February 18, 2018

WASHINGTON D.C. CHEMTRAIL FREE!: T.D.P. Declares 1st Major Victory / Orgone Energy Good For The Economy

Washington D.C. and the surrounding area’s are now totally Chemtrail Free.

From Frederick Maryland down to Washington D.C. and all surrounding areas, and parts of Virginia and lower Pennsylvania, are all 100% Chemtrail Free. Not a single Chemtrail can be found within a 50 Mile radius of Washington D.C., Frederick Maryland, Silver Springs/Burtonsville Maryland…and that’s the limit of our personal witness.

You must understand how important this Victory is. Washington D.C. is one of the Seats of Power in this World. And it’s the Military Seat of Power at that.

If we can Convert Washington D.C.and the power inside to good, we are on our way to a new beginning for Humanity.

This is a Major Victory for “The People” of America and the World. And we are not alone.

This could not of been achieved without the help of others around the area.

Major Thanks goes out from the True Democracy Party to all those who helped bring about this Great Accomplishment.

You just can’t imagine how fast this happened.

The NWO went to bed on Friday night and before they were fully awake on Saturday, they lost the Crown Jewel and Cornerstone of the New World Order Agenda, Washington D.C.

And Washington D.C. is now fully covered by Orgone Energy. It is now 100% Protected against any Chemtrail and Chemcloud Chemical/Biological Assault.

Those Senators and other Congress People should thank us for helping to protect them and there families from someone they were powerless to defend themselves and their families against.

Never Give Up Hope!



Orgone Energy is absolutely fabulous for the Economy.

With the Chemtrails 100% gone and the Chemclouds 99% Contained, the Sun can shine through like it was meant to do. It makes people feel better and want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. On another trip to the local Home Depot, it was packed to the brim with people buying lawn furniture and wood supplies to build stuff with.

It was almost a “madhouse” with activity.

This is all only anecdotal evidence, but a very strong beginning.


It’s time to get serious. We now need to “Help” London and the Vatican. Washington D.C. was easy. London shouldn’t be that hard either to put multiple units around and within.

The Vatican, I don’t know about. Also, we need to include Denver, Colorado in the list to “Help” 🙂

This is a Priority!

These Cities are powerful with Negative Energy. We might want to up the power a little, if possible.

Consider our “new” model, still on the drawing board, but ready to come out swinging.

The “Guardian 2″ Heavy Duty O.A.A.C.

This unit is exactly like the Pocket/Portable Guardian 1, except 30 Gallon or 50 gallon Drums are used and the Copper pipe Diameters are 1″ minimum and 2″ Maximum. 1.5” is perfect. But as always, use your own judgement.
Pipe length is 6′ to 10′. This will increase both Power and Range

Good Luck to all.

We are well on our way to Paradise.

These units make the skies look and feel beautiful, and that makes life seem beautiful as well.

We call this Unit the Guardian One or Portable/Pocket Guardian
Directions for making a Basic Super Charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Cleaner are [ HERE ]

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