December 15, 2017

POISON SKIES: Marathon 12 Hour Chemtrail Show Wash. D.C. / F.A.A. Orders Jets To “Fly Low” D.C. Region

8/3/12 Friday: A Marathon 12 hour Chemtrail show was displayed over Washington D.C. Friday. From 7am to 7pm, every kind of Chemtrail you have ever heard of graced the Nations Capitial skies Friday.

There were countless standard straight line Chemtrails and an abundance of Tic tac doe grids, X’s, Fish Hooks (J), you name it, we had it. All the planes laying these trails were clearly visible to anyone who looked up.

Strangely, the standard reactions were all calm.
“Why are they doing that?” “How much does that cost?” “I hope our Stars come back out tonight”.

How quickly people get use to Clean Air, Bright Skies and Stary Nights 🙂

The only complaint was, “It’s kinda of Hot.” This is a byproduct of Orgone Energy. It’s slightly warmer than normal Air Temperature. Sorry, but you can’t have everything.

The warmer temperature is why they can’t block out our Sun for more than a few hours a day, no matter how hard they try or how much money they spend.

When they do succeed, it’s like putting a lid on a cooking pot. The pressure builds and literally blows the Lid of Chemclouds, right off. There is nothing they can do to stop it.

They cannot over come the Earth’s Natural Energy, which is considered to be among the strongest in the known universe. We call it “Orgone”. N.A.S.A. calls it “Dark Matter”.

There was no loss of Sunlight whatsoever, while this went on. This is the new extended range of Clean Air and Mostly Clear Natural Skies.

They tried to tell us the Skies still belong to them.

Our answer is, “Just because you take a Dump in someone else’s yard, doesn’t mean you own the yard. It just means you are Rude.”

Our actions are totally Passive. Yet “They” are spending Millions of OUR TAX DOLLARS in Chemicals, Hardware, and Man Hours to Sicken and Sterilize Humanity for their own Dark Agenda.

All to no avail. There is no further action needed to secure the skies from Washington D.C. to the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia near Frederick, MD. This is the only area we can verify by sight as having completely protected skies.

What you should understand is that even if there is a Chemtrail Partial Dispersal, this is good. As the Chemicals Partially Disperse, they are suspended in the high altitude where all of the Nastiness is killed off by the Sun’s Light and Heat radiation.

These Man Made Chemical Trails and Chemical Clouds contain some really nasty stuff, like Bacterium, Fungi, Red Blood Cells, D.N.A., G.N.A.(Synthetic D.N.A.), as well as Aluminum (Toxic Metal) and Barium (Heavy Salt) and a host of other things, none of them good for us or the Planet.

The Bacterium, Fungi, Red Blood Cells, D.N.A., G.N.A. (Synthetic D.N.A.), are things we lump in a group and call “The Nastie’s”.
The really “Nasty” things inside of this stuff. All of these are easily killed off when totally exposed to the Sun’s Light, Heat and Radiation.

They are in effect, “Totally Neutralized”.

When they were able to “Block Out The Sun”, the Sun could still kill the “Nasties” on top of these clouds, but these clouds were so thick and in multiple layers sometimes, the Sun Light couldn’t penetrate because of the Aluminum, and the very harmful Live Compounds were able to rain down on us and our planet, foods and waters.

It was quite sickening to see this stuff actually pouring from chemical clouds like some kind of “Unholy Rain”, down onto us unlucky enough to be directly under this stuff.

But those days are gone in this Region. No longer does Unholy, Virulent Rain fall on those of us lucky enough to be protected under a Orgone Positive Energy Shield/Field.

No longer does my mouth go dry with a slightly metallic taste, as soon as I get to Washington D.C. Those days are gone.

“Happy days are here again. The Skies above are clean again, happy days are here again!”

Time to move on to our next project. “Let It Rain” Return of the Rainmen.


Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) Orders All Air Traffic To Fly Lower During Chemtrail Events.

There have been reports all across the D.C. Region, from Prince Georges County MD., Washington D.C. and Frederick, MD, of Low Flying Passenger Jetliners over neighborhoods.

Some of these jets are so low, it looks like they are coming in for a landing, but there is no large airport for 50 miles. Very unusual.

Speculation: We’ve reported many times of Major Chemtrail Assaults on Frederick Maryland and noticing that Jetliners fly a lot lower during these times.

The reason why is simple.

If they are laying a triple or double layer of Chemtrails and Chemclouds, well where are those layers being formed.

They are being formed in the Normal Altitude Heights reserved for Regular Air Traffic. So when they lay down a triple canopy of chemtrails or chemclouds, you can’t have passenger planes flying through clouds of poison. Doesn’t look good when people die after flying through Man Made Clouds of Death, like so many Birds have.

Oh yea, the autopsies that you didn’t hear about on these dead birds found their lungs full of toxic poisons and metals. Deadly enough in concentrated cloud form to kill them as they flew. They died in flight. Or they became sick en mass and couldn’t continue to fly, and thus fell out of the air, being killed upon impact with the ground.

Can’t have that happening to Jumbo Jets. Again, doesn’t look good. And only the F.A.A. has the power to order all jets to fly lower. F.A.A. or the Government, that is.

This also alerts us to who is behind all this. To Date: we have the F.A.A., The U.S. Air Force, and some Secret Government Agency that fly very fast, Completely All Black, Unmarked Helicopters (we call them the Men In Black).

I think we’ve shaken the tree, and out fall the M.I.B. 🙂

So if you are wondering why you see all of these aircraft flying low over neighborhoods and cities, you now know why!

It’s an all out chemical assault on this planet and it’s life-forms.

But now we have the tools to defend ourselves with. And “They” don’t like it.

It’s driving them “Crazy”.

Wilhelm Reich strikes back from the grave.

That you Wilhelm 🙂

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