February 25, 2018


Magnetic Generator To Power Your Home

FREE ENERGY Home Generator Australia – Electricity Generator – – Off the Grid – Lutec –

Electrical generator using permanant magnets and high power magnetic electrical impulses ,
similar to edwin v grays motor back in 1979. the coils in this motor do not heat up under load will power your home for years. Combination ac/dc motor.



Lutec 1000 CTTC1Q0506_fig1topview

A. Electronic Pickups
B. Rotor with Permanent Magnets
C. Stator
D. Core Holders

lutec 1000 CTTC1Q0506_fig2sideview

A. Electronic Switches
B. Electronic Pickups
C. Input Leads
D. Front Panel
E. Back Panel
F. Output Leads
G. Section Spacers
H. Coil Spacers

Lutec 4


Two Cairns inventors who say they have developed a radical new energy generating machine have been swamped with inquiries over the past 24 hours since going public with their discovery.
One Cairns businessman already has offered a substantial sum of money to bankroll the establishment of a factory to produce the new generator.

He was among a crowd of curious Far Northerners who rished to contact Edge Hill electrician Lou Brits and Brinsmead mechanical enginner John Christie once news of their invention broke in the Cairns Post yesterday.
Investors, people with scientific backgrounds and those who were keen to buy one of the new Lutec 1000 machines to power their homes swamped the Cairns Post and the two inventors, who work from home, with their calls. The generator is capable of producing 24 kilowatts of energy per day and is powered by the alternating attraction and repulsion of internal magnets once it is kickstarted from a battery source.

It has more than twice enough energy to power the average family home, while remaining free from heat, emissions or airborne matter. Mr. Christie said he and Mr. Brits realised their invention “flew in the face of physics” by being 500 per cent efficient

– but it worked.

“The phone hasn’t stopped ringing.” Mr. Christie said yesterday afternoon.

“We’ve had calls from the Daintree – people wanting to place orders and buy them.

“We’re happy about that but, really, we’re not in the position to take orders.”

Mr. Christie said he began receiving phone calls from 7:30AM yesterday (when the story was first reported).

Mr. Christie said people begain arriving unannounced on his doorstep from 8:30AM.
He said two people he had never met before had even needed to be ushered out of the room just after 9AM when he went on air for a radio interview.

An international patent is pending on the invention and the two men already have received interest from overseas. But Mr. Brits and Mr. Christie say they are keen to setup a production plant in Cairns to produce the machines on a small scale to power homes in remote areas of Queensland like the Daintree region and in the Torres Strait.
Cairns businessman Alex Roma yesterday said he was prepared to help bankroll the production plant as it was an opportunity to expand industry in the Far North.

Ahead of meeting the two inventors late yesterday, Mr. Roma said if their invention stacked up, he was prepared to up up “a large sum” to help make the local production plant a reality.

“Looking at this, it’s fantastic,” he said.

“I’ve always said Cairns needs a boost in industry – it’s one thing Cairns is lacking.

“We’d employ local people and produce something we could export apart from sugar cane and seafood.”

Mr. Roma said an opportunity existed to produce locally not just the machines but all of the accompanying components.
Member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch lent his support to the proposal to develop a plant to manufacture the clean, green power generators in Cairns.

Ergon Energy spokeswoman Sara Collins said discussions were ongoing with the inventors, who hope to sell excess power back to the grid.



The thing that’s spectacular about this design is that you can use it to power anything, anywhere. It is totally and easily upgradable for any application from 1 unit for an automobile to 2 units for a small truck or SUV. Or 4 to 5 units for a truck or bus. It can be used to power any home of any size. Simply stack on units as needed.

One half the size of a Hot Water Heater could power your Home, for Free, after the cost of the unit.

Some say Natural Gas is the way to go. They must not care about the hundreds of Toxic Chemicals being pumped into our ground water supply and poisoning the Earth and the Water Table.

They must not care about the hundreds of ruined families and their lands, with water faucets spitting out flammable gas and so poisonous, they are told not to even touch it for any reason.

It’s time to come out of the “Stone Age” and get new energy sources that don’t involve ‘Fossil Fuels’. I.E. Fuel from Rocks. I.E. “The Stone Age”

It’s time to become more advanced than Cave Men.

It’s time to leave the Stone Age!


The U.S. Patent And Trademark Office plays games when it comes to this device.

They won’t give you a patent for it. And if you invent another one, they say you can’t because it was already invented.

They are in effect preventing you from even making one and mass producing it based on something they refused to Patent in the first place.

Our answer to that is simple. National Security!

It’s in the National Security interests of the Unite States to get off Oil and out of Oil Resource Wars.
It’s time for us to become Energy Independent.

It’s in our Nations Best Interest. We will easily Override the USPTO.

NOTE 2: FUtube has removed/censored all Basic Magnetic Motor principle videos from youtube so people can’t see how simple they really are.

Only Trolls and Dis-information are left on FUtube about Magnetic Motor Basics.

If you still think we should go the Natural Gas Way, look at this Video Post. FUtube has once again removed Gasland from online, but there are still some good videos and information there. Click Here: [ GASLAND – FRACKING HELL: The Truth Behind HydroFracking (Full Video) ]


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