December 17, 2017

‘HAARP SONG’ WEATHER CONTROL: Extreme Heat, Cold, Snow Plaguing the Globe “HAARP Can Change Earth’s Jet Stream! Wake Up!”


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‘SNOWPOCALYPSE’ JERUSALEM SNOW JAN. 10, 2013: Is Hell Freezing over? Or H.A.A.R.P./Weather Control?

Up to three feet of snow fell on Mount Hermon in northern Israel. Snow was also observed in areas of the West Bank, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.

Four to six inches of snow fell in Jerusalem Wednesday night into Thursday morning, snarling traffic and closing schools and government offices.

The snow in Jerusalem resulted from a large storm system that produced days of inclement weather in the Middle East.
Low pressure tracks through the Middle East Wednesday ( Initially, the storm brought mainly wind and heavy rains that caused flooding and damage in some areas.

But as cold air wrapped into low pressure tracking through the region, temperatures plummeted and snow reports spiked.
Areas of Palestinian got even more snow: The Palestinian meteorological institute said that snow levels in the Ramallah, East Jerusalem and Bethlehem areas had reached 4-8 inches (10-20 cm) and as much as 1 foot (30 cm) in Hebron,
“It’s the ‘Worst Snowstorm’ in 20 years in Jerusalem.”

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snow jerusulem 1 10 13
Extreme Heat, Cold, Snow Plaguing the Globe
Chris Dolce

1. Middle East Snow and Flooding

Record heat, deadly cold temperatures, flooding and rare snowfall – a wide range of extreme weather events have taken place around the world in the last few weeks.

The latest such example is from the Middle East, where flooding rains this week were followed by rare snow on Thursday.

Several inches of snow accumulated in Jerusalem and the West Bank on Thursday, according to reports from The Associated Press. The snow, reportedly the most in a decade, had significant impacts on transportation.
Prior to the snow, heavy rainfall led to flooding in parts of the Middle East.

2. Australia Extreme Heat and Wildfires
Not even a full month into summer and Australia has set a very significant heat record.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology reported that Monday, January 7 was the hottest day nationally in Australian history. The national average temperature of 104.69 degrees F beat the previous record set on December 21, 1972.

Jeff Masters of said in his blog, “Never before in 103 years of record keeping has a heat wave this intense, wide-spread, and long-lasting affected Australia.”

Extreme heat fueled wildfires in the country, including a fire that destroyed 90 homes in Dunalley. (Source: The Associated Press)

3. China Cold Snap

China has been enduring a lengthy stretch of colder-than-average temperatures dating back to late November.

The China Meteorological Administration told The Associated Press that the national average temperature from late November to early January is the coldest in nearly three decades.

Christopher Burt of wrote in a blog that temperatures below -40 degrees F were reported in Manchuria and far western Xinjiang province. However, he noted that these temperatures were far from China’s all-time coldest temperature of -62.1 degrees F.

Media reports from China said that 1,000 ships were stuck in ice in Laizhou Bay in eastern China’s Bohai Sea.
A country to China’s south has also endured some record cold temperatures.

4. Deadly Cold in India

Northern India suffered through very cold temperatures in the first week of January.

More than 100 people died due to the cold in the northern India state of Uttar Pradesh, according to a report from The Associated Press on January 3.

Christopher Burt of wrote in his blog that temperatures in New Delhi dropped to 35.4 degrees F on January 6. Burt said that the high temperature on January 2 was the coldest daily maximum in 44 years with a high of 49.6 degrees F.

5. All-Time Record Heat in Brazil

Southern Brazil and northern Argentina dealt with extreme heat in December.

On Christmas Eve, Rio de Janeiro’s Santa Cruz weather station recorded an all-time record high of 109.8 degrees F. (Source: Christopher Burt of

Burt said that unofficially a temperature of 110.8 degrees F was recorded in Criciuma, which if verified, would be the second hottest temperature ever recorded in the country.



How a freak diversion of the jet stream is paralysing the globe.

It’s snowing in Australia and California yet ‘warm’ in Greenland

The freezing conditions that have blasted Britain are being blamed on a series of weather patterns that are bringing Arctic temperatures to much of western Europe, California and even Australia.

One of the main factors is a change in the position of the jet stream – the fast-moving current of air that moves from west to east, high in the atmosphere.

Changes in the jet stream’s path can cause massive changes in weather conditions across the globe and may be why Australians are now shivering their way through summer and the current freezing conditions in California.

In a normal British winter – when conditions are mild and soggy – the jet stream lies over northern Europe, at an altitude of between 35,000 to 50,000 feet.
During these grey winters, Britain’s prevailing winds come from the west and south west, and bring with them warm and moist air from the sub-tropical Atlantic.

This year a high-pressure weather system over the Atlantic is blocking the jet stream’s normal path and forcing it to the north and south of Europe.

The areas of high pressure act like stones in a stream – blocking the normal flow of milder air from the west and instead forcing colder air from the north down across the UK.

In California more than 12 inches of rain has fallen in parts of the Santa Monica Mountains in the south and 13 feet of snow has accumulated at Mammoth Mountain ski resort.

And Australians expecting to bask in early summer sun this Christmas are instead shivering as icy gusts sweeping up from the Southern Ocean have blanketed parts of east coast states New South Wales and Victoria with up to four inches of snow.

When the jet-stream is blocked by high pressure it dips southwards and lets freezing air flood in from the Arctic regions.

Other weather patterns are also causing havoc across the may also be affecting the weather, such as the current in the tropical Pacific Ocean, called La Nina, which is disturbing the jetstream over the north Pacific and North America.

A combination of our usual wet Atlantic weather systems striking these freezing cold fronts results in huge amounts of snowfall – and brings Britain grinding to a halt.

A Met Office spokesman: ‘The problem is we are not getting the warmer Atlantic air that normally keeps our winters mild.’

‘We can see that it is unseasonably warm over Canada and Greenland, this is where warm air has been diverted.’

He said that any change in the pressure over the Atlantic would need to last for several days before we would notice any change in the weather in Europe.

Freezing-cold winters and milder winters tend to cluster in groups, as the jet stream changes its path.

Experts are still unsure why this is but suspect it may be related to the EL Nino weather system as well as changes in sea temperatures and solar activity…



Michael Laverty 2 months ago
WHAT IS TAKING PLACE IN OUR ATMOSPHERE IS 100% HAARP MADE.. Do the Ever loving research open your minds use your skulls for more than just a hat rack ..just do it.

The HAARP Weather manipulation weapon developed jointly By the US Air force and Navy research… Listen Mr La Nina .. Can you Say HAARP back in 93 when there antenna array was only 18 @360Kv they were able to make some mild low power changes in the Atmosphere so in 99 they turned it up to 48 antenna @ 960Kv able to make some sizable weather changes but nowhere near the level they wanted so in 2003 they took it to 180 @3600Kv Now they are really happy with the level of destruction they produce.


Gunpowdermaniac22 2 years ago
This is a classic sign of HAARP. This is the main subject of HAARP’s capabilities, which is to change the direction of the Jet Stream by pushing ,or creating a bubble, in the ionosphere, thus forcing the Jet Stream to follow.



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