February 18, 2018


[ Disclaimer ] “Entertainment Purposes Only”
Remember this Item. Burn it into your memory about how to put one together.

You will need:


(2) 5-Gallon Plastic Buckets $3.00 Each

(2) 5-Gallon Bucket Plastic Lids $!.25 each

(3) Heavy Duty “Foil” Rolls. Dollar Store $1.00 Each

(4) 10 Foot Sections of 3/4″ “M” Grade Copper Pipe (10’x3/4″) $19.00 each

(1) Sea Salt or 5 Pinch’s of Sea Salt. (1) per Gallon of Water.


(1) Hack Saw

(1) 7/8″ or 1″ Spade bit and Drill


Cut 10’x3/4″ Copper Pipes in half. = (8) 5’x3/4″ Pipe Sections (Set Aside)

Put lids together and Drill 8 holes in a rough circle (Doesn’t have to be exact). 1″ or 2″ from outside Rim.

Wrap the outside of each bucket in a Pack of Foil each. Don’t cover bottom.

Wrap each Lid in Foil. (4 or 5 Wraps each should be good.)

Stuff one Bucket into the other.

Fill Bucket nearly Full and add 5 Pinch’s of Sea Salt. (1) per Gallon of Water. (For Alkalinity and Stability)

Smooth out foil on lids so you can see the holes. Line lids up and Poke the 8 Pipes through the 8 holes.

Put lid and pipe assembly into the buckets and smash down on lid. (It doesn’t have to lock in place)

You can paint and decorate as desired.

Put a couple of chairs nearby and enjoy the weather πŸ™‚

Here are some pics of the completed rough “Garden Decoration”.

And some Pics of our nice sky’s.

Notice anything missing. Look hard.

The pics aren’t perfect, but you should, “Get the Picture”

That’s all we can say now. We will give full details in the next post.

Yes, we know it looks crude. Okay, very crude.

P.S. Don’t put it where just anybody can see it. Like say, from the street πŸ™‚

Full Details, Next Post πŸ™‚