February 20, 2018

EZ-PASS HELL PART 3: EZ-PASS NIGHTMARE “The EZ-Pass Nightmare Continues” Consumer Affairs (Temporarily) Stops/Limits Complaint Information About EZ-Pass!

T.D.P. ADMIN: “The EZ-Pass Nightmare doesn’t just continue…It gets worse!”


Horacio of Brick , NJ on Feb. 6, 2012

I was charged $90.25 on 1/9/12 and $60.00 on 8/19/11 by NJ EZ Pass. The customer service said I did use my discount plan meaning I did not go over any Staten Island bridges so I was charged. I’m an electrician working at night in different schools in NYC. I got billed for about $400.00 in tolls a month. Last month, I was billed $800.00. Great, the prices went up. I scrolled my account and saw the extra charges. How many complaints have to be filed before anybody cares? I guess EZ Pass is protected by someone high up on the food chain, no one cares about the crumbs.


Al of Cliffside Park, NJ on Feb. 5, 2012

First, I started getting overcharged by EZ Pass from $50 to $149. The customer service rep says, “Oh, didn’t you read your contract?” I said, “Do you read your contracts?” Anyways, I wasted an hour on the phone with a lot of aggravation and got them to refund me $30. After two weeks, I don’t see the money in my account so I called back. Very rudely, I was told it has been refunded. I checked back with the bank and it was not. So I called back and after hours of going back and forth and giving me wrong numbers for banks that do not exist, I got someone polite and helpful and was told to call back by Wednesday, the 8th of Feb. Let’s see. Then I go on my EZ Pass account and see that they have charged me $10 for some tag fee and $36 for account service charge. The statement does not make any sense.

Why does the government allow such thievery and incompetence? Why can’t they perfect the billing system and bring it on? If they have these charges, they should be underlined and in bold on the contract. Everyone at my work has stopped using EZ Pass because of this and advise me to do it too. Is this a third world country that we can’t get a small thing under control, or is it a third world country situation of corruption? Please help. Do something.


Keith of Akron, OH on Jan. 30, 2012
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I got on this site before signing up for EZ Pass, figuring I would check things out before just logging in. After reading the experiences set forth here, I have decided that not only will I not be getting an EZ Pass, but it is about time for a lot of people to view this for what it really is – a systematic corporate shakedown of private citizens . I bet if a widespread protest against these abusive policies and practices began, it might get much more attention than mere complaints to faceless functionaries. What would happen, for example, if every single person using the toll road decided against using the EZ Pass lanes and instead, insisted on getting a written receipt for each and every time they went through a toll booth, because they did not want to be the recipient of a false claim by EZ Pass ? What if each and every EZ Pass lane was used, one car at a time, with the driver taking a cell phone picture of their car lawfully using the EZ Pass lane ? I would bet that in less than a week of massive traffic jams on the toll roads, EZ Pass administrators might reconsider their policies and procedures. By the way, I also posted this site on FaceBook, and you should too, or whatever other social network you might use. Get it viral. Get it noticed. Get some action.


Maija of PIermont, NY on Jan. 26, 2012

On Sunday, January 15th, 2012, at approximately 6:30 AM, The toll booth (cash lane), at the mouth of the George Washington Bridge NYC bound was unmanned. There is no possible turn around and there were no signs indicating a detour to another open cash lane entrance. The instructions are to pass through and a bill for the toll will be sent.

The toll is $12.00. I anticipated the bill for $12.00. I just received the bill but in addition, they tacked on a $50.00 fine. My son who works in the film industry and has early morning call times has also experienced this unwarranted usurious fines There must be oversight of EZ Pass this is not fair nor just, nor honest. Something needs to be done about this. I am certain that I am not the only one who has been harmed in this way by EZ Pass.


Neel of Dayton, NJ on Jan. 21, 2012

So I started using EZ pass January 10, 2010. Until that time, my sister was handling everything. I looked at the credit card statement which is on file that the total I’ve been charged is $780 for the past two years. This is totally outrageous since the furthest I go is to Newark airport which is $2.65 one way and $4.30. The total they’ve charged me is $780 for the past two years which is absolutely ridiculous which means that they’re saying that I have been to the airport 181 times in the past two years. Most I’ve been there is maybe 10 times, one way. So 20 times return which amounts to $86 a years and approximately $200 for the past two years. I am demanding to see all the charges. Definitely not worth keeping EZ pass. They are a bunch of crooks and run massive scams.


Brian of West Babylon, NY on Jan. 19, 2012

With the bridge tolls going up, it seems that EZ Pass is really desperate for money, so they dream up excuses to charge you money with blunders in their faulty EZ Pass system. First of all, if you are not using EZ Pass right now, cancel your account, because if you don’t, they charge you $1 every single month for not using it! I cancelled a credit card and did not think anything of it that EZ Pass would continue to charge me $1 every month for not using it, so even when you do not use EZ Pass, they still try to make money from you.

Sixteen months later, I got a letter stating that my account was in collections because I owed them $16.00. I called EZ Pass and the rep told me that I “only” owed $16 and could pay it on the website. But when I went to the website, it said I owed $45.00, so right away, EZ Pass’ customer service has a system that does not work with their online billing system. The website would not let me change it to $16. I called them back and they told me that I was being charged a $25 revocation fee. Okay, do the math. $41, right? Where is that extra $4 coming from?

To make matters worse, I received the same bill for $45 from their collections agency and was told in the letter that if I mail back the tag, I would get money back. Well, it has been seven weeks and no money back for the tag and when we called EZ Pass to ask where my refund for the tag was, they said, “It is up to the powers that be to decide if you get a refund,” but the collection agency said I would. To add insult to injury, EZ Pass says that the collections agency has reported that I never paid the $45 and I did.

Is EZ Pass really creating fees to generate more revenue from innocent consumers or does their online billing system really have bugs where no handshaking is done? Again, if you have EZ Pass and are not using it, please cancel your account or they will continue to charge you.


Jeff of Marlboro, NJ on Jan. 12, 2012
I always pay cash for my travel and do not have an E-ZPass. When I went to the lane marked above as a cash lane (which also accepts E-ZPass) on the morning of November 11, 20 11, the booth was unmanned and the sign that normally indicated amount paid said, “Proceed, no toll.” After waiting for a very extended time I proceeded per the sign. I have now been twice rejected for my appeals and have no way to prove the above. I have been hit with the $50 admin fee. I don’t see any reasonable way to prove that the operator of the signage mismarked it, or abandoned, or correctly marked it as a proceed anyway lane.


Elaine of Andover, NJ on Jan. 11, 2012

I got my statement they had been charging my husband $6.50 a day to cross the Delaware water gap . I called and spoke to Katrina, who advised I had to send to the manager on 11/8/11. Nothing came and I called again on 12/5/11 and spoke to David, who said Katrina had others with same problems as well and still working it. I called on 1/11/12 and spoke to Tabitha who said Kelly is off today. I can email her to pull information from the commission.

This has been ongoing for months and they charged $6.50 every day my husband went across to work, lots of my money tied up here. Who can help with all these EZPass problems. There has to be someone looking out for the customer! I want my money back.


KHill of Englewood, NJ on Jan. 11, 2012

NY EZ Pass is unethical in the way they handle their violations/penalty system. They fail to take responsibility for their own company errors. And they practice unethical and aggressive tactics in profiting from penalty fees that are not always legitimately charged to their consumers. NY EZ Pass placed a suspension on my account without prior notice, resulting in a “call service center” message display on the LCD screen when I passed the toll for several consecutive days. I called NY EZ Pass customer service on multiple occasions to inquire about the messages. I was assured each time that my account was in good standing and that I could keep using my account.

I continued using my EZ Pass every day as advised for nearly 2 weeks, not knowing that my account was suspended at the time and that I was incurring a $50 violation/administrative fee for each toll passage! When I realized the “call service center” messages weren’t going away, I called EZ Pass customer service several times again. I was assured my account was in good standing. But I was finally advised for the 1st time at or around the 6th or 7th call to them that my account was suspended since 2 weeks prior, and that I’ve earned about $500 in violations/administrative fees which could only be disputed in writing.

Since then, I’ve sent multiple letters via certified USPS mail to the EZ Pass Violations Department, and followed up by calling customer service for a status on my violations. Each time I called, I was either told that my appeal was still pending, that my correspondence was not on file, and/or to check back in a few more weeks. I eventually asked to speak with a supervisor, who kindly ensured that my inquiries were acknowledged by the appropriate parties, and who eventually forwarded my inquiry to NY Port Authority (the final decision-makers). And the supervisor has recently advised me that Port Authority still wishes to refuse to waive the full amount of my violations, even though it is clear that they have been incurred through no fault of my own.

I’ve since agreed to pay and have paid all unpaid tolls that resulted from this incident. But I refuse to pay the $500 plus that has been accumulated in administrative/penalty fees, which were unrightfully imposed on me due to the company’s error and improper advice. This is not the first time that I’ve witnessed this kind of practice on the part of NY EZ Pass. And I am led to believe from my experience that the company seeks to profit from all fees imposed on their consumers regardless of fault, and at the expense of our consumer rights. I am now at a crossroads in deciding whether I should pay the fines to spare myself further aggravation and loss of valuable time, or to invest the same amount of money they’re billing me into an attorney. At this point, I think it would be a better investment to hire an attorney to remind and defend my consumer right rather than to make this crooked company any richer off my dime!


Neninqua of Cape May Court House, NJ on Jan. 6, 2012

I have been paying the Tolls by Cash Lane, instead of using My EZ-Pass unnecessarily. Yet I received 5 toll violations stating I’m still registering and am continuously running the toll plaza. Who would purposely run tolls twice a day knowing you’re on a camera! After disputing these charges with at least three different people, they were not able to waive the administrative fees due to the fact that all of the sudden my payment got lost in the mail (even though I have the proof of my payment) after I have informed them several times.

I wanted conformation that my payments would keep my account open and in good standing. As of Today 1/6/2012, I am in collection and still am responsible for the supposed running of 5 violations. I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do, is all the response I got. So I’m screwed and will have to pay for tolls which I never ran. Thank you NJ EZ-Pass for being such a great help to your customers. Rip Offs! Never again!


Steven of Brooklyn, NY on Jan. 5, 2012

Because my travel was consistently up for 90 days EZ Pass raised my replenishment fee from $35 to $110 without any warning. They asked me to refer to their terms and conditions. To show they have granted themselves this right to do this. Drivers should not be responsible for paying more upfront as their travel fluctuates. EZ Pass is trying to avoid multiple service fees for credit card transactions by passing the weight on to customers via higher transactions.


Allison of Brooklyn, NY on Jan. 5, 2012

The EZ Pass department is a ripoff. I didn’t know that others were having the same problems as I am having with them. They put a hold on my account the day before Christmas. I had access to no money for the holiday which left me with issues. I went down to the office in Staten Island. I was told five accounts were opened by me. I am only one person; why would I need five accounts?

They took my money and said that I would receive within one week. When I didn’t receive it, I called back in, and they told me that I would receive it within 7-10 business days. I called back in, looking for my money, and they told me it would take up 30 days. It took them no time to take my money, but it will take them 30 days to give it back to me. They are crooks. I do not want EZ Pass anymore. It sucks


Karen of Landing, NJ on Jan. 4, 2012

I travel the same length of the turnpike everyday for work. I use the ticket lane because I do not have E-ZPass. I get off at Exit 15X and I go through a lane where I pay a toll collector. I received four violations that say that I did not pay the toll on four separate mornings. I called and disputed this with E-ZPass and they said that there are no toll collectors on the road that I travel and that I ran the E-ZPass lane. I am in the process of disputing with the turnpike authority in regards getting this resolved.


Andrew of East Brunswick, NJ on Dec. 31, 2011

I received a violation from EZ Pass that stated I ran a toll at the Secaucus Exit (15X). I travel the turnpike everyday and always pay cash. I get a ticket when I get on and pay cash and hand the ticket to the toll collector when I get off. I think I would remember getting off the turnpike and not paying someone.

I called EZ Pass to dispute the violation and spoke to a person. She said I could pay the $2.60 toll now over the phone and she would waive the administrative fee, or I could dispute the violation. Either way, I would have to pay the $2.60 toll. Even if they found in my favor, I would still have to pay the $2.60. Also, I pay $3.90 each way. I don’t know how they came up with $2.60.


Christine of Arlington, VA on Dec. 21, 2011

I went through a toll booth around 11:30 on a weeknight. There was a sign posted that the booth was out of service and I would be sent a bill in the mail for the toll. When I received the bill for a $2 toll, there was a $3 service charge added to it. I sent in a $2 check for the toll and disputed the claim. I was told that the booth is an electronic payment lane and that I still have to pay the $3. I don’t recall seeing an electronic payment option, but I have to wonder why there was a sign saying I would receive a bill in the mail, if that option was available. I’m being penalized 150% for following the instructions on the sign. This seems like a ploy for EZ Pass to collect more money. Also, if they aren’t going to man the booth or provide a payment option, I question whether I even should’ve had to pay the toll at all. Isn’t it their responsibility to run the booths?


Jasmyn of Union Beach, NJ on Nov. 29, 2011

I updated my credit card information last year and when my balance ran low, they never debited my card nor contacted me to tell me it was low. Now, they are charging me for running two tolls and two $50 violations.


Matthew of Staten Island, NY on Nov. 25, 2011

I have 2 EZ Passes in my household. One on my car, and one on my wife’s car. For the last 4 years, EZ Pass had my wife’s car under PASI ‘Commuter Plan’ which was supposed to reduce our overall costs for going over Staten Island’s four bridges. What they failed to mention is that if you do not cross a bridge 20 times every 35 days, there is an automatic $120 charge. My wife’s car usually crosses a bridge only 4 to 5 times every 35 days on average.

I called at the end of October to complain about this issue once I read my statements. I was told I would receive a refund within a few weeks. I called back on November 9, 2011 to ask when I would be receiving the refund and for how much. I was told the refund would be $278 and it could take up to 20-21 business days from the time of complaint. In addition to this issue, my car’s tag had an a an auto replenishment of $30.

E-Z Pass automatically changed this auto replenishment to $100 without my consent. The first payment was made on November 4, 2011, the next payment was taken out on November 25, 2011. I called to see how this was possible because I do not regularly go over any bridges. I was told I had used $100 worth of charges but they could not go over the charges with me. I’d have to wait for my statement.


Thea of Santa Rosa, CA on Nov. 16, 2011

I was sent a notice of toll violation for a car that I sold three weeks before the date of violation. The Port Authority insists the license plate is still registered to me. Not. The fine is $12 PLUS a $50 fee. They have made me liable even after I’ve signed, under penalty of perjury, a statement of non-ownership. I am now having to spend at least two hours of uncompensated time to get them off my back.


Derek of Pennsauken, NJ on Nov. 5, 2011

I am not an E-ZPass customer. I am being charged a $25.00 Administration Fee for an unpaid toll, which I have since remitted. The toll was not paid because the booth was unmanned (NJ Trnpk Exit 4). It is the second time that this has occurred this year. E-ZPass says that they only issue one “courtesy dismissal” within a 12 month period. When I called to dispute it, I was told that is was simply agency policy. Am I going to have to continue to pay fees for conditions over which I have no control over?


Karen of Boise, ID on Oct. 18, 2011

After coming home from a trip across the country, I received a notice of toll violation, which obviously I did pay. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this. I have a complete financial record of the trip, all expenses – gas, tolls, and hotels. There would be no reason for me to not want to pay the toll. All of my expenses were reimbursed. EZ Pay is a for profit business. How can they have so much power, as to take away our rights to defend ourselves? They should not be omnipotent!


Jennifer of Nottingham, MD on Oct. 12, 2011

I logged into my account yesterday to update my credit card for my EZPass and for the first time, I noticed that the license plate they had for my car was wrong and was also clearly fake, as it was something like 12345B. It’s not the exact number but it was something very close.

I called them to give them my correct license plate number and then found out that I owed money for toll violations from back in 2008, which they apparently only sent one notice out for which I never got. Had my correct license plate been registered with my account, the tolls would have simply been taken from my account.

I paid the tolls due, along with the extra ridiculous fees that they charged, and then realized that I shouldn’t have to pay unless they could explain to me how they got that weird license plate affiliated with my account. So, I called back and basically got nowhere. The guy was rude and refused to let me speak with a supervisor. He told me that there was nothing else they could do for me and if I wanted more information on the vehicle affiliated with 12345B, I’d have to talk to the MVA. I told him what I wanted was to know how they got that license plate for me as I’ve never had any other one except for my current one. He was unable to tell me, except to say that it never went through any tolls. I told him that, of course, it didn’t because it’s clearly a fake number.

I recently left my EZPass at home early last week and haven’t gotten the notice of fines due yet, but I am sure that I’m going to get it and the fines are going to be hefty, all because they had the wrong license plate on file for me and they cannot tell me where they got that information from. They can’t even say for sure that I was half asleep one day and added it to my account online; they just have no information on it and no explanation for it. I asked to speak with a supervisor, three times, but I was refused.


Lori of West CVhester , PA on Oct. 5, 2011

EZ Pass charged my account a one-time fee of $135.00, without my permission. Secondly, we had a transmitter fail during my husband’s trips through the tri-state. PA and DE, so easy to deal with. The issue was cleared up in one day. New Jersey: I spent over $150.00 in postage, calls and excessive charges to my account and they still have not resolved. They had the nerve to send me to collections, of which they received a certified letter from me stating they cashed my check. There is fraud in NJ and people want Chris Christie to run for President. May God help us all. Their state is the most ineffective state in this area.


BogusI90 of Schenectady, ny on Sept. 27, 2011

On I-90 in Boston, there is a tollgate avoidance u-turn off-ramp that veers very close to the actual tollgate. It’s so close that if you have a toll-pass transceiver, a toll is registered! This means that if you have credits, you’ll get charged, and if you don’t, you’ll get a ticket! I’ve already contacted the mass pike office, and they rescinded the ticket, so that’s a good thing. However, they need to get it fixed. I’m hoping that others that were hurt by this scam will find this helpful. The u-turn in question is the hairpin off-ramp just South of the gate.


Catherine of Schenectady, NY on Sept. 9, 2011

I prepaid my E-ZPass as it would automatically charge my account when I traveled. The keypunch operator placed $25 in my account when I had given them $35. I went to NYC and the toll collector at George Washington Bridge confiscated the E-ZPass before I could go through.


Jeff of Kingston, NY on Sept. 3, 2011

I’ve been a NYS E-Z Pass customer since it’s inception. In April 2011, my American Express card was lost. I called American Express to cancel the old card and issue a new one. The replenishment of my E-Z Pass accounts were tied to the old American Express account that was canceled.

In June 2011, I received multiple violation notices from E-Z Pass for May 2011, due to my E-Z passes having an insufficient balances. I then contacted E-Z Pass to: 1) provide my new cc# and 2) to dispute the violation charges. I was told to submit the violation dispute in writing, which I did on two separate occasions.

Both disputes were returned with the same notation: “Insufficient Account Balance. ” Did they even read the dispute?


Maria of Berlin, NJ on Sept. 3, 2011

I was issued a summons for an unpaid ezpass toll in Delaware. This would be impossible as I have ezpass in my car and there is direct withdrawal for my account. I sent in an appeal and they sent it back with “not enough information sent” (they need a statement showing good standing). The appeal had to be back a week later or they would fine me again.

I wasn’t able to get my account information online so I had to call NJ ezpass (the state I live in) to send it to me. They would not fax it but only snail mail it. It’s a week later and I still haven’t received it. I am now sending in the money so I don’t have to deal with this anymore. I can see from the other letters that the government is just trying to find another way to take our money.


Service Unavailable

The service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.


We (T.D.P.) are temporarily unable to get anymore complaints, right now.
It seems that Consumer Affairs has stopped giving out Complaint and Review Information on this subject at the moment.

We’ve located 3 other EZ-Pass Complaint Websites, but one was taken down or misplaced within 24 hours. We will try to locate the other 2 again. But these things vanish almost as quick as you can find them.

We’ll try again later 🙂

Remember, there are hundreds or thousands of complaints against EZ-Pass, and only 2 YouTube Video Complaints?
Google and YouTube are Censoring the Hell out of this subject!

This is a Mafia Style Fraud/Scam Cash Cow that they don’t want American’s to be aware of.

EZ-Pass is a Total Scam.

If you are wise, you will stay as far away from anything EZ-Pass, as you can get.


Several states already use the E-Z Pass system – New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

They are trying to go Nation Wide. We need to stop them from spreading the EZ-Pass Scam.

Once people know about the EZ-Pass Scam, they stay as far away from them as possible.


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