February 25, 2018

SKY WARS – CHEMCLOUD DARK AGENDA DEFEATED WORLDWIDE! BY TDP AND ORGONE ENERGY Satellite Evidence! “Natural Skies and Natural Clouds Are Here Again! Thanks To The TDP and Friends!”


The True Democracy Party OPERATION: SILENT THUNDER NATURAL SKIES has been an Outstanding Success. Far more than expected.
wilhelm reich
Based upon the works of Wilhelm Reich with Orgone Energy, Wade House, Chairman of the TDP, Invented the Orgone Accumulator Cloud Busters, G-1 ‘The Guardian’ and G-2 ‘The General’ (Orgone Accumulator Cloudbusters), based completely on Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Research.

“When we first decided upon doing Operation: Silent Thunder Natural Skies, our skies were so infested with Chemtrails and Chemclouds, that we actually had to go ‘online’ to find Natural Clouds and Skies to show others what we planned on achieving. LOL! How sad is that!? Those days are gone!
Now we can simply walk outside almost anywhere and take pictures and find beautiful natural looking clouds and skies:)

We can even use our own pictures taken right outside over Frederick, MD., Washington D.C., Baltimore, MD., Germantown and Gaithersburg MD, Shenandoah Mountains and any place within 200 miles.” Wade House – Chairman T.D.P.

Here are a couple of recent Dopplar Radar images of the U.S.


us_radar_plus_usen (2)

Here are some PRE July 22, 2012 Satellite Photos of Earth showing massive Chemtrail and Chemclouds all over the Planet and U.S. Cities. You can’t find Post August 2012 photos like these anywhere online or on Earth. Yes, Orgone Energy can act that quickly, and the Victory is that complete. There’s a New Group of Sheriffs in Town! We have New Tools and a New Attitude and we are just getting started 🙂




This first Streaming Live Dopplar Shot shows two large Circular Patterns from a purported H.A.A.R.P. Based Satellite Weather Control Unit in action, during a storm.

These next (2) Satellite Photos show Rain and Clouds only over U.S. Cities. How Natural is That?!

BTW. They can’t do that anymore, PERIOD! The best they can do is cover (1) maybe (2) Cities in Clouds at a time. And these are just Clouds.

Don’t believe us? We have (2) Live Dopplar Links and a Weather Channel Instant U.S. Dopplar Link. Check for yourselves. Don’t believe what others say, look for yourselves.




chemcloud city covrg undated f5GFG
chem sat tramqdefault
Rain and Clouds over ONLY U.S. Cities? C’mon now! Can you say Weather Control? 🙂

But there are ‘New Days’ and ‘Natural Skies’ ahead.

This is a complete set back for the NWO Poison Skies Dark Agenda of Chemtrails and Chemclouds. They can still put up Chemtrails, but they are so weak, they don’t show up on Satellite Pictures of Earth, anywhere. They have been defeated World Wide!

Happy days and Beautiful Skies are Here Again!

Of course the TDP couldn’t of done this by ourselves. Within a week of launching Operation Silent Thunder and Natural Skies on July 22, 2012, others joined us around the area, around America and around the world.

And we haven’t looked back since.

We also have to thank the NWO and their Dark Agenda. Adversity is the Mother Of Invention.

Wilhelm Reich, the founder of Orgone Energy, invented the Orgone Accumulator which you could sit inside of and be Healed of “Any Ailment, and the Cloudbuster Rainmaker, which could make it rain anywhere on the Planet, anytime. He used this to bring rain to deserts and drought stricken farms in America, before “they” locked him up and killed him in prison 2 weeks before he got out.

Human Health and Drought is what motivated Wilhelm Reich, so that’s what he concentrated on.

Chemtrails, Chemclouds, Poison Skies and a Dark Agenda is what motivated us. So that’s what we concentrated on. Adversity is the Mother Of Invention.

Our first Tool/Invention was the G1 ‘Guardian’ Orgone Accumulator Cloudbuster. And these are the skies that they brought us, here in the Frederick, MD., Washington D.C. Area.
Instructions for the G1 Guardian Unit: [ HERE: G1 ‘Guardian’ Orgone Accumulator Cloudbuster ]




This was a far cry from what we use to deal with on a nearly daily basis for years. This is what we use to have:


Worldwide this Battle is over.

They made a strong Counter Attack at the beginning of October 2012, forcing us to invent and Upgrade to the G2 ‘The General’ Orgone Accumulator Cloudbuster. But even this Counter Attack was only against (1) or (2) areas nationwide.

Not the worldwide or nationwide chemcloud attack pattern they use to be able to put up on a weekly, if not a daily basis.
The Satellite Photos and Dopplar Radar tell the story and can’t be argued with.

This is still an ongoing battle.

They are not about to stop trying or admit defeat. And if we have learned anything, it is that they will try again and possibly succeed. So this time, we are going to be Pro-Active.

We will be Launching Operation: Silent Thunder Natural Skies 2 – The Nationwide and Worldwide Anti HAARP Shield.

Please don’t doubt us 🙂

All we need is A Little Help From Our Friends!

There have been no CHEMFALL from Chemtrails or Chemclouds reported in months.

There also haven’t been any Mass Bird Deaths since the introduction of the G1 Guardian Orgone Accumlator was invented and the Guardian Network, that was set up in August 2012.

The reason is quite simple. The Orgone Accumulator Cloudbusters heat the area up from 2 to 7 degrees and push the poison air so far up, and keeps them there while, or until they can be naturally neutralized by the Sun’s Radiation. The birds are naturally safe because they don’t fly that high, period.

They just go about doing what birds do, without flying through Aluminum and Barium Clouds of Death. Thank You Very Much!

Are we seriously taking credit for that?

It’s not and never was “Just Us”. The credit goes to Wilhelm Reich, and those brave souls who follow us around the world and in the U.S.



The NWO Controlled Media is in an Uproar, turned upside down.

The Media who never covered the situation, is now running shows and articles on cable and their ‘Fake’ alternative media outlets admitting to aerial spraying programs AKA Chemtrails. They are setting up websites and advertising on the ‘web’ practically begging for people to send in recent Chemtrail photos and videos.

And the Elite have started being even more blatant in putting up Chemtrails.

This is all a show. Their chemtrails are so weak, they don’t show up on Dopplar Radar anymore, worldwide.

People see them better now, because the skies are so darn clear 🙂

Are we laughing inside. Yes We Are! 🙂

This is something to Celebrate!

We should have a National or Worldwide Beautiful Natural Skies Day.
It could be on July 22 of every year, to Commemorate the day the 1st G1 was set up and started doing it’s thing, naturally cleaning the sky, and turning the NWO Dark Agenda on it’s head.

It’s not over yet though.

They have brought out the Big Guns…Cloud UFO’s. They are active and effective on a small scale, I.E. one or two cities or area’s at a time.

But so far, YES, We kicked their Arse’s Too!


And we’re not done. We’re going to take it to the next level this time.

We can’t wait on them, for they will not disappoint. Their beady little evil minds are at work, right this second.

In addition to launching Operation: Silent Thunder Natural Skies 2, we will be introducing (2) more Orgone Accumulator Cloudbusters; The Sea Samurai and the Land Apache. Very Simple and very powerful.

The SEA SAMURAI: A Boat or Buoy with Large Copper Pipes attached to it’s sides or through the center. Island Protection.

The Land Apache: A small pond or dedicated large man made pond with the Large copper pipes driven into the ground inside it.

Both would utilize the very natural and Powerful Orgone Energy directly from the Earth or Sea, I.E. directly from the Earth Itself. You can’t get any more powerful than that.

Designs, upcoming 🙂

We are unable to Locate any WORLD DOPPLAR RADAR sites anywhere ‘online’.
We can only Locate National or State Dopplar Radar Images.

We know Europe, Canada, China, Russia, the Middle East all have them. Yet we can’t find any, anywhere.

It’s almost as if American’s aren’t allowed to see the true weather world wide? Very strange. Google and the U.S. Government, we couldn’t locate it on their websites either, have decided to keep American’s blind to weather outside of the U.S.

This is so Marix.

We will keep looking. If you have or find one, shoot us a contact email.



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