October 17, 2017

RUSSIA DEFEATS CHEMTRAILS!: American Skies Nearly CHEMTRAIL FREE! – “Major Victories Against N.W.O. Dark Agenda!”

“If enough farmers had Cloudbusters across the country, the skies could be kept clean. They work great!” [Russian E-Mail]

We’ve had to make several trips out of the area recently. This gave us a chance to see the skies of America outside of our “Protective Dome”.

And we were pleasantly surprised. Up to a hundred miles outside of “The Dome”, the skies were crystal clear. As far as we went, N.W., West, and S.W. from Frederick Maryland, there was nothing but beautiful skies.

In fact, the only clouds we saw, were an hour outside of Frederick. You could actually see the cloud cover, only over the D.C. Frederick, MD. area. And these weren’t solid. They just stood out in an otherwise clear sky.

Almost as if they were pulling all their Chemtrail Tankers out of the surrounding area’s, in a vain attempt to keep the the skies over D.C. and Frederick covered by clouds.


This also gave us a chance to actually see first hand how the clouds were dealt with.

We’ve been asked many times, “What happens to the Chem Clouds after they leave us? Since we are “Protected” under the Orgone Shield”
The implication being, “Are the Chemclouds going to fall on someone else?”
We knew that these chemclouds were being neutralized. Now we know how.

The Powers that be, have limited Powers. They can only cover about a 50 or 100 mile radius with clouds now. That’s it. There is no more complete coverage of U.S. skies like there use to be. And this cloud cover is “weak” and “broken up”.

They now need to lay down 3 layers of chemclouds, with constant patching, to try and make 1 cloud.

The clouds simply float to the edge of the affected area and are dissolved. They are “Conveyed” out of the area like they are on a giant ‘conveyor belt’ and when they get to the edge of the affected area, they are broken down into smaller clouds and neutralized.

As you approach Frederick from the west or southwest, you see some small clouds. And then they are slightly bigger, and so on for about seven clouds, each half the size of the one following it.

They weren’t dispersing, they were dissolved within a mile or so of leaving the clouded area. Which wasn’t total by any means. Just a regular beautiful day with beautiful clouds.


We were wondering how other parts of the country were doing. We found out a week or two ago, but didn’t mention it. Every time we mention the word Victory, they put on a show for us.

Not only are the skies clear and or beautiful here and the surrounding area’s for 150 miles out, but we just received an email stating that Russian Skies were clear of Chemtrails also.

We knew they, (The Media) wouldn’t tell us that chemtrails were becoming a memory around the country, so we looked for ourselves, online. And what we discovered, but didn’t brag about for obvious reasons, were that there were very few recent Chemtrail sightings in the U.S. and around the world.

There were and are “new” websites set up for people to report their chemtrail sightings, and there are very few.

On a recent look online for latest chemtrail sightings and reports, we found only 3 reports, 2 in America over major cities and 1 in Australia, over a major city.

It’s almost like Chemtrails became a memory over night.

VICTORY and a Major Set Back for the New World Order Dark Agenda.


(Recent E-Mail to the T.D.P.)

Russia Defeats Chemtrails over its Country.

I noticed no ChemTrails over Russia. They maybe corrupt but in a much different way. Many other countries beside the US, South America, China allow Chemtrails over their country.

At first the chemtrails would be viewed on internet by viewing satellite images, then they cleared up those images so they wouldn’t be seen anymore. One in a while a streak across the sky from satellites would be seen.

Now the clouds don’t show up on internet weather sites when you can walk outside and see rain clouds above. Radar finally picks up the rain when it starts while clouds don’t show up on internet, strange!


http://truedemocracyparty.net/2011/11/chemtrails-fact-government-report/ THIS IS A 128 PAGE PDF REPORT WITHHELD FROM PUBLIC FOR A DECADE.

If enough farmers had (Cloud)busters across the country, the skies could be kept clean. They work great(!)