link.

The spaces between the triangle square and circle are also pitch black. The lights also covered most of the underside of the crafts. If the crafts were 50 feet wide, the circle (being the largest and closest to the outside edge) covered 46 feet. Thats the closest I can get to giving you the scale of the lights


M.A.R.S. – Pump Up The Volume


war of the worlds book


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Artist Conceptions of the Top Secret U.S. Air Force TR-3B Interplanetary Spaceship or disinformation to hide the “Real” Triangle UFO’s?


tr 3b schematic

tr 3b schematic.jpg2

tr 3b3