December 15, 2017

ORIGIN OF HUMANITY – DNA DECODED: Lloyd Pye – Everything You Know Is Wrong

We are a Brand New Species, barely 250,000 years old. Mere babies, in cosmic time.

We were created as a Slave Race for Advanced Extraterrestrials 250,000 years ago, according to our D.N.A.. Some say we still are.

Seminal lecture by Lloyd Pye on our origins and enslavement as a species. Strongly recommended presentation.

Not only does this Video tell you of the origin of Humanity, but you will see and recognize the proof and lies for yourself.
Very educational and fascinating information.

The Plain Truth. “One of the most important Video’s we’ve presented” – T.D.P. Admin
If you want to change something, the very first thing you need to know, is what to change 🙂

Lloyd Pye – Everything You Know Is Wrong

Mk Davis version of Patterson/Gimlin film stabilized and zoomed for easier viewing.

1 of 62 Patterson Gimlin best clips film only no edits

“REAL” BATTLEFIELD LOS ANGELES: UFO Over L.A. Attacked By U.S. Military Feb. 25, 1942

First Modern Military Engagement on American SOIL!

In February of 1942 an object appeared above L.A. and the US military attacked it before hundreds of thousands of witnesses!

The silence of history about this shouts loud & clear…why now?

If the Germans had flown a Zepplin over New York, we’d never have heard the end of it. (e.g: The Pearl Harbour, WACO, Oaklahoma bombing, or 9-11 scams.)

But if an event WASN’T in the PLAN. They kill it quickly… (and then make a movie about it so people can say, “Oh, you’re just thinking of that movie.”)

UFOs the ‘Battle of L A ‘ 65th anniversary MSNBC News
What was hovering above Los Angeles on February 25, 1942’s Dara Brown has the story on this 65th anniversary of the ‘Battle of L.A.’


Official Version to this day; Weather Balloon, of course 🙂