February 25, 2018

MORTGAGE = DEATH PLEDGE: Latin words Mort-Gage Literally Translated Mort Means (Death) Gage Means (Pledge) “Debt Slavery=Human Mortgages=Debt Till Death! Time To Re-Think America!”


death pledge1

The word “mortgage” comes from the French “mort-gage”, literally death-pledge. The French peasants were working until they died for the privilege of owning a house. Same Game! Same People! Different Time! WTH!!!

Historically, when the oldest son of a nobleman needed large sums of money which his father refused to give him, he often turned to borrowing.

In arranging the loan, he would gage or “pledge” to repay the debt when his father died (at which time the son expected to receive his inheritance).


What is a Mortgage?

To understand what is a mortgage is you first have to understand the etymology {history} of the word mortgage.

It is said that the first mortgage ever recorded dates to 1190 in England. Common English Law provided protections to the grantee (lender) of that mortgage loan and these protections granted the lender in the borrowers property.

At that time most pledges or loans were what was known as “Living Pledges” which were just that pledges of possessions while one was living until the debt was paid.

Death Pledge

By contrast the word “Mortgage” is the opposite of the Living Pledge . It is a compound word from the Latin words Mort-Gage. Literally translated Mort means death Gage which means pledge.

mortgage = death pledge




I Pledge my Life, to the Banks, into Slavery for which they Stand…

One World Order…under Satan…Their God

With Liberty and Justice…for only Them.




The word mortgage is a French Law term meaning “death contract”, meaning that the pledge ends (dies) when either the obligation is fulfilled or the property is taken through foreclosure.[1]

This of course, is a Lie to hide the true meaning of “death pledge”. If this were the real and original meaning, ALL CONTRACTS WOULD BE MORTAGES! Because, in theory, “All Contracts are PLEDGES that End/Die when the Terms of said Contract/Pledges have been met.”

This is what is called “Revisionist History”. Changing history or the meaning of words.

They made no mistake when they coined this word. It means exactly what it says.

The question is, How long will we allow this type of slavery death pledge “contract” to exist in a truly civilized society.


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WILL GERMANY BANISH FOSSIL FUELS BEFORE U.S. (Video): 4 [Suppressed] New Energy Devices Could Banish Fossil Fuels In 5 Years!

VIDEO: Will Germany Banish Fossil Fuels Before the US?

This story first appeared in PBS and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration

What would it take to transform the whole country’s electric grid—to shut down all of its old power plants, and move to a system that generates electricity exclusively from renewable resources? Well, that’s exactly what Germany’s trying to do—not decades from now…but now. Correspondent Rick Karr reports on how German political parties of every stripe are now backing a plan that is expected to nearly end that country’s use of fossil fuels by 2050.

Below, Karr sits down with German environmental economist Claudia Kemfert, who heads the department of energy, transportation and environment at the German Institute for Economic Research, to discuss Germany’s Energiewende: [ SOURCE: U.S. Judicial Corruption ]

energiewende2In this web exclusive interview, Need to Know correspondent Rick Karr sits down with German environmental economist Claudia Kemfert, who heads the department of energy, transportation and environment at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin).

Karr and Kemfert discuss Germany’s Energiewende. Literally, the word means “energy turn,” and it describes the country’s bold plan to shift from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. According to the Economist, the Energiewende was “dreamed up in the 1980s, became policy in 2000 and sped up after the Fukushima disaster in March 2011.”
German Chancellor Angela Merkel reaffirmed Germany’s pledge to Energiewende, but insisted the country’s new energy 64 [Suppressed] New Energy Devices Could Banish Fossil Fuels In 5 Years “Long Before 2050! Why Wait 37 Years till 2050 For Something We Could Do Now. OMG!”

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lutrcdevice (2)



**Using Resonance Frequency Technology (Sound Frequency), Stan Myers created a device that split/fractured water into it’s primary parts, Hydrogen and Oxygen, and burned these as fuel in an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).

This (RF Water Splitter Device) could be used on cars and trucks. By replacing the spark plug in your engine with a device that attached to his Resonance Frequency Water Splitter you would be able to run any existing combustion engine on nothing more that water. More…[ “NEW ENERGY” FROM WATER – STAN MYERS WATER FRACTURING TECHNOLOGY EXPLAINED: “It Runs On Water”



VAPOR FUEL SYSTEMS: Pre-Heating And Vaporization of Fuel before Ignition/Combustion

Tom Ogle’s vapor Fuel System

Tom Ogle’s Invention Resulted in 1000% Increase in MPG & His Death!Posted by Frank L. Reister on October 4, 2008 at 10:54pm

Tom developed a small device that could be attached to any engine and increase performance and MPG by up to 1000%…yes 10 times! Tom patented his invention then sold it…more: [ Tom Ogle’s vapor Fuel System ]

tom ogle w cars


200 mpg (Vapor Fuel) Pogue Carburetor

“A carburetor that would allow a car to travel 200 miles on a gallon of gas caused oil stocks to crash when it was announced by its Canadian inventor Charles Nelson Pogue in the 1930s.

But the carburetor was never produced in enough volume, and mysteriously, Pogue went overnight from impoverished inventor to the manager of a successful factory making oil filters for the motor industry. More…[ 200 mpg Pogue Carburetor ]





We don’t support Large Windmill Projects or any other Large Projects that continue to give Large Bankers and Corporations Total Control of our individual energy needs.

Large Banker/Corporate Projects that leave Bankers and Corporations to “Set The Price Of Energy”, is what they are all about.
That’s why they suppress the above technologies, and have been for years.

You only hear about large Corporate Projects in the Corporate Media.

So if you want New Energy, skip the Corporate/Government Media Views, and tell them you want the Technologies above, that we have now.

Tell them to Stop The Suppression of New Energy Devices. Tell them “It’s time to come out of the Stone/Fossil Age!