January 20, 2018

CHEM WARS SKY WARS – FURY OVER FREDERICK: Assault On Frederick “The Battle Of Orgon Begins” UPDATED: Day 6 Storms Round 2 Gov’t. Visitor

A innocent experiment leads to Unmarked Military Helicopters, some armed, Chem Cloud Bombs, Super Chemtrail Tankers, low flying Jumbo Jets over cities, “Spotter” planes, etc. over a small Maryland city, Frederick. Home of the True Democracy Party of America.


“For Entertainment Purposes Only”

On July 22, 2012 at 19:30 (7:30 PM), the True Democracy Party Launched Operation SILENT THUNDER NATURAL SKIES in Frederick, Maryland USA.

It started out as only a minor experiment with a newly designed Orgone Accumulator, we had just invented.

The plan was to report the progress after one week. But the ‘Results’ were so “Fast and Spectacular” that we decided we couldn’t wait.

Of course, the Unmarked Military Helicopters flying overhead, aren’t really helping matters.

DAY ONE: 7/22/12 @ 7:30pm

(Super Charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Conditioner (O.A.A.C.), fully assembled and passively operational.
Within one hour, the sky over Frederick, MD. was crystal clear at night.

The stars appeared to be shinning in 3D High Definition. The night was beautiful.
A small Prop powered airplane could be seen and heard as it made it’s way across the star lit night.

One hour later, the sky was full of thick clouds. Being night, it could not be determined if they were Chem Clouds or Natural Clouds. You couldn’t see the tell tell sign of chemical dispersion from the clouds at night.


DAY TWO: 7/23/12

Morning: Sky was completely clear for 20 miles in all directions. Not a single Chemtrail or Chem cloud in sight.
Some mornings, you could count as many as 14 within sight.

Afternoon: Storm Clouds moving in over Frederick, MD. Dropped about 100 drops of rain and then clouds broke up to reveal sunlight for rest of day and evening.


Day Three: 7/24/12 (The Storm)

Morning: Bright Chemtrail Free Skies 25 Mile Radius

Afternoon (Frederick): Double Layer of thick Chem Clouds. You could see a couple large holes in the clouds and through them, you could see the Sun and that there were two thick layers of dark clouds.

And then things got weird.

While I’m looking at this double cloud layer, wondering if it’s going to break up like the last few, the sky darkened so quick, the people in the “pool” across the street, didn’t have time to completely get out of the water.

Overhead appeared a large storm cloud, actually under the double layer of clouds I was observing. As I looked at it overhead, I saw something very strange.

Picture a smoke ring and how it curls in on itself spinning. Now picture that smoke ring the size and thickness of a super large doughnut and being a storm cloud. Now picture that there are four of them (one was triangle shaped) churning on themselves and growing, riding along the bottom of the main storm cloud.

They grew in size until I could only notice one of them, and it had become the whole bottom layer of the storm cloud. It stretched out and the middle pressed together like a soft ring held between two fingers.

And then this elongated churning doughnut shaped storm cloud, twisted around on itself into a giant figure ‘8’.

These storm clouds were thick, angry and mean looking. One of the scariest things I have ever seen. It looked like a giant monster that could just come down and snatch someone away.

I wish I had had a camera or video camcorder.

For some reason, I wasn’t scared at all. Not even a little bit. To me, this was the ultimate test for the O.A.A.C.
What would happen? Trees were bending in all directions from the wind fury of the storm cloud.

The rain fell in a sheet for about one minute and then stopped. It slightly rained again a few minutes later, and then changed into a steady moderate rain fall for about ten minutes.

After that, the large cloud simply mellowed out (lost all power, darkness and menace) and just drifted away to the Northwest of Frederick, MD.

The Sun came back out, dried everything up, and it was like the storm, never was.
All three layers of clouds were gone, leaving only thin stringly looking chemtrails that refused to disperse.

This massive storm had people worried at first, no one had seen anything like this before.

It was a complete wash out πŸ™‚


DAY 4: 7/25/2012 AFTER THE STORM

Morning: Total Crystal Clear Skies for 100 Mile Radius. As far as you could see from Frederick and Washington D.C. in all directions, there was not a single cloud in the sky.

SPECULATION: The O.A.A.C. works by converting Negative Energy into Positive Energy. The amount of negative Energy directed against it is changed into Positive Energy. The harder you hit it, the stronger it becomes.

This unit wasn’t designed, even in theory, to have a 75-100 Mile radius at 100% effectiveness.

Afternoon: The first signs or wisps of Chemtrails could be seen forming over D.C. at 2pm.
They steadily grew until there were a few large chem clouds. No total coverage.

D.C. is within Range of our O.A.A.C. along the outer limit.

Frederick, MD. Skies completely clear…until later 5pm a single Chemtrail Super Tanker showed up. It was flying very low. Far under where you normally see a chemtrail tanker and far below regular air traffic. You could actually see jumbo jets flying way higher and leaving no contrail.

It was putting out twice the Chemtrail Material as normal. Even more than this picture.

But that’s not even the weird part.

Next, an Unmarked Military Helicopter (Green with no numbers or markings) was on a intercept course. It flew to the right of our main office and the Super Tanker flew to the left of our office. We were in the middle of this V shaped course they were flying.

The copter was observing the Chemtrail progress.

Now this part is good. The Chemtrail, twice, if not three times as thick as a normal chemtrail, started acting strange. The trail, instead of remaining straight and starting to slowly spread it’s chemical payload, started to become zig zagged on it’s own and then it started to break instantly vanish and dissolve.

It was hard to believe. and after a moment, it was like it had never been there. Now this is well within the range of our O.A.A.C.

Here’s the really weird part. After the Super Tanker had dumped it’s complete load of chemtrail material, it stopped and hovered in place, in mid air, as if looking back and wondering what happened to it’s Chemtrail. It hovered so long, I got tired of watching it, just sitting there.

What the Hell have we got ourselves into?

NOTE: A neighbor told me that he had seen another Military Helicopter the previous day in the area.
“It was one of those ‘Long’ ones” He said. “And I think it had Guns.” WTH? What’s going on here?


DAY 5: 7/26/2012 The Gloves Come Off (new Chemcloud Dispersal Methods)

The day started overcast with chemical clouds. They were flying a new pattern, 6 abreast, very close to each other.
Well within range of our O.A.A.C. The trails didn’t take. They were vanishing almost as fast as they were being laid down.

Afternoon: Clear skies…until, the Chem Cloud Bomb. See Pictures.

The skies, as usual, were clear…until I noticed a Chemcloud headed toward Frederick from the Southwest. The same direction the Storm had come from.

It came in distinct Waves, three. When you looked in the direction that it came from, you notice something strange.

Strange is now normal here.

This Cloud was fanning outward in all directions from a single point in the sky. Like when a stone is dropped in a pond of still water and the waves radiate outward.

We speculate that “they” created a large Chemcloud outside of the range of our O.A.A.C. and then hit it with a few H.A.A.R.P. Blasts to push it over Frederick, so to say. Clouds don’t normally fan out in all directions. They normally just float across the sky. See Pictures.

And there is more! As you will see.

In this short set of pictures, you can can see the curvature of the outer edge of the Chemcloud.

Also notice the skies are clear, except for the chemcloud.



In this picture, you see the direction the Chemcloud is coming from and notice the Micro-wave ripples in the upper Right hand corner of the picture.



In this set of pictures, notice the skies are clear, except for the Chemcloud advancement.



In the above picture, top right corner, near the small cloud, there is a small dark dot. That is “Spotter Joe”. He flies a small Cessna with a Blue stripe down it’s side.

He has been seen everyday since the first night. He always appears flying through the opening in the Chemcloud Cover.
It seems that he directs the area’s to be covered that were missed or opened up.

He also doesn’t like his picture taken.

The above shot was the third Picture of him. The other two, where he was closer, didn’t come out at all.

And right before this picture, I was distracted by a Jumbo Jet that flew directly over my head, less than a 800 feet off the ground.

It looks far away. It wasn’t. I heard “Spotter Joe” coming 5 minutes away. I didn’t see or hear this Jumbo Jet until it was right over my head. It’s engines were quieter than the Cessna’s.

The nearest airport for these types of planes are 60 miles away, the other side of Washington D.C.
Maybe he got lost flying through the Chemcloud.

He was under all air traffic and the chemclouds.

These two pictures are the ones above, but you can see the curvature of the cloud better in relationship to the Jet.



And thus concludes our first minor test of the Super Charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Cleaner.

It was a Complete Success!

The Elites are going to have issues. If they had to go through all this for just One O.A.A.C., and we are calling for 50,000 to be spread across the U.S. and around all major Cities, well you get the picture πŸ™‚


The Battle of Orgon Begins. This unit not only helps with clean skies, it also puts out Positive Energy that is helpful to all life. It transforms Negative Energy into Positive Energy.

This morning, outside our windows, we heard words we had never heard before in the morning.

“Good Morning Neighbor.” One stranger said to another. What? People greeting people with smiles and cheerfulness.

We want 13 to 20 units set up around London and the Vatican.

We really don’t care about their weather, or their Chemclouds. But we do want to convert all their Negative Energy into Positive Energy. And they have a lot of Negative Energy to convert and or remove.

The newly created Super charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Cleaner could be the perfect tool for the job.

It’s time to bring the fight to them.



DAY 6: 7/27/2012: ROUND 2 – First Government Visit

MORNING: Beautiful bright morning over Frederick and surrounding area. There are clouds, but they are not interfering with the Sunlight.

All other areas, very cloudy in distance, all directions.

Before Noon: First visit from the Government. All white Unmarked Government car with side mounted spotlight drives by the office slowly and then drives to parking lot across street at angle to our office and parks facing us. Full View.

We hope they don’t pull a ‘Wilhelm Reich’ on us and “Burn all our books and destroy all our equipment and our Bucket of salt water” πŸ™‚

We let him know we know he was there. Short Visit. He didn’t stay long.
Must of been our Natural Deodorant πŸ™‚

He was an advance scout. We are “marked”.

Heavy Cloud build up in all directions around Frederick. All types of clouds are in the air.
Big clouds, little clouds, clouds that climb on rocks. Tube clouds, puffy clouds, chem clouds, even clouds with chicken pox πŸ™‚ You name it, we have it today.

Light is coming and going as the clouds block out the Sun and then the Sun breaks through. Classic Battle! Ongoing as of now.
Storm clouds appear to be trying to force their way in, and are being blocked by some unseen force.

By now, we know the scenario.

The clouds will either break up or there will be a short rain and the Storm will of expended all it’s energy and the Sun will break through with a vengeance, giving us another beautiful day and night.

These guys are relentless. They just don’t give up!

Also had a low fly over by a Jumbo Jet “Ghost Plane”. This is a plane that is ‘Chalk White’ all over. It didn’t look like paint, or even a color. More like a different shade of the sky in the background. WEIRD!

Are we having fun yet? We’re having a Ball!

You can’t make up some of this stuff! And this is all within six days and one hour after set-up.

Within one hour of set-up, “they” realized there was a issue with the Chemical Coverage over Frederick, Maryland and took the appropriate measures.

And we have been at it every since.

Of course, the bottom line is that they have already lost. If we can tie up and defeat millions of dollars worth Chemicals and planes and science with a couple of foil wrapped buckets of salt water with a few copper pipes sticking out the top…THEY ARE DONE!


We need your help. Help us spread Positive Energy around America and the World. Do your part for clean skies and clean hearts.

Directions for making a Super Charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Cleaner are [ HERE ]

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