December 15, 2017


Washington D.C. 7/30/2012 – 7:30am.

Two Chemtrail Operations in progress. One set of Chemtrails trying to get into D.C. from Maryland, another from the Virginia side, and a U.S. Air Force small spotter passenger Jet flying back and forth observing both operations.

Go Air Force!

First operation from the Maryland side was what could be called a Chemtrail Pump.

One plane would lay a chemtrail, and then a minute later, another would come right behind it, and so on. It was very effective. And did build up a large Chemcloud over the N.W. part of D.C. It actually started to spread and disperse for a few minutes.

And then it stopped and became contained in a single cloud. But there was about a 1% or 2% dispersal that didn’t block the Sun at all, but it was there none the less.

We apologize. The Shield of Protection completely held, but this showed it does need reinforcing.

ADMIN NOTE: They are using a new type of Chemtrail Tanker that has special “camouflage skin” that blends into the background of the sky perfectly.

The Chemtrails I saw, were just appearing out of thin air. You could not see the plane dispensing them at all. But you would see one Chemtrail and then another appear right inside of the previous one, a minute later, but no plane had gone by.

I saw another Jumbo Jet flying low over Frederick Maryland so slow, I could get my binoculars for a better look. As I’m looking at the plane, another of those chalky white planes I’d seen close up earlier, flew right under it in the opposite direction.

I was kind of shocked. The skies were perfectly clear for miles and I didn’t see that plane in the air before. I brought down the binoculars for a wide view look of the “Ghost Plane”, but I couldn’t see it.

It had completely blended into the background. Unless you are within 500 feet of this type of plane, you will not see it. It’s not invisible, but the blending camouflage is that good.

The other Chemical Cloud assault from the Virginia side was almost a laugh.

You saw this Tic Tac Doe (#) style Chemtrail Grid leading right up to D.C. and then it just stopped. Half the grid was visible on the Virginia side, but the part that would of extended into Washington D.C. was gone.

NOTE: The part that was left on the Virginia side was not, repeat, was not…dispersing. It was contained, but it was there.

Let us repeat, Washington D.C. and it’s Residents and families are safe from Chemical Assault from any Chemtrails or Chemclouds. But we do need to increase it’s Protection and push the wall of safety back a lot further.

We were right in stating that D.C. was safe. But not with the range part. The Virginia side of Washington D.C. is weak on protection from Chemtrail Assault.

Sorry, we are not everywhere…yet.

But again, the Air Force was not happy. You can tell when someone is flying around and not getting the results they were looking for. We’ve seen it many times before with “Spotter Joe” and “Air Force Jack” in Frederick.

We are not sorry to disappoint them 🙂

But like we said; “You are not getting it back! Get use to the idea!”

The Sun and Skies over Washington D.C. now belong to the American People! And we WILL keep them clean!

Happy Days and Clean, Clear Skies Are Here Again 🙂

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