February 21, 2018

U.S.M.C. “LIGHT ARMOR BATTLE GROUP” MOVES TOWARD FREDERICK: M.I.B. Continues Patrols Of D.C. Skies “Battle For Clean D.C. Skies Is Over!”

All Black, unmarked Helicopters continued to patrol the “Bright” skies around Washington D.C. today. Singly, not in groups this time. Every Chemtrail/Chemcloud Assault was quickly and easily defeated.

If you didn’t look up, you wouldn’t have known they were even trying.

But Let’s “Leave No Doubt” who now controls the Clean Skies Of Washington D.C. and the Surrounding area for a 100 Mile Radius.

“GROUND ALL UNITS” Run a wire from the “water bucket” and bury it in the ground. This will double or triple the energy conversion rate (negative to positive) of these units! And make all our skies “Impervious” to Chemtrail/chemcloud assault.

You must understand the absurdity of patrolling “bright clear” skies in All Black Helicopters.

The U.S.A.F. is most likely sitting back and laughing their arse off. “You think you can do better than us at keeping Chemclouds over D.C.? Doesn’t look like it so far.” They are privately saying with a snicker.

Do we talk to much? Every time we open our mouths, they double their efforts to poison us 🙂


7 U.S. Marine Corp LAV 25’s (Light Armored Vehicle) were spotted moving up U.S. Interstate 270 from the D.C. Area toward Frederick Maryland, at about 1pm.

These were “Full Battle Ready” Armored Vehicles moving at a easy 65 Miles Per Hour, about 10 minutes out. I don’t know where they were going. There are no nearby Marine Bases in this area. And from Frederick, they could easily go into, Virginia, West Virginia or Pennsylvania on the Interstates, or they could be around Frederick itself. I did not follow them.

They did seem friendly enough though. They waved as I went by checking them out closely. I waved back 🙂

They traveled within sight of each other, but not right up on each other. When you got next to one, you could see another further ahead. They did not impede traffic much. I was so close I could easily read the USMC on the front armored fender panel.

I have never seen “Fully Battle Ready Armored Vehicles” traveling along the Interstate like it was nothing. This was a scene straight out of IRAQ.

And they were serious too. This was no joke.

There were (3) of the Type LAV’s above with the 25MM Bushmaster Cannon and Turret set up (Variant). I was so close I could see the groves in the Cannon Barrel. These led the way.

Behind them was the Missile Variant of the U.S.M.C. LAV 25, similar to the one below, but with only 2 Missile Launchers instead of the 4 Tube Launcher seen below.

Traveling behind this was the “Command/Control” Variant with all the wires coming out the top. The last 2 seemed to be “APC” Armored Personnel Carriers only. No additional equipment could be seen on top, though they could of been “Mortar Carriers” which would look similar since the Mortars are carried internally, these small Battle Groups always carry infantry along to protect the
vehicles. A weakness of Armor is Infantry, believe it or not.

I could not help but wonder who’s side they would be on if the Government decided to go Rouge and order Martial Law against U.S. Citizens. These men were in full battle gear, helmets and fatigues. Like I said, this was no joke.

I saw only seven vehicles. This could of been all. Or they could of just been moving them in small numbers as to not alert suspicion about what they were doing.

Strangely, there is no news nation wide of any troop movements around the U.S. at this time. This in itself is kind of strange. Some one is always reporting troop movements around the U.S. on Youtube or other websites or local news. But right now you would believe there was not troop movement at all, because there is not a mention of any, anywhere where this would normally be news.

Also, I could not help but wonder, what would happen if even this small number of Light Armored Vehicles were unleashed on a U.S. City of Large town.

They are impervious to any Civilian Ammunition that I am aware of. Their ammunition would go through any building or vehicle in any city, most likely.

USMC Light Armored Vehicle-25 (LAV-25)

We don’t know what is going on, but think American’s should be aware that Full Battle Ready Armored Vehicles are roaming the Interstate Highways of America.

Friend of Foe, That is the Question.

I personally like U.S. Marines, Army and Navy. We don’t trust the U.S. Air Force at all, period.

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