January 20, 2018

DEFEAT CHEMTRAILS! Simple And Easy – Free Instructions (Super Charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Conditioner (O.A.A.C.) “What Do Your Skies look Like? Ours Are Beautiful!”


[ Disclaimer ] “Entertainment Purposes Only”

You will need:

PARTS LIST: 1 Guardian G-1 Unit

(2) 5-Gallon Plastic Buckets

(2) 5-Gallon Bucket Plastic Lids

(3) Heavy Duty “Foil” Rolls. Dollar Store

(5) 10 Foot Sections of 3/4″ 0r 1″ inch Metal Tubes
(Copper, Zinc Coated Steel Elec. Conduit, or Aluminum)

(*) Table Salt

(*) PH Balance Test Strips


(1) Hack Saw

(1) 7/8″ or 1″ Spade bit and Drill


Cut 10’x 3/4″ Copper Pipes in half. = (8) 5’x 3/4″ Pipe Sections (Set Aside)

Put lids together and Drill 8 holes in a rough circle (Doesn’t have to be exact). 1″ or 2″ from outside Rim.

Wrap the outside of each bucket in a Pack of Foil each. Don’t cover bottom.

Wrap each Lid in Foil. (4 or 5 Wraps each should be good.)

Stuff one Bucket into the other.

Fill Bucket nearly Full and add 5 Pinch’s of Sea Salt. (1) per Gallon of Water. (For Alkalinity and Stability)

Smooth out foil on lids so you can see the holes. Line lids up and Poke the 8 Pipes through the 8 holes.

Put lid and pipe assembly into the buckets and smash down on lid. (It doesn’t have to lock in place)

You can paint and decorate as desired.

Put a couple of chairs nearby and enjoy the weather 🙂

Here are some pics of the completed rough “Garden Decoration”.

And some Pics of our nice sky’s.

Notice anything missing. Look hard.

The pics aren’t perfect, but you should, “Get the Picture”

That’s all we can say now. We will give full details in the next post.

Yes, we know it looks crude. Okay, very crude.

P.S. Don’t put it where just anybody can see it. Like say, from the street 🙂

[ Disclaimer ] “Entertainment Purposes Only”

Full Details: Highly Modified WILHELM REICH – ORGONE ENERGY Accumulator and Cloud Buster

Super Charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Conditioner (O.A.A.C.)

Range: 50 Mile Radius 98% / 100 Mile Radius 45% Effective (Depending upon conditions)

Power Source: Concentrated Orgone Energy (The Earth)

Storage: 5 Gallons of Alkaline Water

Container: Layered Organic / Non Organic (layered Metal/Wood or Metal/Plastic enclosure)
Fully founded upon the scientifically proven experiments of Wilhelm Reich.

Completely Passive Operation: Set it and Forget It.


Orgone Energy is Attracted to Water and Metal

Orgone is Stored in Water Naturally

Orgone Energy Transforms Negative Energy into Positive Energy

Orgone Energy radiates outward from the planet and every living thing on Earth

Metal Tubes or Pipes connected to water and aimed at the sky, can Regulate Local Weather
through manipulation of Orgone Energy I.E. Bring rain when needed and bust up clouds when needed.

This particular Unit is Completely Self Regulating.

Orgone Energy enters the Accumulator through the bottom and sides where it is trapped.
Since it is attracted to metal, it attempts to get to the other side where it bounces back and forth.

With the addition of the metal pipes in the enclosure, it bounces even more rapidly, like a Pin Ball off of Bumpers in the old Arcade Style games.

Since it uses water as storage instead of air, inside the Accumulator, it can store vastly more amounts of Orgone than an Air Style Accumulator. Like water can hold a vastly larger charge of electricity than air.

ADMIN NOTE UPDATE: Since this Post we have discovered a simple metal 5 Gallon Can is ‘Perfect’ for all purposes, especially when making a “Cloud Buster” (Rainmaker)

Al Wilhelm Reich’s later ‘Cloudbuster’s’ always featured a Metal Box with water and metal pipes on the inside. Except for the giant river fed Monsters (Super Large Rainmakers) he later created.


“THE GENERAL” G-2: Orgone Accumulator Cloud Buster

G-2 Accumulator Cloud Buster.

(1) 32 to 50 Gallon Plastic Drum or Trash Can
(2) 32 to 50 Gallons of heavily Alkalined water in a 32 Gallon Heavy Duty Plastic Trash Can.
(*) Table Salt: Alkaline Water to: 7.5% ph balance to 9% ph balance.

(3) (10) 1 1/2″ Copper tubes, 5′ to 7′ feet long each.

(4) PH Balance Test Strips

NOTE: Steel Tubes/Pipes work best for Orgone Rain Makers, as in the designs by WILHELM REICH.
But for General “Cloud Busters”; Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Conditioners (OAAC), Copper Tubes/Pipes work best. Reasons? Unknown.


1) Assemble all parts together.

2) Drill the proper amount and size holes (slightly smaller than the pipe diameter) in the plastic lid with most pipes in a circle, about half between the outside and inside of the barrel, and the rest in a circle near the center.

OPTIONAL: Cut a 3″x6″ 3 sided access port near the outside edge of the top to add salt or baking soda to alkaline water and to take PH Balance Tests.

3) Cut pipes/tubes to proper length.

4) Fill the Can/Drum with water and alkaline to proper PH Balance using;
salt, iodine table salt to 7.5% ph balance to 9% ph balance, using the PH Balance Test Strips.

5) Install Lid

6) Insert Pipes/Tubes

It should look something like this: