February 18, 2018

EZ-PASS HELL PART 2: “Time To End The SCAMS! It Is A Racket!”

There are hundreds of complaints against EZ-Pass online, though not real easy to find. Only a couple of websites so far.

And there are about 2 Anti-EZ-Pass Video’s on youtube. Google and Youtube are Censoring this subject heavily.

[ Press Here For News Video About EZ-Pass Hell: Youtube Won’t allow it to embedded on websites ]

This was only going to be a 2 Part series. We just upped it to 4 parts, due to Google and Youtubes Censorship of the subject. Stay tuned, more about EZ-Pass Hell coming!

You know the Drill. Spread the word and make it loud! It’s time to bring EZ-Pass down. Let American’s know that their State Governments are little more than State Mafia’s. Supported by Google, Youtube and the Mainstream Media, of course.

Let them know about the Scam and total fraud that is EZ-Pass Scam – T.D.P. Admin

More EZ-Pass Horror Stories:

I shared my EZ Pass account with a friend of mine, with the fee being deducted from my checking/debit account, until recently, when she opened her own account at my request because her toll use was becoming too expensive for me. She took the old tag off her windshield and tossed it into her briefcase figuring she’d give it back to me at some point, and placed her new tag, from her new account onto her windshield. Apparently, EZ Pass is able to read tags that are hidden in the car, because they continued to charge my account (unknown to me until $55 was surprisingly debited from my checking account), while also billing her for the exact same tolls.

I requested a refund and they said they would investigate, only to be told when I called back (10 working days later) that the charges were legitimate and they would not reimburse me, even though there is proof that these exact same tolls were also being paid for by the owner of the vehicle the tags were in. So EZ Pass has the right to double bill for tolls? The sensors are that strong that a tag somewhere hidden in a vehicle can still be read and therefore legally charged for? If the sensors are that strong, why don’t we just throw our tags in the trunk instead of strategically placing them on the windshield? I don’t see anywhere in their terms of agreement that they are allowed to take money twice for the same toll. I realize she should have removed the old tag from her car ASAP, but once the error was found, don’t you think they would compensate? No, they don’t think they need to. What a scam!

-Kathleen of South Orange , NJ on April 28, 2012


There is no way to get a copy of our current E-ZPass account history for reimbursement purposes. The screen does not recognize legitimate numbers, passwords and security codes. It is so frustrating. The phone numbers do not answer either. This is very poor service.

-Dorene of Marlton, NJ on April 24, 2012


Okay, so I had a violation because I have been a user of EZ Pass since 2001 – always having automatic withdrawals from my account. At some point, they stopped that (not sure why) but I was never notified. I used my pass when I had no money in the account. I received the violation for a total of $1.90 plus $50 service fee. I paid it. That was January 2012. In the meantime, I moved to 3 different addresses, was ill and in the hospital, out of work on disability. I was told by EZ Pass that they sent letters, then someone else said “no, it was emailed indicating I was to set up a new payment plan right away” even though I was not using the EZ Pass. I missed any communications from them.

I have gone through all of my mail and did searches on my email. I found old account notifications on my email, but nothing about the newest money owed to them that is now in collections, $46, because I have not sent the transponder in. I didn’t want to send it in, I wanted to get my account updated and continue to use it. But with all else going on in my life, those changes were put on the bottom of my priority list, truly I forgot, I was not using the transponder. Now I was told my account has been revoked and I will never be allowed to sign up again in this state. Like I am some kind of a criminal. I would like to know when this is going to end. As I am reading everybody’s complaints, I actually am glad I am no longer going to have EZ Pass. It is a racket.

-Diane of New Jersey, NJ on April 20, 2012


EZ Pass is saying I didn’t pay the toll for one toll out of several that I drive through daily. Now, it is in collections and I can’t get anyone on the phone. We have sent our account information several times to EZ Pass and filled out all the forms to no avail. They want me to pay $51.00 for a $1.00 toll that I went through while my account was in good standing, in which it has always been. This has been going on since 2011.

-Wendy of Lawrence, NJ on April 20, 2012


Several times now, we have properly used an EZ Pass but for no fault of ours, the EZ Pass didn’t work. Pass either sends a violation notice with a $50 penalty and threat of $500 penalty if not resolved within 15 days because the EZ Pass didn’t go off for a $.90 (90 cents) charge. On another occasion, our EZ Pass was confiscated after they tried to bill us using the wrong expiration date on the credit card. It has taken many hours to straighten this out. They have too much power and not enough customer service.

-Jonathan of Westmonnt, NJ on April 6, 2012


Fictional charge: I was charged $42 for a parking garage when I paid in cash. I was told to get my receipt, and dispute it but it was a month later.


Thomas of Toms River, NJ on March 27, 2012

I never really wanted EZ Pass until they made it inconvenient and slow to pay with cash. So I broke down and ordered it. That said, I’ve been a customer for years. I pay $515.00 per week in child support, and I do pay so. Sometimes I fall behind with things like EZ Pass now and then but always catch it up. I pay the tolls, and the fines normally get waived. And I normally add $100.00 on the account.

Recently, I had a rough time financially, rougher than normal, and I did get behind for a while. This time, when I called in like always, I was told that they wish I called yesterday because they sent my account to collections yesterday. I didn’t grasp the meaning of that right away and told EZ Pass that I’d call collections if they gave me the number then I’d call them back to reload my account.

To make a long story more boring, I was told by collections I’d have to pay the $25 and $50 fines. I have a daughter in college who kept driving through, racking up 26 violations. EZ Pass said since I was sent to collections, I’m no longer an EZ Pass customer and that I have to pay all those fines ($1,000.00 worth). They also said that if I don’t, they will take my driver’s license. Worse, I can never have EZ Pass again in the state of NJ for the rest of my life, even after the fines are paid. But I could go get it in another state.

I naively asked again, “You mean, I have to go to PA or NY to get EZ Pass to ride the parkway again?” They said, “Oh no, you can’t use that in NJ either.” So If I want to use EZ Pass, I have to leave the state. They claim they sent me warning letters, but I never got one. They have all my phone numbers, but I never got a call nor did I get an email of all things they want. Not to mention, the fact that I got EZ Pass in the first place, because it was inconvenient not to have it.

Now, it is downright dangerous to not have it. The tolls are unmanned, and instead of a quarter or a token, you have to dig around for 6 quarters a dime and a nickel while looking for the one or two lanes that take money. Who’s idea was the life sentence? I understand I orchestrated this by falling behind, but come on, have mercy on the working man. If I don’t pay support, I go to jail; but when I catch it up, they let you out! You don’t pay the electric, they turn out the lights; but you pay it and they turn them back on! Only NJ would punish a guy for life for not getting their money on time!

But it gets even better. If my daughter or wife go through EZ Pass ever again, they too will receive fines for the rest of their lives, even if they apply for their own. I have to send in a copy of their registration, driver’s licenses, and car title along with a letter from me requesting that EZ Pass to consider releasing their vehicles from my account and hold them harmless, as it was I alone that had the infraction and to plead that EZ Pass consider removing them from my account, so they can get their own accounts.

So to recount because I was 1 day beyond a point that EZ Pass decided to begin sending accounts to collections: My account was terminated for life, no exceptions. I had to pay over $1,000.00 in fines; if I don’t pay, I’ll lose my NJ driver’s license. The family members on my account can never have EZ Pass again, unless I can plead a good enough case to remove the family members from my account. I received no letters, phone calls, or emails. I give up.

I love NJ; I grew up here. But they are making it hard for people to live here. I was told mechanically that “There is nothing I can do; you should have thought of that sooner.” 91 days; if I called them in 90 days, everything’s fine. 91 days, and it’s a life sentence.


Julio of 25 B, CT on March 10, 2012

On 1/29/12 at around 1:05AM or so, I got on the NJT through the 15E entrance. I got the ticket from the machine. When I got to the toll plaza to pay the toll, it looked like the cash booths were unmanned. As I was getting closer to the booths, I didn’t have options but to proceed slowly through the toll. I contacted via email the NJ EZ Pass dept. I explained the situation and I was told that I would be getting a letter in 2 weeks from EZ Pass and if I disputed the charges, most likely I wouldn’t be charged a penalty fee as a courtesy for being a first time offender. When I got the letter almost a month after, I disputed the $50.00 administrative charge and sent a check for the toll charge only for $4.75. On 3/9/12, I received a letter saying that I will have to pay the full $50.00 charge plus the $4.75 toll charge. My dispute does not qualify for the cancellation of the administrative fees. However, while checking my bank account, it looks like NJ EZ Pass has already cashed my check for $4.75. How often have people encountered this situation of unmanned toll booths?


Maria of Flr. 2, PA on March 4, 2012

When traveling from Pennsylvania to Baltimore, I used $95. My children were both with me, and each time, I paid the toll as I went through the booth. My children can testify that I always stopped at the tool booth to pay because I had to borrow money from my daughter to pay the toll. She had to get it out of her purse.

A week or two later, I received a notice from DE saying that I didn’t pay the toll and now, I have to pay the toll and a $29 processing fee–not once, but twice. This makes me really angry, and I don’t know how to fight this. Online, I see so many complaints about E-Z Pass and people stating that they sent their payments in but E-Z Pass refuses to acknowledge that they got them. I feel completely unprotected and ripped off.


Marivel of Paterson, NJ on Feb. 28, 2012

On 11/24/2011, I went through the NJ Garden State Parkway once and the NJ Turnpike twice. The toll booth didn’t register one of the NJ Turnpike passes. On 02/27/2012, I received a collection notice for $51.90. This wasn’t even a violation notice. They actually sent me to collections, with threats of judgements, etc. When I called EZ Pass, their excuse was, “Well, sometimes the transponder doesn’t register. Your violations were returned to us. You are in collections. There is nothing we can do.” I have no problem receiving any of my mail. I find it strange that I didn’t receive any violations or notices from 11/24/2011 to 02/27/2012, but I did receive a collections notice with no problem.

When I called the collections bureau, I was told EZ Pass has the ability to search for violations and that it is my responsibility to check for them. Okay, that is a lie. You can’t search for the violations on the EZ Pass website without the violation number which I never received. How am I supposed to defend myself (not sure why I have to since I am a valid and up-to-date EZ Pass account holder) if I am not made aware of any violations against me? My rights were clearly violated. I feel EZ Pass just committed major fraud. Regardless, I should be able to pay the original toll as an EZ Pass customer without any consequences, especially since they acknowledge that their system may not work 100%.


Lars of Cranford, NJ on Feb. 26, 2012

On 01/11/2012 I was traveling south on the GSP in Raritan and proceeded to the cash only lane. The only money I had on me was a $50 bill. When I attempted to pay I was informed by the collector that she did not have change for a $50 and refused payment. She then handed me a pay envelope and flashed the payment sign as paid. I recently received a toll violation notice in which EZ Pass wants the $1.50 toll and a $50 administrative fee. I feel that this fee is extreme and causes undo hardship on my part as I make $9.50 an hour and a full 1/3 of my weekly pay goes towards gas and tolls. I am willing to pay the toll but not the fee but I feel I have no recourse.


Jervis of Highlands, nj on Feb. 21, 2012

I work nights. There are no toll booth workers working. It’s E-ZPass’ exact change or nothing. They used to have sign that says, “Use envelopes and send in money if you didn’t have correct change.” I received 10 violations in one week for this at $50 a pop. I filled out the dispute form and they did not accept my excuse. This is complete robbery! Not having correct change is not an excuse now. They should put a sign up that says, “If you don’t have exact change, stay off our road or pay the fines.” I need help with this!


Ariel of Newark, NJ on Feb. 17, 2012

E-Z Pass sent me a fine for not paying a toll. I sent them a check for the toll, and explained the reason. This is the letter I sent to E-Z Pass, stapled to the violation notice:

I was unable to pay for the toll on that day, because there was a guy standing there, asking for money. Because I was concerned for my safety, and did not know if this guy had a gun or knife, I did not open my window, and proceeded slowly past him, so I would not hit him. The Parkway knows this is true, because a containment was installed, with bars in front, to place the coins in between, to prevent these types of desperate people from taking the coins. This occurred on 4 occasions, between November and December of 2011, where a guy was standing by the toll, where you have to open the window, in order to dispense the coins into the basket.


Irving of Jamaica, NY on Feb. 15, 2012

I looked at my statement and saw a charge of $17.00 charged on my EZ Pass. I called and questioned the amount and was told that in order for them to investigate, they need to know what two exits I entered and exited on.

Being that I did not know the exact points of entry and exit there was nothing they could do. Questioning further I was told that ‘sometimes their automated machines malfunction’. My comeback was if they malfunctioned it should also record the exits. This does not sit well with me that such a money making system does not monitor itself for ‘mistakes’ and the customer has to prove it. In a word unbelievable!


Joe of Carteret, NJ on Feb. 10, 2012

Why does EZ-Pass make believe that they don’t receive your completed dispute form to their fake toll violations? You send it to them in the mail, they send out another notice, you send it again, they still say you didn’t send it in.

The only way is to waste more money and time and send it certified to prevent them from lying an scamming you out of your money. Just like the state does in every way way imaginable…scam us out of our hard earned money with nonsense like this. To hell with them all.