February 25, 2018

THE DELUGE – THE FLOOD: Journey to Sumeria – Gilgamesh Part 2c

Time: 2698 BC (About 5700 years before present)
Location: Orygeia (Uruk) , Sumer , southern Mesopotamia (now southern Iraq)

The caravan, after meeting with the Semites of the desert nomads, started again.
After leaving the desert, continued south towards the Erytheia (Eridu) , the first Sumerian city that will be stationed on their long journey. Kyllaveias The priest, Seated comfortably in his car, he continued to observe the route. Moving along a channel of the Euphrates , which before the flood , 200 years ago, was passing through town.

Now had bazothei from silting. The Deluge had carried incredible amounts of mud from the sources of the Euphrates river, the mountains of Armenia. The silting of the channel that led to the decline of Erytheia , to the benefit of Orygeias .

For a century before the Flood (3000 – 2900 BC) the Sumer era has seen severe drought. Then the level of water in the Euphrates River had fallen too, the canals dried up, the fields are dried up, crops wiped out and people were dying en masse.

All this was recorded in the sacred signs and Kyllaveias the priest had read them all. It was considered unfair to the most learned man of the Universe . Of course, all these were warnings of Gods people not to protest against their rulers. But they did not get the divine message. They continued to protest and revolt. So, finally, the gods sent the Flood (2900 BC).

Oh, the Flood ! How many thousands of times did not tell the story of the White Temple of the god Anu (An ) in Orygeia (Uruk) !!!! Always the audience was polyplithestato. Even merchants from other cities came to hear him!

Many said a number of incorrect variants. But he, telling the story as I describe the sacred signs.

How it all began; The priest brought once again the big story in mind.

“Riots, protests, moaning, blasphemies of ordinary people against the gods, kings and priests were unimaginable degree tilt in the gods . The gods wanted peace. All this commotion that sounded from down the incredibly disturbing. So, at some point The Enyllos (Enlil) (Zeus’s Olympic Religion ) convened divine council.

– I can not stand anymore, these people said. The riots are not suffering. I do not let me sleep anymore either.

– Neither I, completed the Ninylleia (Ninlil) (Hera’s Olympic Religion ), his wife, to support her husband.

– I’m furious with them , screamed the Nergalos (Nergal) (Mars’s Olympic Religion ). Neither the breakfast drink did not let me drink from the bustle.

The Enyllos (Enlil) facing the wrath of all the gods took the plunge.
– This, warnings, do not understand. I say we send them the flood to wipe them.

– Yes, we all die! said with a mouth, Inanneia (Inanna) (Venus’s Olympic Religion ) and Ninocharsageia ( Ninhursag) (Demeter’s Olympic Religion ).

– To not left nostril by daftous , screamed the Ninyrdos (Ninurta) (Saturn’s Olympic Religion ).

Only two were differentiated from the general climate:
– The Egkis (Enki) (Poseidon’s Olympic Religion )

– The Anos (An) (Heaven’s Olympic Religion ) The Anos (An) remained neutral while the wise Egkis (Enki) was alone had no objections but did not dare put them with all the angry gods .

The decision was taken now. Immediately Enyllos (Enlil) called god Iskyro (Ishkur) (Aeolus of Olympic Religion ) of hurling the winds, the clouds gather to begin the great rain. At the same time, he ordered the bird sanctuary, the Ando (ANZU) , leontomorfo the eagle, to tear with claws at the sky to get out of the crevices of the terrible lightning.
Soon the universe turned into hell.

The Euphrates , the tiger and other rivers have started to download tons of water and mud from the mountains of their sources. Gradually dragging overflowed all irrigation projects diakanalika and the cities of Sumer . Bridges, dams destroyed everything.

The raging water inrush in the cities dragging everything.

Houses flooded, people and animals drowned and covered up all the mud.

Seven days and seven nights, it rained and blew incessantly. Eventually, when everything had been destroyed by the Great Flood ended.

Inanneia (Inanna) goddess of the city Orygeias (Uruk)

Anos (An) God of city Orygeias (Uruk)

Then intervened and Anos (An) who left a neutral stance and verbally attacked the sovereign god and son, Enyllo (Enlil) .
– Well, Enylle , she said. How did you get such a decision to destroy the people; Now who will work for us;
– destroying all agreed, replied curtly that Enyllos (Enlil) . As for what will work I guess we all know. We are working and those who worked before people make. The younger gods, the Ogygia .

When Ogygia (Igigi) [were the people who built the irrigation system diakanaliko Euphrates Delta and downstream the Sumerians deified] informed the decision of Enyllou (Enlil) , to work again, rose up.
– We xanadoulefoume not, began to cry. So we had made ​​people. We will not pay us, now broken. To those who pay their fault.

And while the gods stood in embarrassment and quarreled among themselves, suddenly, someone noticed that something moving on the plain.

They looked better and saw the top of a term in a small boat, a family of people.
Moreover, Enyllos (Enlil) turned to other gods with wild eyes.

– Who of you was the one who saved this family;

– Who else; This Egkis (Enki) who always reacts by the decisions of God’s House, called the exasperated Ninyrdos (Ninurta) .

Egkis (Enki) God of city Erytheia (Eridu)

Then the wise Egkis (Enki) stepped forward and spoke openly to everyone.

– I knew that your decision was wrong. You are foolish, impulsive and make mistakes. Were you angry and you do not understand our interest. People need to be there to work for us.

And, seeing others in icy stare, he said. – Knowing, then, that sooner or later recover from the error and you would understand your mistake, I decided to break the common decision to go to Syroppageia ( Shuruppak) and alert to the pious dream, the young king Otonapisto ( Utnapishtim, Atrahasis, Z iusudra, Xisuthros, Xisouthro) to build an ark, to put through his family, his servants and all his friends and animals and plants to continue life in the universe .

Otonapistos ( Utnapishtim) (Modern representation)

The Enyllos (Enlil) , although angry with Egkida (Enki) who once again challenged his authority and contravened the orders, seeing and mutation of most gods , he accepted the right energy and the ark came to bless the surviving family.

There, watching the Otonapisto ( Utnapishtim) to offer sacrifice, as the first act after salvation (as he was bring home a proactive Egkis (Enki) in his dream), moved for the first time, so decided give him “immortality and eternal youth” and to him and to his wife.

They took anything from the Sumeria and settled in the island of callus (Dilmun) (near the Qatar) where they lived the rest of their life dreams. ” – arrive in Erytheia ! – Yes, look, it seems! cries of people’s interest in them the caravan Kyllaveias priest from the daydream.

He looked away to the south, and saw him raise the walls of beautiful Erytheia (Eridu) , the first city that created the universe.

In this map much later (after a millennium) it seems that all the Sumerian cities were built on the banks of tributaries and canals of the Euphrates River (not on the Tigris). The tiger stopped far north as the sea, then formed a small bay in front of the bed of which reached the height of Nippur!!!