February 25, 2018

M.I.B. Takes Over Chem Assault on Wash. D.C.: Relieves U.S.A.F. / The T.D.P. Strikes Back! “Play Time Is Over!”


The Men In Black have taken over the Coordination of Chemical Operations against Washington D.C., or so it appears.

Yes, the Men In Black. I did not stutter.

Triple Canopy of thick Chem Clouds over Washington D.C. As soon as a spot would open up and the Sun would shine through, it would be sealed again. Not by a Chemtrail, but by a chemcloud. They were serious this morning.

But by 11:00am a large opening appeared over a wide area. Two layers of Chemclouds just seemed to roll back, revealing other chemtrails above them, that just started to dissolve in place.

It was at this time that I saw the Men In Black. Okay…I didn’t see the Men In Black. Just 4 all Black Helicopters zoom out of one side of the opening and across the sky, flying very low, with a Orange U.S. Air Force Helicopter tagging along behind.

They moved in a straight line about 3 or 4 seconds apart. And they were moving fast. Wheaton, MD. right outside the D.C. Beltway, 11:00am.

The sky broke open into bright sunlight and stayed that way the rest of the day.

The All Black Helicopters looked like the one below, except there were no side windows and it had a Triple Tail Assembly.

Here is a picture of what the Triple Tail Assembly looked like.

Put these two pictures together in your mind, and you will see what some of these all black helicopters look like that some people talk about.

I couldn’t see who was flying it of course. They could of been Men In White for all we know. But all black helicopters with “No Markings or Numbers is quite different. Flying fast through Chemclouds.

What the Hell do the Men In Black have to do with Chemtrails and Chemclouds? Well it turns out that there are hundreds of thousands of reports of UFO’s tied to or connected with Chemtrails. 734,000 to be exact, if you Google it.

Even Wilhelm Reich had an encounter with a UFO in the 1950’s while using his Cloudbuster.

Anyway, this last encounter startled us. So not only are we dealing with the U.S. Air Force, but now we have the Men In Black to worry about too.

GOOD! We didn’t get dressed for nothing 🙂

They failed just as badly as the Air Force did. D.C. IS STILL FREE with Clean Air and Beautiful skies for All!

But we might not of seen the last of the Men In Black, so we decided to meet them head on in the Skies over Frederick.

Our units are all Passive. You set them and forget them. They will fight for you with no adjustment at all.

But every Cloudbuster is also a Rainmaker. The difference between the two is simple.

A Rainmaker is “Grounded”, a Cloudbuster is not. So if you “Ground” your Cloudbuster, you turn it into a Rainmaker.
Simply run a wire from the water bucket 30 feet away and bury the end in the ground. It’s now grounded.

We saw a huge strange cloud right behind Frederick today. It looked very similar to the one below.

This is why dealing with the Men In Black is scary. And this is why we went active tonight. We grounded one of our units and pointed it right at the large strange cloud. It’s Showtime!

The idea being to create a thunder and lightning event over their heads and take it to them “Head On.” We would put up our Natural Storm against their un-natural storm and see who wins.

What happened was less exciting. Within a half hour, the whole cloud, which had been starting to darken the sky, simple faded away. The unit had instantly taken all the energy out of the large cloud, a lot quicker than in Passive Mode. The Sun came back out, and the day ended as nice as they usually do now.

Very anti-climatic. We were looking for a fight!
We’re getting way too cocky! 🙂


So to repeat:

Every Cloudbuster is also a Rainmaker.

Wilhelm Reich always ran his tubing to a lake or a pond at least 50 feet away. Since these bodies of water were always in the ground, the were naturally “Grounded”, which increases their power by a least 50%. Not Range, but Power.

Ours are not “Grounded”, unless we want them to be. Like tonight!

*** ADMIN NOTE: ***

This is an early post. There have been changes.

1) Wilhelm Reich always ran his tubing to a lake or a pond, Because these were ALKALINE Sources of water’
6.5% to 8.5% approx.

2) Rain Makers are Hollow STEEL Tubes pointed at an angle, connected to ALKALINE Sources of water, by rubber/steel hoses.

3) Cloud Busters are Hollow COPPER Tubes directly in an ALKALINE Sources of water’, pointed straight upwards.

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