February 18, 2018

END THE DROUGHT’S: AMERICA, AFRICA – T.D.P. CHALLENGED “The Only Things Impossible Are Those You Can’t Dream Of” Rebirth Of The Rainmakers!

That’s Absurd – Completely and Totally Ridiculous:
How can anyone or group be expected, much less asked to do such an impossible thing: We Accept! We Don’t Back Down.

The funny thing is, it was exactly what we were planning on doing after the Grand Success of Operation: Silent Thunder Natural Skies.

Already on the drawing board;

(1) The Farmers Friend, a small local “Rainmaker” designed to keep any farm 3 X 9 miles with plenty of water for his crops in any weather conditions except, plentiful rainfall conditions.

First successful test was just completed today 8/6/2012 11:00am. While “They” are still playing with their ‘Sky Writing’, we’ve left them behind and moved on to the next task, Making Rain, Ending Drought’s. Silly Rabbits 🙂

(2) Operation: Desert Bloom and Desert Eagle – Proposal to make the Deserts of America and Africa Bloom and bring plentiful water to drought stricken parts of Africa and India, naturally, just by providing plentiful water, through mobile “Self-Contained Rainmaker Vehicles” named Desert Eagles, to make the Desert Bloom. Again it will be described below in detail. But you have already seen what they basically look like. Wilhelm Reich had one. It was almost always sitting on the back of truck.

Combine the two, upgraded for desert travel, and you have the Basic Desert Eagle Mobile Rainmaker.

Ours is a simple update of that.
The ORIGINAL “Desert Eagle” that made the Desert Bloom

(3) Operation: Clean Air L.A. – A Proposal to attempt to easily clean the air of pollution over the city of Los Angeles, California with 13 (G-1’s) or 1 or 2 (G-2’s). And Operation: Clean Air California – which is a test to see if we can clean the air of a Large State, though we could start smaller. At least 6 (G-2’s).

We could start with one G-2 here, but we need more donations 🙂

Donations determine how far we can go. Otherwise, we can only do what we can do, and that’s to the point now where that is not much with out more funding.

And Operation: Middle East Peace – The placement of at least 13 (G-1) units and 3 or 4 G-2 units around or near Israel.

There is a lot of very negative energy in this place. And it will take a lot to get it out. But remember, the larger the Negative Energy, the Greater the reward once this negative energy is converted into Positive Energy.

And once converted into positive energy, as long as the Positive Air Cleaners are there in the area, it won’t convert back. It will just get stronger.

And last but not least is Operation: Spirit Of D.C. – Exactly like Operation Middle East Peace. There is no difference, except this one falls within the range of the T.D.P.

Same set up and same goals. A lot of Negative energy needs to be converted, period. But with D.C., we have actually already begun the Peace Process. D.C. Skies and air are already protected from harmful chemicals and energies. Positive Energy is already starting to spread around the city.

If we increase the P.E., it might even get into the Halls Of Congress and the White House and start to really do some good.

The increase in Positive Energy is designed to accelerate the process.

The (G-2) Positive Air Cleaner PAC, could be the perfect tool for the Job.

Now let’s get some Donations in here. Show us that you care.



Pay close attention, please. Everything you are about to read and understand about “Rainmakers” is right before your eyes in this picture.

Everything about our own tests leads us right back here, to this one picture.

Because the very first thing we have to do of course, is see if we can build a “Rainmaker”. If we can’t do that, all other things are mute!


TEST 1: 8/3/2012 to 8/4/2012

Equipment: (2) 3″ Diameter X 5 foot long thin steel vent pipe sections and (1) 4″ X 5′ aluminum Dryer vent pipe.

We went for diameter instead of pipe thickness.

Power Source: (G-1) 5 Gallon Bucket with (3) 20″ copper pipes in top. Attached to Hollow Tubes with Braided Steel Flexible Washing Machine Hoses.

Results After 16 Hours: 2:30pm 8/3 – 6:30pm 8/4

No Rain – Complete failure

Starting to get worried 🙁


TEST 2: Desperation

Running very low on money, we used what we had.

Picked up additional Washing Machine Hoses and 3/4″ PVC Male Adapters.

The 3/4″ Male adapters fit perfectly over the ends of the 3/4″ Copper pipes, which was all we had left to work with

Equipment: (6) 3/4″ X 5′ Foot Grade “M” Copper Pipes

Power Source: (1) G-1 Standard Bucket Assembly (Grounded)

Quickly Duct Taped the (6) Copper pipes to the first failed experiment, using it as a stiff frame. It looked very bad, so I didn’t take any pictures. It was nothing to be proud of.

But it looked and followed the same basic concept as this six tube “Rainmaker” unit here:

Though not half as pretty. And it didn’t pivot up and down. This one was set on top of the bucket and propped up against the fence at a 45% angle to the sky.

Not knowing where to point the dag on thing, we chose into the wind. The thinking being, we wanted it to always have clouds to be in front of it, and we wanted the rain to come directly over Frederick and water our land and nearby farms.

As it turns out in a recent Frederick Post Article; Frederick County, for the past 2 weeks, has been the only Maryland County not under some kind of Drought Threat.

The Official said, “We’re Blessed! We are in good shape. There is no way we can consider any kind of Drought Measures like asking for help.
In fact there is only one place in the North of Frederick County that’s even a little worried. And they’re water table is only 2” below average. Burkittsville.

As it turns out, Burkittsville is only about 5 or 6 miles away from us here, and it’s the exact direction we want to point the would be Rainmaker prototype at. Perfect!

Round 2: 8/4/12 – 10pm. Start of Test

Now it’s time to wait 🙁

And Wait 🙁

12 hours later 10am.

Next morning, skies are clear, another beautiful day, dag gone it!


Out of totally clear skies dark storm clouds suddenly appear. They came from the direction of the wind. This is important, because it was a totally different direction than all other Chemtrail and Chemcloud Assaults against Frederick have come.

And sometime between 2:15pm and 2:30pm, the Heavens broke loose as if God almighty were starting his Motorcycle, if he had one.

I don’t know if it were a slight sound of thunder or a slight sight of lightning, but I turned my head in the direction where the make shift rainmaker was pointed.

And then it happened.

Lightning exploded inside a large cloud, lighting the whole thing and most of the sky up. At the same time, Thunder sounded.

And this was no ordinary thunder. It was the type of thunder that you think is going to knock you to the ground.

“Oh My God…It is on!”

It happened exactly where the rainmaker was pointed. Not to the left or right, up or down.

There was more lightning along the bottom of the large cloud and more deep thunder but the show must go on. We must know the limits, within reason, of what this can do.

As it passed over Frederick, it was still strong, though there were not any high winds at any time. Just a scary light and sound show.

As it passed by Frederick, on the other side, it instantly started to loose power. The lightning stopped and the thunder was cut in half and then half again, and it wasn’t that far away. And then it just stopped and there was a gentle rain for about 10 or 20 minutes.

This stopped and then started later and rained off and on throughout the night. Soft rain.

Later that evening, we cancelled the 3 day experiment after only 1 day. We missed our bright skies. And for that reason, and that reason alone, we are stopping all rainmaking experiments over Frederick 🙂

How quickly we become use to clean, bright skies and stary nights.

Only at the request of farmers, will we intentionally bring rain to the skies of Frederick County.

But we will tell All Farmers how to possibly “drought proof” their farms.


There was a lot of very valuable information gained from these two minor experiments, which we will share with America and the Public in General.

Learning from Failure and Success and the Success of others:

When we compare our Failure with our Success and the Success of the last incarnation of the Wilhelm Reich Rainmaker, above, we learn a lot.

There are only 4 Major parts to any real “Rainmaker”

1) The Hollow Tubes

2) The “Orgone” Source

3) The Connecting Hoses to the Orgone Source

4) The Transverse Assembly: that allows the Rainmaker to be pointed up or down and side to side.

1) The Hollow Tubes:::
These are the most important parts of the Rainmaker.

We think the first experiment failed because of the very thin metal used which just didn’t have the material mass to be an effective collector of Orgone

The copper pipes had a lot more mass and thickness, but still took double the standard reported time to create rain, though still inside of the 24 hour time frame set by Wilhelm Reich. “You will have rain within 24 hours” he was fond of saying.

Most reported times are about 8 to 9 hours, sometimes 10. But never 16 hours. That’s almost twice as long normal.

As we compare our final test unit to the original above, we see some similarities and a major difference.

The bottom rectangular box under the original rainmaker is a water filled Orgone Accumulator. It’s metal on the outside (which attracts Orgone Energy) and the inside is filled with water that attracts as well as collects the O.E.
All the flexible pipes feed into it.

This is similar to our own very cheaply made Orgone Accumulator Bucket Assembly. Same basic concept. Water inside a Accumulator with metal sides.

The connecting hoses are similar also. His are Flexible Metal Tubing, ours are Flexible rubber tubing with a outer metal sheath or cover. The metal (non-organic) attracts the O.E. and the Rubber Hose (organic) collects it. This makes these type of hoses ideal for transfer of Orgone Energy. His could also have a rubber hose inside?

The Major difference is the Pipe Thickness of the Hollow Tubes.
Notice how thick the Hollow Tubes are on the original.

Pipe Thickness is the difference between success and failure with these units.

Our thin copper pipes were barely thick enough to pull this off. They were the absolute bare minimum size to get any rain at all.

So from here on out, all Rainmaker experiments and units will use Galvanized Steel Pipe. Same cost as copper, but 3 times as thick, providing much needed mass.

The original Rainmaker looks like it has double thick walls and a small 3/4″ or 1″ inside pipe diameter.

So we will start with 3/4″ or 1″ Galvanized Steel Tubing.

Also length makes a difference also. Longer range, more power. 7 foot long should work good compared to 5 foot.


Every time you see one of these units work, they normally start with a bang and quickly end with a whimper. The reason is simple, no one knows what the hell they are doing. This is all brand new to us.

Every test we have ever seen was just like ours. Someone props there pipes up on a stationary position and just points them at the sky.

But when the storm is created, it is very shortly carried away on the wind, out of the direct view or direction the rainmaker is pointed in. It is quickly out of effective range or field of operation of the unit.

This is the other major difference between the Originals and the copy cats. Wilhelm knew in order to get maximum rain fall, you had to track the storm, follow it and keep the Rainmaker pointed at the lightning or slightly ahead of it.

That’s why all of his machines had a Transverse Assembly of some sort. So he could point and follow the storm where ever it went to maintain it’s power for as long as possible.

Maximum Rain, Minimum Effort.


There are a lot more tests that need to be done. This should really be done by qualified people or some Good? government agency?
Is there such a thing?

But we don’t wait on change. We make change happen.

Join us. Contribute to the future of America an the World.

Donate to help the True Democracy Party help this to be a better world for all.


The G-2 is just like the G-1 except you use 30 Gallon Plastic Trash cans instead of 5 gallon buckets. Everything else is the same, just more of it. It also uses 1″ to 2″ Copper Pipes. !.5″ Pipes should be perfect. 6 Foot Minimum height.

[ Directions for building Basic Orgone Accumulator and Cloudbuster (O.A.A.C.) ]

[ Frederick County spared drought, weather damage – Originally published August 04, 2012 ]


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