February 18, 2018

EZ-PASS HELL: States Sponsored Scam – States Sponsored Mafia “Out Of The Blue, EZ-Pass Makes It Easy For States To Take Your Money!”

T.D.P. Admin.-

EZ-Pass MD. just sent me a notice to pay them $56.58 for not paying $7.50 in Tolls they never sent me invoices to pay.
The other 2 Invoices for $3.25 were paid within 2 days of arrival.

I even checked their Website, but needed the Transaction Number, to pay the bill, which I hadn’t received yet.

On a whim, I checked the Consumer Complaints & Reviews of EZ-Pass and was quite surprised to find them doing the same thing and worse Nationwide.

They seem to be a Nationwide Tollway Mafia Outfit backed up by the State. Every Banking and Financial trick and scam in the book, they are using against American Citizens.

They can take and keep your money only on their word. They don’t have to repay double billing errors or return any money for any reason. They do tricks like having 2 regular lanes open and 5 EZ-Pass lanes open to make it difficult for you not to have EZ-Pass. All with the State’s blessing.

They are Crooks, plain and simple, backed up by the State, Media and Triple AAA. Who have nothing but good words to say about them.

They make things easier. Easier for them to steal your money and then have to spend money to take them to court, where you face the State!

It’s not hard to find hundreds of Horror Stories about them.

But this time they over-billed the wrong outfit.

We are now going to Launch our “Open Roads Project: Which calls for making all Toll Roads in America Illegal and Dismantling All Tollbooths, Electronic or Otherwise.”

It’s time for these Scams Against Americans to End!

It’s time to stop this new state sponsored scam or fire the people who won’t.


Out of the blue, I received a notice from the Comptroller of Maryland stating that I have an outstanding balance of $674.00. They stated they were sending my name to the IRS to have any future monies due me offset by this amount. I was completely blindsided and in total shock as I had never received a notice from the state prior to this. The notice stated that the Maryland Agency that I had incurred the amount due with was the Maryland Transportation Authority. I couldn’t imagine what it was, as the only dealings I have with them are the tolls I prepay for my EZPass transponder.

I went online to review my account and found that my account had not replenished since November 2011 and that there were multiple fees on my account in the amount of $25.00 each, beginning in June, which is when the $25.00 I put on my account ran out (this shows you how much I use the tolls in 7 months; not much!). I found out that this is a returned check fee. Due to theft on my bank account in November, I had to get a new debit card. I entered the new debit card information to all bill-pay accounts including my EZPass account. Mind you, each time I review my transaction detail, it appears as though it is drawing from money I have in the account, although I will say that their statements are strange and somewhat confusing.

I suspected after receiving this notice and reviewing my account in detail that my new debit card information provided to them in November 2011 didn’t take; not surprising in and of itself as their website is not user friendly at all and often has trouble processing a request, causing a person to have to start over with what they are trying to do. Anyway, what I have a problem with is that I received nothing in the mail from EZPass or the Comptroller of Maryland to warn me that there was a problem with my debit card or that there was an ongoing balance. Only when they have racked up $674.00 do I get a notice.

The other thing that I have a problem with is that they charged me a $25.00 returned check fee for every single time I was on a toll road. So for every $1 or $2 toll, I have a returned check fee of $25.00 assessed. I think this is ridiculous as they are not trying to debit my account directly each time a toll is incurred. The only debits they would attempt would be the monthly replenishment amount. My monthly replenishment amount is $25.00 (coincidentally the same amount as the fee which in previous months may have made me believe it was replenishing if I am only just glancing at the statement online; I know, stupid of me). I can see them charging a fee for every month that they couldn’t directly debit my account for my replenishment amount. But a fee for every single toll? When I am unaware that there is a problem? I am just in total shock.

– Shannon of Olney, MD on Oct. 5, 2012


I am beyond annoyed with EZ Pass and the NJ Turnpike and Parkway. The Parkway tolls do not register the money placed in it more times than not and I keep getting notices of enforcement actions in the mail to pay tolls that: (1) I already paid and (2) did not register. I have even gone through the toll plaza and paid the attendee. They did not press the “paid” thing and I went through, and still got a ticket. There is no way to personally contact anyone and in spite of the many letters I have written, the only response that I got is that I have failed to pay and I have a certain amount of time to do so. I have no intention on even paying the amount of the tolls when I have already paid them when I went through them. I certainly am not paying $50 on top of that.

They can process a picture of plates going through a toll, that does not mean the toll was not paid. They cannot produce a video showing I put no money in the basket/slots. This is absurd and unethical practices of the state of NJ, as if we aren’t already paying too damn much for tolls and everything else (but the increase in the toll obviously is not going toward improving the system that registers the money because they are the exact same as when I was two years old). This is unacceptable and something needs to be done about it.

I have called the (8000) auto toll number as well as the (973) 368-1425 number that is listed on the enforcement letter, to no avail. Resolution needs to be made immediately! I have no time to have to deal with license suspension and restoration fees over some stupidity that is not my fault. They refuse to fix the tolls and make them where they cannot be rigged in these urban areas where people are standing there asking you for money and you have to take time to roll down your window and put money into little slots while trying to make sure you are safe from being held up or robbed, but they can continue to send me bills for money that I do not owe them.

I am fed up and this is my first attempt outside of them to resolve this matter. I am prepared, however, to take it to whatever level is necessary to stop this insanity, be it petitions, all the way up to the supreme court. This must be stopped!

-Ronald of Staten Island, NY on Sept. 17, 2012


After 12 years, EZ Pass decided to list a $350 fee on my account for some made up reason. I always paid my tolls. If they had any claims against me, you think they would have notified me sooner. 12 years is a joke! I will fight this to the end. They will not steal a cent from me. I can’t believe they actually thought they can charge me some made up fees.

-Mark of Oak Ridge, NJ on Aug. 10, 2012


I have an E-Z Pass account. When I received a violation notice, I spent 10 hours over the course of two days on hold trying to talk to a representative. Several times, they dropped the call and I had to start over. One time, my phone went dead because of the hold time. Now, I fear that due to this company’s incompetence that I will have to repeat this process for each time I passed through a toll booth for the last few weeks.

-Tom of Coventry, RI on July 26, 2012


EZ Pass sent me an email telling me – no, threatening me, that they are going to shut off my pass because the CCD is going to expire. I can’t update the card on their website because I don’t know the EZ Pass account number which is nowhere on the email. They say you can sign in using the transponder ID instead. I try that and it says the password doesn’t match. Okay, so I need to get a new password. To retrieve the password, you have to know the account number! They have a phone number. It is disconnected! What is this, a ploy to make you buy a new $35 transponder every time your CCD expires? Typical of everything they do in Rhode Island, screw the consumer 8 ways to Sunday.

-Nancy of New York, NY on July 15, 2012


As I was driving down the Garden State Parkway last month, I entered a toll booth at the Raritan South Plaza that had a sign for Cash/EZ Pass above. When I got in the booth, there was no cashier. There were cars behind me so I couldn’t back out and I just went through. I just received a violation notice from the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to pay a $50 fine plus $1.50 toll. They said even if I protest the violation, I have to send in the check. This is no way for Governor Christie to balance New Jersey’s budget.

-Susan of Middletown, NY on July 13, 2012


I was driving on Garden State Parkway. I paid each toll in the Cash lane and handed the money to the toll collector in each instance. I was very careful not to make any mistakes due to past bad experiences with false E-ZPass violations. Although I paid cash to a live human being at each toll booth, my plate was still photographed at one of the booths and I am being accused of not paying! They want the $1.50 toll plus a $50 fine. I am very angry and do not even want to call and argue with them about it due to the rotten treatment I got the last time I called. They are unsympathetic and just want their money. Something needs to be done.

-Nancy of Centre Hall, PA on June 27, 2012


I was driving to North Wildwood, NJ on Saturday, May 26, 2012 and I had 2 of my four children in the car with me. The road was very crowded and when we came to the toll, many people were there waiting. They opened up an EZ Pass lane and made it exact change. I stopped and gave the gentleman my 3 dollars and off I went. I received a letter from the EZ Pass people telling me to pay the toll or I will be fined. I paid the toll, not my fault if they do not have their information correct. Personally, this sounds like a scam and I think this needs to stop. I feel people are being charged for tolls they paid. I feel that something should be done. They told me to dispute the toll and pay 3 dollars. I already paid 3 dollars. They are the ones who are wrong and they need to fix the inaccurate information they have.

-Joanna of Walden, NY on June 19, 2012


A ridiculous fee of $62.00 is ruining my credit wrongly and illegally. I have been an E-ZPass customer since 2006 and it is registered with my car. I have disputed it with Allied Interstate (the collection company), but they still want me to pay $62.00. It is unjust and unfair – how I have an E-ZPass and they refuse to fix this matter. I have an E-ZPass and I was given a toll violation on October 16, 2011. The E-ZPass was in my car and should have been read. They have referred my case to a creditor who is charging me a $62.00 fee. It is unfair and unjust that an agency can charge $62.00 when I have an E-ZPass in my car. They made the mistake and refuse to fix it.

-Mark of Upper montclair, nj on June 8, 2012


In May, I received a Notice of Enforcement from NJ E-Z Pass stating I had not paid the toll at the Essex toll plaza and I was charged the $1.50 toll plus $50.00 fee. I looked up my account and saw that on the day stated I was not charged at the Essex plaza, but was charged for the other tolls along the Parkway as I travelled from Montclair, NJ to Eatontown. I had charges for the Union, Woodbridge and Asbury tolls. I thought it was strange that the only toll not recorded was Essex. I usually pay attention as I am passing though the toll to make sure I see the “Go Toll Paid” message on the monitor as I pass through. I was trying to contact E-Z Pass customer service but could not get through so I paid the violation and thought that maybe I did go through the toll plaza too quickly.

Today, June 7th, I received another Notice from E-Z Pass about a violation again at the Essex toll plaza on May 12th. Again, I was travelling to south Jersey and subsequently showed charges at the Union, Woodbridge and Asbury toll plazas. Now, I am angry because I believe the issue is not with my toll tag malfunctioning or my carelessness but with the toll reader at the Essex toll plaza. I always use the same lane at Essex, the second in from the left. My question is how do I prove it? Has anyone else had an issue at this toll Plaza? My question is how can I prove it?

-Levon of Manhattan, NY on June 6, 2012


I got a violation notice from Port Authority EZ Pass, saying I went through a Holland Tunnel toll without paying, although I checked and my NJ EZ Pass acct shows the charge was applied. So, I mailed a copy of the paid charge, along with notice that I’m challenging the charge. But in the meantime, since I’m a news reporter for a main news radio station in NYC, I’m looking to speak with others who’ve had similar problems (and I see on this message board that’s a lot of folks), and maybe an attorney associated with this site about the matter, because this is a story. Thanks.

-Stephen of Flushing, NY on June 3, 2012


My brother was taking the southbound NYS Thruway and approached one of the toll plazas. He drove into a cash lane and found no one there to collect the toll. He waited, money in hand; but no one came. To avoid backing up traffic behind him, he then merely drove on. Then, I got a letter in the mail (The car is registered in my name.) requesting a “$25 fee” for evading the toll. I contacted EZ Pass to tell them the situation, and offered to pay the toll amount (but not the $25 fee, since there was no violation since the toll collector was not doing his job). They said to send in the stub at the bottom of the letter with the payment and explain what happened. I did just that, and I got another letter claiming that I have failed to respond to the other two (It was the second notice I had responded to.).

I got another letter, indicating “Final Notice” and threatening to go to a collection agency if payment was not received “within ten days.” This is pure corruption. I would also like to add that this same thing had happened on a previous occasion, while I myself was driving back in October. I called EZ Pass to explain the situation. They relented and allowed me to pay the toll over the phone with a credit card (which I had no problem with, since I was also ready and willing to pay the toll the day I pulled up to the toll plaza).

This most recent time, however, they did not allow me to pay the toll over the phone but told me to respond to the letter. Of course, they conveniently “did not receive” the letter, claiming that I “failed to respond” to it. When I inquired online to find out the status of the so-called violation, I discovered that they had received the toll payment; but it said, “Amount Due: $25.” Therefore, they had not acknowledged my explanation on the return stub I sent in with the toll payment.

It is extremely corrupt for an agency to allow its employees to goof off and then harass the public for money, falsely accusing people of evading a toll. I hope your organization has muscle to put these racketeers in their place (They belong in jail, if you ask me.). People just don’t have that kind of money to throw away in this tight economy.

-Joanna of West Creek, NJ on May 22, 2012


Going over my bank statements for recurring charges, I noticed that EZ Pass has charged my account $25.00 three times a month. It is set up that if it goes below $10.00, it replenishes at $25.00. Last month, I happened to go over the GW Bridge three times, and that bridge is $9.50 to $7.50, depending on peak or off-peak hours.

The toll would have cost me $28.50. If they charged me $25.00 each time to replenish, that would leave a balance of $46.50. I’m showing a balance of $10.25 in the EZ Pass statement. Since they have done this numerous times of charging me $25.00 three times a month, I should have quite a surplus. I tried to speak to customer service this morning, and all she could say was if I didn’t go through the tolls, then I can dispute it. She didn’t get my point. Where is the change left over from each unused portion of $25.00?!

-Val of N Brunswick, NJ on May 9, 2012

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