February 20, 2018

CLOUDS OF DEATH: U.S.A.F. Directly Takes Over Chem Op’s / Frederick Strikes Back!

The U.S. Air Force has directly taken over the coordination of the Chem Cloud Operations against Frederick Maryland and the surrounding areas.

“Spotter Joe” and his White Cessna with a blue stripe down the side have been replaced by “Air Force Jack” with a specially painted Cessna. This one has a blue bottom with the tips of the wings painted red underneath. Between the red tips and the blue fuselage are two large Air Force Logo’s.

These logo’s are the old style Air Force Logo’s with the white star in a blue circle with red and white striped square wings attached.

The Chemical Sky Battle of the previous day was a total stand off. They hit Frederick with almost everything they had in their arsenal of Chemical Cloud Weapons. We had them all.

They succeeded in blocking out our Sun for over half the day. We succeeded in stopping any Chemicals from dropping on Frederick and the surrounding areas.

ADMIN NOTE: It personally pisses me off to no end that the United States Air Force is letting itself be used to Poison Americans.
Someone or more needs to be fired and the Air Force rolled back into the U.S. Army Air Corp. They cannot be trusted at all!

If they think their job is to poison Americans, they need a new job, if not “Charged With Treason” against America and her Citizens.

NEXT MORNING: 7/28/2012

There is Heavy cloud build-up all around Frederick, on all sides. It’s shaping up to be a repeat of yesterday, so they think.

The TDP declares this Test is over.

I went to the local Home Depot to get more copper pipe. They threw 85% to 90% of everything they had at us, and we responded with only one small Portable O.A.A.C. Unit, and fought them to a stand still.

Our calculations show, that just one more unit is needed to completely protect the skies of Frederick from Chemical Assault.

At the local Home Depot there were only 2 sticks of 10’X3/4″ Copper pipe left on the racks. There were 3 full racks a few days ago. I didn’t take notice of this fact at first.

I quickly put together another small unit. Same basic size as the first. We had full confidence this would be enough to secure our skies from Chemical attack.

Shortly after completion, we had a direct fly over by the Air Force Cessna, not “Spotter Joe”. We waved.

The Air Force Cessna started to fly around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. It had made almost a dozen flyovers by 12 noon.
Something was different.

Between 12 noon and 2:30pm the Event Center shifted.

We were the Event Center for almost a week. The power on this unit seems to have well defined edges. They simply drew a circle around the affected area and located the center. That was us. And within a day or so, they were flying to the right, left and directly over our headquarters. We were the Event Center, the Center of this particular event.

On our daily weather check drive, we noticed something very different. Not only had the Event Center shifted, but it was much higher and much larger than any time previous.

The skies were so bright and clean and beautiful, I didn’t remember seeing skies like these since the 1960’s.
Our unit, even upgraded, couldn’t account for all this.

The skies were actually clearer North, Northwest and Southwest of Frederick than they were over Frederick.

And then I remembered about all the Copper pipe that was gone from Home Depot, and I knew exactly what had happened.

Somehow the people of Frederick and the surrounding area found out about what was happening between the TDP and the Forces of Evil. And they had quickly become very fond of their sunny clean skies.

On the following morning, there was a rush of 3/4″ and 1′ copper sells at the local Home Depot. There was only one bent piece and one untagged and bent piece left on the rack that morning.

Evidently a bunch of people had picked up the parts and constructed several O.A.A.C. Units. Many, much larger than ours. As far away as Baltimore Maryland, and Pennsylvania and down towards D.C.

These Units all naturally worked together creating a very large Dome or Shield of Protection over a very large area, yet undefined by us. We have very limited range.

But which quickly forced the U.S. Air Force to retire “Air Force Jack” and go to another type of Spotter Plane. A Lear Jet or Gulf Stream type Plane. Small, all white, unmarked, with two jet engines in the back.

This could cover the extended area a lot faster that the Cessna.

Someone also constructed a replica of Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster/Rainmaker. Very large Thunder and Lightning show last night North of Frederick. One that hasn’t been seen in these parts for a very long time.

This move by others takes a lot of pressure off of the True Democracy Party. They were able to concentrate totally on us for almost a week. And within a 4 hour period, that completely changed.

7/29/12: UPDATE

Clean Sky Range has again doubled. Beautiful skies all directions. You can see mountains in the distance, I never knew were there.

This is exactly what we wanted to happen.

We wanted people to spontaneously just go out and to pick up the parts needed and start protecting their skies, en mass.
It is happening here, now! Large parts of Western Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, are now completely protected against Chemical Cloud and Chemtrails.

Not a single Chemtrail can be seen at all, with very long range visibility.

We were actually thinking about setting up a corridor of these units all around the area to provide us with clean safe skies in our travels.

It has already been done by others. This in so many ways seems like a ‘New Day In America”.

Citizens working together to make America a better place, regardless of what the Government says or does.

Things are looking up. I so love looking into the sky and not seeing any Chemtrails as far as I can see.

Multiple twin and single engine prop powered monoplanes (they look like old WW2 Planes) are making multiple runs all over the place. The all white, unmarked Learjet type plane has not been seen today. It was flying circles all day yesterday.

POSI-FIELD – Positive Energy Field:

Some people say what this energy is, is Ions or EMF Electro Magnetic Fields.
This could have something to do with it. But it doesn’t explain the Positive Actions or Healing aspects of Orgone Energy.

As funny as it seems, people seem to be friendlier than normal. One cashier said (at the Home Depot), after giving me a 5% discount on the parts, “If people aren’t happy today, I’ll give them all 5% discounts.” Another cashier 25 miles away said, “Here’s a little more” with a smile, as they added extra tea into a bag I was buying that had already been weighed.

WTH? Cashiers being nice and no complaining about pay. This stuff is hard to believe. Miles apart from each other.

Even as I continue to type this, there is the constant drone of prop planes in the background. Moving back and forth, directing the next round of Poisonous Chemclouds they are trying to force over Frederick and the surrounding areas.

This will be the last post on this subject. We are moving on.


We’ve constructed another small unit, but using only 20″ copper pipes, and set this unit near our Electrical Power Meter. In theory, this should help reduce our electrical bill.

It will take a month for the results to come back and another month to recheck the results. But we didn’t want to wait that long to tell others what we are up to now.

There are other things in the works also, to be posted shortly.

We are moving ahead with out any concerns of the actions of the Media or Government.

They have their agenda, and now…We Have Ours.

This is how to make a basic unit that is called the Portable “Guardian 1” or “Pocket Guardian”.
Directions for making a Super Charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Cleaner are [ HERE ]

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