February 21, 2018

WAG THE DOG: FUtube Censors Video That Portrays Hollywood Inspired “Fake Wars”

We’ve been trying for months to bring you a 1997 Hollywood Movie called “Wag The Dog” to show you how easy it is for Hollywood and the Media to create a Fake War and trick the American Public into believing it.

We’ve given up on that.

It’s completely censored from FUtube. You can’t even “Pay” to watch it on FUtube.
We found one seller of the movie for $5.00 online, another for $9.99 and finally a place to rent it online for $3 or 4 dollars…but when we went back to locate the link, it was gone. This is so Cool. Active Censorship in action!

FUtube and Google, you just gotta love these Censorship Kings.

We’ve loaded the very few short clips allowed on FUtube. After you watch them, you will know why it’s censored.

Can’t have Americans knowing the truth. That’s a No No.

If you can locate the movie cheap, it would be worth watching, just because it’s s hard to get and so important to today’s war climate.


03/21/2015: Located a COPY! Only took about 3 years. Let’s see how long it stays up.

[ Wag The Dog (1997) ]

wag the dog