February 25, 2018



**Using Resonance Frequency Technology (Sound Frequency), Stan Myers created a device that split water into it’s primary parts, Hydrogen and Oxygen, and burned these as fuel in an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).

This (RF Water Splitter Device) could be used on cars and trucks. By replacing the spark plug in your engine with a device that attached to his Resonance Frequency Water Splitter you would be able to run any existing combustion engine on nothing more that water.

Sending the Frequency of water back on itself causes it to instantly break into it’s primary components, which can then be used as fuel. Pure Hydrogen and Oxygen in a (ICE) Cylinder Combustion Chamber is not only far more efficient, but only water vapor is produced out the tailpipe, making this an excellent Anti-Greenhouse energy source.

This is the technology that got Stan Myers killed. Water is cheaper, more plentiful and alot easier to get.

Like Stan Myers said, “You can use clean water, dirty water, sea water, rain or snow, it doesn’t matter.”

This is not a Hydrogen Fuel Cell, which he also invented. This was the next step, far superior to that technology.

It Runs on Water – New Energy – Stan Meyers

Stan Meyers Water Car

Stan Meyers Dune Buggy that ran on water. Hydrogen/Oxygen fuel in an ICE motor. On board electrolysis, no hydrogen tanks, no bombs on-board, just water. (1998) It ran 100 miles per gallon! The 2nd best inventor of the Century, besides Tesla, who was and will always be #1. Stan is the mustard seed of Water Powered Cars! The video left above is a one timed aired news cast, from his home town of Grove City , Ohio that you are not to view. The video screen to the right is a segment of the Equinox program about Stanley aired back in Dec. 1995 (approx.) See the entire program entitled “It Runs on Water” narrated by Arthur C. Clarke in video clips below.



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Tesla’s Little Secret

UNLIMITED FREE ENERGY IDENTIFIED: This video starts off kinda of strange. Don’t be fooled. This is one of the most important short video’s on Free Energy, PERIOD. It shows what it is and where it comes from. No other video does that. Plus, it will give you a short laugh. Vital Information and a Laugh, what more can you ask from a video?

The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla

Free Energy Receiver
by George Trinkaus

For starters, think of this as a solar-electric panel. Tesla’s invention is very different, but the closest thing to it in conventional technology is in photo-voltaics. One radical difference is that conventional solar-electric panels consist of a substrate coated with crystalline silicon; the latest use amorphous silicon. Conventional solar panels are expensive, and, whatever the coating, they are manufactured by esoteric processes.

But Tesla’s “solar panel” is just a shiny metal plate with a transparent coating of some insulating material which today could be a spray plastic. Stick one of these antenna-like panels up in the air, the higher the better, and wire it to one side of a capacitor, the other going to a good earth ground. Now the energy from the sun is charging that capacitor.

Connect across the capacitor some sort of switching device so that it can be discharged at rhythmic intervals, and you have an electric output. Tesla´s patent is telling us that it is that simple to get electric energy. The bigger the area of the insulated plate, the more energy you get. But this is more than a ‘solar panel’ because it does not necessarily need sunshine to operate. It also produces power at night.

Of course, this is impossible according to official science. For this reason, you could not get a patent on such an invention today. Many an inventor has learned this the hard way. Tesla had his problems with the patent examiners, but today’s free-energy inventor has it much tougher. At the time of this writing, the U. S. Patent Office is headed by a Reagan appointee who came to the office straight from a top executive position with Phillips Petroleum.

Tesla’s free-energy receiver was patented in 1901 as An Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy. The patent refers to “the Sun, as well as other sources of radiant energy, like cosmic rays.” That the device works at night is explained in terms of the night-time availability of cosmic rays. Tesla also refers to the ground as “a vast reservoir of negative electricity.”

Tesla was fascinated by radiant energy and its free-energy possibilities. He called the Crooke’s radiometer (a device which has vanes that spin in a vacuum when exposed to radiant energy) “a beautiful invention.” He believed that it would become possible to harness energy directly by “connecting to the very wheelwork of nature.” His free-energy receiver is as close as he ever came to such a device in his patented work.

But, on his 76th birthday, at the ritual press conference, Tesla (who was without the financial wherewithal to patent but went on inventing in his head) announced a “cosmic-ray motor.” When asked if it was more powerful than the Crooke’s radiometer, he answered, “thousands of times more powerful.”

How it works

From the electric Potential that exists between the elevated plate (plus) and the ground (minus), energy builds in the capacitor, and, after “a suitable time interval,” the accumulated energy will “manifest itself in a powerful discharge” which can do work. The capacitor, says Tesla, should be “of considerable electrostatic capacity,” and its dielectric made of “the best quality mica,’ for it has to withstand potentials that could rupture a weaker dielectric.

Tesla gives various options for the switching device. One is a rotary switch that resembles a Tesla circuit controller. Another is an electrostatic device consisting of two very light, membranous conductors suspended in a vacuum. These sense the energy build-up in the capacitor, one going positive, the other negative, and, at a certain charge level, are attracted, touch, and thus fire the capacitor. Tesla also mentions another switching device consisting of a minute air gap or weak dielectric film which breaks down suddenly when a certain potential is reached.

The above is about all the technical detail you get in the patent. Although I’ve seen a few cursory references to Tesla’s invention in my sampling of the literature of free-energy, I am not aware of any attempts to verify it experimentally.


Nikola Tesla’s electric car

After the AC induction motor, we think that the greatest invention of Nikola was the electric car. This was no ordinary battery driven car because this car took its power from the ether just like an automobile antenna picks up radio waves from the ether.

In 1931, under the financing of Pierce-Arrow and George Westinghouse, a 1931 Pierce-Arrow was selected to be tested at the factory grounds in Buffalo, N. Y. The standard internal combustion engine was removed and an 80-H.P. 1800 r.p.m electric motor installed to the clutch and transmission. The AC motor measured 40 inches long and 30 inches in diameter and the power leads were left standing in the air —no external power source and no recharging of any batteries was necessary.

At the appointed time, Nikola Tesla arrived from New York City and inspected the Pierce-Arrow automobile. He then went to a local radio store and purchased a handful of tubes (12), wires and assorted resistors. A box measuring 24 inches long, 12 inches wide and 6 inches high was assembled housing the circuit. The box was placed on the front seat and had its wires connected to the air-cooled, brushless motor. Two rods 1/4″ in diameter stuck out of the box about 3″ in length.

Mr. Tesla got into the driver’s seat, pushed the two rods in and stated, “We now have power”. He put the car into gear and it moved forward! This vehicle, powered by an AC motor, was driven to speeds of 90 m.p.h. and performed better than any internal combustion engine of its day! One week was spent testing the vehicle. Several newspapers in Buffalo reported this test. When asked where the power came from, Tesla replied, “From the ether all around us”. 

Similar 1931 Pierce-Arrow that was converted to electric power by Tesla.

Here is a report of the incident from Tesla biographer Marc J. Seifer:

“The car [was] a standard Pierce Arrow, with the engine removed and certain other components installed instead. The standard clutch, gear box, and drive train remained…. Under the hood, there was a brushless electric motor, connected to [or in place of] the engine…. Tesla would not divulge who made the motor. Set into the dash was a “power receiver” consisting of a box … containing 12 radio tubes…. A vertical antenna, consisting of a 6 ft. rod, was installed and connected to the power receiver [which was] in turn, connected to the motor by two heavy, conspicuous cables…. Tesla pushed these in before starting and said: “We now have power.”

If this tale is to be believed, it would mean that Tesla had also installed one of his powerful oscillators somewhere near Niagara Falls to provide the wireless energy needed to power the vehicle.”(Seifer, Wizard. The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla, p. 419). 

Tesla’s car drove J.P. Morgan, Rockefeller and Henry Ford CRAZY!!

With the discovery of electricity, everybody expected that all cars would be electric and run on rechargeable batteries. Tesla had gone one better and actually produced a working automobile that ran on electricity taken from the surrounding ether like an antenna picks up radio waves. This would revolutionize travel just like his AC induction motor had revolutionized the industrial world.

Morgan, Rockefeller and Ford had to sabotage his idea at all costs….No air polluting gasoline engine meant no oil monopoly for Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Co. No oil monopoly meant no excuse for Rockefeller to own the U.S. government and no excuse to be involved in foreign countries . . . especially those surrounding Russia.

Bulbous nosed baboon J.P. Morgan (1837-1913), was the chief enemy of Tesla’s AC system; his wireless transmission system and his electric car. He actually died in Rome during a visit to his boss.

J. D. Rockefeller (1838-1937) was the founder of the Standard Oil Co. His killing of the electric car allowed Standard Oil to amass a vast fortune which is still pouring into Rockefeller controlled companies to this very day.

Henry Ford (1863-1947) is credited with mass producing the noisy air polluting gasoline engine. By 1932, Ford controlled over 1/3 of gasoline engine production worldwide. He was very familiar with electricity because he worked for George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison. Hitler admired Ford so much that he kept Ford’s picture in his office. Many of the trucks used by the Nazis during WW II were built by the Ford German and French subsidiaries.

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