February 18, 2018


Washington D.C. 7/30/2012 – 7:30am.

Two Chemtrail Operations in progress. One set of Chemtrails trying to get into D.C. from Maryland, another from the Virginia side, and a U.S. Air Force small spotter passenger Jet flying back and forth observing both operations.

Go Air Force!

First operation from the Maryland side was what could be called a Chemtrail Pump.

One plane would lay a chemtrail, and then a minute later, another would come right behind it, and so on. It was very effective. And did build up a large Chemcloud over the N.W. part of D.C. It actually started to spread and disperse for a few minutes.

And then it stopped and became contained in a single cloud. But there was about a 1% or 2% dispersal that didn’t block the Sun at all, but it was there none the less.

We apologize. The Shield of Protection completely held, but this showed it does need reinforcing.

ADMIN NOTE: They are using a new type of Chemtrail Tanker that has special “camouflage skin” that blends into the background of the sky perfectly.

The Chemtrails I saw, were just appearing out of thin air. You could not see the plane dispensing them at all. But you would see one Chemtrail and then another appear right inside of the previous one, a minute later, but no plane had gone by.

I saw another Jumbo Jet flying low over Frederick Maryland so slow, I could get my binoculars for a better look. As I’m looking at the plane, another of those chalky white planes I’d seen close up earlier, flew right under it in the opposite direction.

I was kind of shocked. The skies were perfectly clear for miles and I didn’t see that plane in the air before. I brought down the binoculars for a wide view look of the “Ghost Plane”, but I couldn’t see it.

It had completely blended into the background. Unless you are within 500 feet of this type of plane, you will not see it. It’s not invisible, but the blending camouflage is that good.

The other Chemical Cloud assault from the Virginia side was almost a laugh.

You saw this Tic Tac Doe (#) style Chemtrail Grid leading right up to D.C. and then it just stopped. Half the grid was visible on the Virginia side, but the part that would of extended into Washington D.C. was gone.

NOTE: The part that was left on the Virginia side was not, repeat, was not…dispersing. It was contained, but it was there.

Let us repeat, Washington D.C. and it’s Residents and families are safe from Chemical Assault from any Chemtrails or Chemclouds. But we do need to increase it’s Protection and push the wall of safety back a lot further.

We were right in stating that D.C. was safe. But not with the range part. The Virginia side of Washington D.C. is weak on protection from Chemtrail Assault.

Sorry, we are not everywhere…yet.

But again, the Air Force was not happy. You can tell when someone is flying around and not getting the results they were looking for. We’ve seen it many times before with “Spotter Joe” and “Air Force Jack” in Frederick.

We are not sorry to disappoint them 🙂

But like we said; “You are not getting it back! Get use to the idea!”

The Sun and Skies over Washington D.C. now belong to the American People! And we WILL keep them clean!

Happy Days and Clean, Clear Skies Are Here Again 🙂

DARK AGENDA – SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY: Nano Technology And GNA (Synthetic DNA) In Chemtrails Are Changing Humans and Animals At The DNA Level

This is a Re-Post: “Lest we forget what is really in these Chemtrails and the possible Dark Agenda behind them.”

This is straight out of Invasion of the Body Snatcher’s.

Among the many known dangerous substances in Chemtrail Aerial Geo-Engineering like Aluminum and Barium, it has also been known for some time that these chemicals being dumped on us, also contained DNA.

It’s even worse than we thought. They also contain dry Red Blood Cells and GNA. GNA is a Man-Made Synthetic Version of DNA.

This GNA is reportedly entering the bodies of Humans and Animals, using Nano Technology and changing the DNA of Humans and our Animals. Just like the old Science Fiction Movie, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, the GNA is ‘Replicating and Replacing’ our regular Human Cells with, God knows what!

This is happening with the compliance of World Leaders.

The whole story is below. The Government Report and the Video “What In The World Are They Spraying” will give you the basics of what is going on.

The Video “DARK AGENDA – SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY”, ties it all together. And the picture is not pretty.

Yes we know it’s hard to believe. Look and listen and judge for yourself.


From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology (FULL LENGTH VIDEO)


Reference to Barium in the HAARP patent report:

“It has also been proposed to release large clouds of barium in the magnetosphere so that photo ionization will increase the cold plasma density, thereby producing electron precipitation through enhanced whistler-mode interaction.”

Government ADMITS secretly SPRAYING POISON on us!!! Also admit secret tests hundreds of times!


What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)

The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup Revealed.

By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze.

Our innate intelligence tells us these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet has probed the questions: who is doing this and why. With the release of this video, all of that has changed.

Here is the story of a rapidly developing industry called geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water — all supposedly for the betterment of mankind.

Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 — and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health.

We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it. Do not watch this documentary if you have high blood pressure.

• Expected ship date October 22, 2010
• Runtime 95 minutes
• Produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenberger


West Nile Spraying: Are Pesticides Leading To Toxic Exposures?

As parents in Sacramento County, Calif., put their kids to bed on Monday and Tuesday night, a pair of planes flying overhead doused a 30,000-acre area with a fine mist of pesticides. The target of the repeated aerial assault: mosquitoes.

A growing number of the pests harbor the West Nile virus, officials say, but some residents and environmental health advocates fear the risks of exposure to man-made chemicals — cancer, delayed brain development, hormone disruption, respiratory problems — may outweigh the danger of the disease.

West Nile, transmitted through the bite of a mosquito, usually triggers only mild flu-like symptoms. On rare occasions, however, it can prove deadly.

“The cure is worse than the disease,” said Kim Glazzard, director of the nonprofit Organic Sacramento. “You’re spraying poison over thousands of people for the potential of maybe helping a handful of people. And kids are especially susceptible.”

A similar argument is currently being voiced in other parts of the country including Boston, New Orleans and Mobile, Ala.. Officials there also are responding to predictions of more West Nile, in large part because an unusually mild winter and a warm spring have bolstered mosquito populations.

In fact, this is the earliest that Sacramento officials have sprayed since they started the practice in 2005, a strategy researchers later confirmed had lessened the burden of West Nile in the community.

“We’ve already found a lot of West Nile virus in dead birds and mosquitoes this year. We usually don’t see this until August,” said Luz Rodriguez, a spokesperson with the Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District, which supervises the spraying. “We felt it was necessary to move forward quickly to reduce the number of adult mosquitoes to protect public health.”

Two different types of pesticides made up this year’s treatment: Anvil, a synthetic pyrethroid, and Dibrom, an organophosphate. Less than an ounce of each was applied to every acre, costing the county about $120,000 for two nights of spraying. More spraying may be necessary if West Nile lingers, noted Rodriguez, adding that the district employs non-chemical strategies to help prevent West Nile infections as well, including educating the public about the use of repellents and distributing free mosquito larvae-eating fish.

Both of the sprayed pesticides are registered for use in mosquito control and were applied at levels below U.S. Environmental Protection Agency limits.

“The rates used are very, very low,” said Bob Peterson, an expert in pest management at Montana State University. “This is a surgical strike against mosquitoes. It really only targets mosquitoes flying at night.”

Confident that the pesticide usage is safe, county officials did not tell residents to take precautions during the spraying. “Generally, there is no need to relocate or stay inside,” said Rodriguez. “If it makes people feel more comfortable, they can close windows or cover furniture. But there’s no list of specific recommendations.”

However, that does little to ease the concerns of environmental health experts and advocates, who point to known risks from tiny doses of certain chemicals, potential long-term effects, and the unknown risk of cumulative exposures to multiple chemicals.

“The chemicals they are using are not benign,” said John Wargo, an environmental health professor at Yale University. “They are both known to be toxic by different routes.”

Pyrethroids are known endocrine disruptors, a class of chemicals that researchers have recently found can mix up critical hormonal signals even at extremely small amounts.

Another ingredient in Anvil, added to boost the effectiveness of the pyrethroid on insects, is called piperonyl butoxide (PBO). The chemical, according to a study published in Pediatrics can disrupt brain development in the womb, as well as interact with other pesticides in the environment to increase their toxicity. PBO is listed among the top 10 chemicals in indoor dust, a significant route of exposure for young children.

Organophosphates also can be inhaled, absorbed or tracked indoors — and may be even more concerning for human health. The class of chemicals was originally developed as a weapon during World War II. Dibrom’s manufacturer describes it as a possible carcinogen.

“They made a really dramatic step this year by using an organophosphate … This is pretty bad stuff,” said Glazzard. “With increased toxic load in the environment already, we are sitting ducks for cancer in the future. More and more children are getting cancer at much earlier ages.”

The chemical also “creates havoc with a child’s nervous system,” noted Wargo.

Many of these effects wouldn’t be noticed for years, even decades, which experts suggest is why some toxic chemicals may slip through the regulatory cracks.

“We tend to study acute exposure,” said Mike Somers, spokesman for the Sacramento-based nonprofit Pesticide Watch, which has battled aerial insecticide spraying program. “But what happens when you get exposed for several years in a row from the spraying? And what happens when you combine two different types of pesticides together?”

For the most part, the answer is unknown.

Some say the aerial spraying may not really curb the spread of West Nile. It potentially could poison birds and insects that naturally decrease mosquito numbers, said Wargo, or spur resistance to the chemicals, requiring more or stronger pesticides to maintain the same control.

According to Rodriguez of the Vector Control District, her team did use an organophosphate for the first time this year for “resistance management.”

“We are the experiment,” said Glazzard, who lived in the district’s spray zone a few years ago. “We don’t want to be experiments anymore.”

WASHINGTON D.C. CHEMTRAIL FREE!: T.D.P. Declares 1st Major Victory / Orgone Energy Good For The Economy

Washington D.C. and the surrounding area’s are now totally Chemtrail Free.

From Frederick Maryland down to Washington D.C. and all surrounding areas, and parts of Virginia and lower Pennsylvania, are all 100% Chemtrail Free. Not a single Chemtrail can be found within a 50 Mile radius of Washington D.C., Frederick Maryland, Silver Springs/Burtonsville Maryland…and that’s the limit of our personal witness.

You must understand how important this Victory is. Washington D.C. is one of the Seats of Power in this World. And it’s the Military Seat of Power at that.

If we can Convert Washington D.C.and the power inside to good, we are on our way to a new beginning for Humanity.

This is a Major Victory for “The People” of America and the World. And we are not alone.

This could not of been achieved without the help of others around the area.

Major Thanks goes out from the True Democracy Party to all those who helped bring about this Great Accomplishment.

You just can’t imagine how fast this happened.

The NWO went to bed on Friday night and before they were fully awake on Saturday, they lost the Crown Jewel and Cornerstone of the New World Order Agenda, Washington D.C.

And Washington D.C. is now fully covered by Orgone Energy. It is now 100% Protected against any Chemtrail and Chemcloud Chemical/Biological Assault.

Those Senators and other Congress People should thank us for helping to protect them and there families from someone they were powerless to defend themselves and their families against.

Never Give Up Hope!



Orgone Energy is absolutely fabulous for the Economy.

With the Chemtrails 100% gone and the Chemclouds 99% Contained, the Sun can shine through like it was meant to do. It makes people feel better and want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. On another trip to the local Home Depot, it was packed to the brim with people buying lawn furniture and wood supplies to build stuff with.

It was almost a “madhouse” with activity.

This is all only anecdotal evidence, but a very strong beginning.


It’s time to get serious. We now need to “Help” London and the Vatican. Washington D.C. was easy. London shouldn’t be that hard either to put multiple units around and within.

The Vatican, I don’t know about. Also, we need to include Denver, Colorado in the list to “Help” 🙂

This is a Priority!

These Cities are powerful with Negative Energy. We might want to up the power a little, if possible.

Consider our “new” model, still on the drawing board, but ready to come out swinging.

The “Guardian 2″ Heavy Duty O.A.A.C.

This unit is exactly like the Pocket/Portable Guardian 1, except 30 Gallon or 50 gallon Drums are used and the Copper pipe Diameters are 1″ minimum and 2″ Maximum. 1.5” is perfect. But as always, use your own judgement.
Pipe length is 6′ to 10′. This will increase both Power and Range

Good Luck to all.

We are well on our way to Paradise.

These units make the skies look and feel beautiful, and that makes life seem beautiful as well.

We call this Unit the Guardian One or Portable/Pocket Guardian
Directions for making a Basic Super Charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Cleaner are [ HERE ]

CLOUDS OF DEATH: U.S.A.F. Directly Takes Over Chem Op’s / Frederick Strikes Back!

The U.S. Air Force has directly taken over the coordination of the Chem Cloud Operations against Frederick Maryland and the surrounding areas.

“Spotter Joe” and his White Cessna with a blue stripe down the side have been replaced by “Air Force Jack” with a specially painted Cessna. This one has a blue bottom with the tips of the wings painted red underneath. Between the red tips and the blue fuselage are two large Air Force Logo’s.

These logo’s are the old style Air Force Logo’s with the white star in a blue circle with red and white striped square wings attached.

The Chemical Sky Battle of the previous day was a total stand off. They hit Frederick with almost everything they had in their arsenal of Chemical Cloud Weapons. We had them all.

They succeeded in blocking out our Sun for over half the day. We succeeded in stopping any Chemicals from dropping on Frederick and the surrounding areas.

ADMIN NOTE: It personally pisses me off to no end that the United States Air Force is letting itself be used to Poison Americans.
Someone or more needs to be fired and the Air Force rolled back into the U.S. Army Air Corp. They cannot be trusted at all!

If they think their job is to poison Americans, they need a new job, if not “Charged With Treason” against America and her Citizens.

NEXT MORNING: 7/28/2012

There is Heavy cloud build-up all around Frederick, on all sides. It’s shaping up to be a repeat of yesterday, so they think.

The TDP declares this Test is over.

I went to the local Home Depot to get more copper pipe. They threw 85% to 90% of everything they had at us, and we responded with only one small Portable O.A.A.C. Unit, and fought them to a stand still.

Our calculations show, that just one more unit is needed to completely protect the skies of Frederick from Chemical Assault.

At the local Home Depot there were only 2 sticks of 10’X3/4″ Copper pipe left on the racks. There were 3 full racks a few days ago. I didn’t take notice of this fact at first.

I quickly put together another small unit. Same basic size as the first. We had full confidence this would be enough to secure our skies from Chemical attack.

Shortly after completion, we had a direct fly over by the Air Force Cessna, not “Spotter Joe”. We waved.

The Air Force Cessna started to fly around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. It had made almost a dozen flyovers by 12 noon.
Something was different.

Between 12 noon and 2:30pm the Event Center shifted.

We were the Event Center for almost a week. The power on this unit seems to have well defined edges. They simply drew a circle around the affected area and located the center. That was us. And within a day or so, they were flying to the right, left and directly over our headquarters. We were the Event Center, the Center of this particular event.

On our daily weather check drive, we noticed something very different. Not only had the Event Center shifted, but it was much higher and much larger than any time previous.

The skies were so bright and clean and beautiful, I didn’t remember seeing skies like these since the 1960’s.
Our unit, even upgraded, couldn’t account for all this.

The skies were actually clearer North, Northwest and Southwest of Frederick than they were over Frederick.

And then I remembered about all the Copper pipe that was gone from Home Depot, and I knew exactly what had happened.

Somehow the people of Frederick and the surrounding area found out about what was happening between the TDP and the Forces of Evil. And they had quickly become very fond of their sunny clean skies.

On the following morning, there was a rush of 3/4″ and 1′ copper sells at the local Home Depot. There was only one bent piece and one untagged and bent piece left on the rack that morning.

Evidently a bunch of people had picked up the parts and constructed several O.A.A.C. Units. Many, much larger than ours. As far away as Baltimore Maryland, and Pennsylvania and down towards D.C.

These Units all naturally worked together creating a very large Dome or Shield of Protection over a very large area, yet undefined by us. We have very limited range.

But which quickly forced the U.S. Air Force to retire “Air Force Jack” and go to another type of Spotter Plane. A Lear Jet or Gulf Stream type Plane. Small, all white, unmarked, with two jet engines in the back.

This could cover the extended area a lot faster that the Cessna.

Someone also constructed a replica of Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster/Rainmaker. Very large Thunder and Lightning show last night North of Frederick. One that hasn’t been seen in these parts for a very long time.

This move by others takes a lot of pressure off of the True Democracy Party. They were able to concentrate totally on us for almost a week. And within a 4 hour period, that completely changed.

7/29/12: UPDATE

Clean Sky Range has again doubled. Beautiful skies all directions. You can see mountains in the distance, I never knew were there.

This is exactly what we wanted to happen.

We wanted people to spontaneously just go out and to pick up the parts needed and start protecting their skies, en mass.
It is happening here, now! Large parts of Western Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, are now completely protected against Chemical Cloud and Chemtrails.

Not a single Chemtrail can be seen at all, with very long range visibility.

We were actually thinking about setting up a corridor of these units all around the area to provide us with clean safe skies in our travels.

It has already been done by others. This in so many ways seems like a ‘New Day In America”.

Citizens working together to make America a better place, regardless of what the Government says or does.

Things are looking up. I so love looking into the sky and not seeing any Chemtrails as far as I can see.

Multiple twin and single engine prop powered monoplanes (they look like old WW2 Planes) are making multiple runs all over the place. The all white, unmarked Learjet type plane has not been seen today. It was flying circles all day yesterday.

POSI-FIELD – Positive Energy Field:

Some people say what this energy is, is Ions or EMF Electro Magnetic Fields.
This could have something to do with it. But it doesn’t explain the Positive Actions or Healing aspects of Orgone Energy.

As funny as it seems, people seem to be friendlier than normal. One cashier said (at the Home Depot), after giving me a 5% discount on the parts, “If people aren’t happy today, I’ll give them all 5% discounts.” Another cashier 25 miles away said, “Here’s a little more” with a smile, as they added extra tea into a bag I was buying that had already been weighed.

WTH? Cashiers being nice and no complaining about pay. This stuff is hard to believe. Miles apart from each other.

Even as I continue to type this, there is the constant drone of prop planes in the background. Moving back and forth, directing the next round of Poisonous Chemclouds they are trying to force over Frederick and the surrounding areas.

This will be the last post on this subject. We are moving on.


We’ve constructed another small unit, but using only 20″ copper pipes, and set this unit near our Electrical Power Meter. In theory, this should help reduce our electrical bill.

It will take a month for the results to come back and another month to recheck the results. But we didn’t want to wait that long to tell others what we are up to now.

There are other things in the works also, to be posted shortly.

We are moving ahead with out any concerns of the actions of the Media or Government.

They have their agenda, and now…We Have Ours.

This is how to make a basic unit that is called the Portable “Guardian 1” or “Pocket Guardian”.
Directions for making a Super Charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Cleaner are [ HERE ]

CLOUDBUSTER – WILHELM REICH – ORGONE ENERGY: “Rebuilding Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster Rain Machine”-(Video) The Rainmaker – “Let it Rain!”

ADMIN NOTE: The Official U.S. Government position on “Orgone Energy” is that it doesn’t exist.

Yet, that didn’t stop the U.S. Government from passing laws against it, Burning all of Wilhelm Reich’s books and Destroying all his equipment and locking him up in Prison, (where he died), for something they say “Doesn’t Exist”.

A cloudbuster (or cloud buster) is a device designed by Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, which Reich said could produce rain by manipulating what he called “orgone energy” present in the atmosphere.[1]

The cloudbuster was intended to be used in a way similar to a lightning rod: focusing it on a location in the sky and grounding it in some material that was presumed to absorb orgone – such as a body of water – would draw the orgone energy out of the atmosphere, causing the formation of clouds and rain.

Reich conducted dozens of experiments with the cloudbuster, calling the research “Cosmic Orgone Engineering.”



A cloudbuster (seen at bottom, right of center, not the sculpture).

A cloudbuster consists of an array of parallel hollow metal tubes which are connected at the rear to a series of flexible metal hoses which are equal or slightly smaller in diameter to the parallel tubes. Alternatively, the rear of the tubes are joined together to a single large diameter pipe and flexible metal hose.

The open end of these hoses are placed in water, which Reich believed to be a natural orgone absorber. The pipes can be aimed into areas of the sky to draw energy to the ground like a lightning rod.


The Maine blueberry experiment

In 1953, a drought threatened Maine’s blueberry crop, and several farmers offered to pay Reich if he could make it rain. The weather bureau had reportedly forecast no rain for several days when Reich began the experiment at 10 a.m. on July 6, 1953. The Bangor Daily News reported on July 24:

Dr. Reich and three assistants set up their “rain-making” device off the shore of Grand Lake, near the Bangor hydro-electric dam … The device, a set of hollow tubes, suspended over a small cylinder, connected by a cable, conducted a “drawing” operation for about an hour and ten minutes …

According to a reliable source in Ellsworth the following climatic changes took place in that city on the night of July 6 and the early morning of July 7: “Rain began to fall shortly after ten o’clock Monday evening, first as a drizzle and then by midnight as a gentle, steady rain. Rain continued throughout the night, and a rainfall of 0.24 inches was recorded in Ellsworth the following morning.”

A puzzled witness to the “rain-making” process said: “The queerest looking clouds you ever saw began to form soon after they got the thing rolling.” And later the same witness said the scientists were able to change the course of the wind by manipulation of the device.

The blueberry crop survived, the farmers declared themselves satisfied, and Reich received his fee.


The Press Man “Rebuilding Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster Rain Machine”

When Wilhelm Reich ordered his work be locked away until 50 years after his death, he must have known someone would rebuild his rainmaking machine. Join Darron Foraday as he does just that with some very interesting results.

Orgone research is put to the test in this video to see if it can effect the weather.

Who is Afraid of Wilhelm Reich

CHEM WARS SKY WARS – FURY OVER FREDERICK: Assault On Frederick “The Battle Of Orgon Begins” UPDATED: Day 6 Storms Round 2 Gov’t. Visitor

A innocent experiment leads to Unmarked Military Helicopters, some armed, Chem Cloud Bombs, Super Chemtrail Tankers, low flying Jumbo Jets over cities, “Spotter” planes, etc. over a small Maryland city, Frederick. Home of the True Democracy Party of America.


“For Entertainment Purposes Only”

On July 22, 2012 at 19:30 (7:30 PM), the True Democracy Party Launched Operation SILENT THUNDER NATURAL SKIES in Frederick, Maryland USA.

It started out as only a minor experiment with a newly designed Orgone Accumulator, we had just invented.

The plan was to report the progress after one week. But the ‘Results’ were so “Fast and Spectacular” that we decided we couldn’t wait.

Of course, the Unmarked Military Helicopters flying overhead, aren’t really helping matters.

DAY ONE: 7/22/12 @ 7:30pm

(Super Charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Conditioner (O.A.A.C.), fully assembled and passively operational.
Within one hour, the sky over Frederick, MD. was crystal clear at night.

The stars appeared to be shinning in 3D High Definition. The night was beautiful.
A small Prop powered airplane could be seen and heard as it made it’s way across the star lit night.

One hour later, the sky was full of thick clouds. Being night, it could not be determined if they were Chem Clouds or Natural Clouds. You couldn’t see the tell tell sign of chemical dispersion from the clouds at night.


DAY TWO: 7/23/12

Morning: Sky was completely clear for 20 miles in all directions. Not a single Chemtrail or Chem cloud in sight.
Some mornings, you could count as many as 14 within sight.

Afternoon: Storm Clouds moving in over Frederick, MD. Dropped about 100 drops of rain and then clouds broke up to reveal sunlight for rest of day and evening.


Day Three: 7/24/12 (The Storm)

Morning: Bright Chemtrail Free Skies 25 Mile Radius

Afternoon (Frederick): Double Layer of thick Chem Clouds. You could see a couple large holes in the clouds and through them, you could see the Sun and that there were two thick layers of dark clouds.

And then things got weird.

While I’m looking at this double cloud layer, wondering if it’s going to break up like the last few, the sky darkened so quick, the people in the “pool” across the street, didn’t have time to completely get out of the water.

Overhead appeared a large storm cloud, actually under the double layer of clouds I was observing. As I looked at it overhead, I saw something very strange.

Picture a smoke ring and how it curls in on itself spinning. Now picture that smoke ring the size and thickness of a super large doughnut and being a storm cloud. Now picture that there are four of them (one was triangle shaped) churning on themselves and growing, riding along the bottom of the main storm cloud.

They grew in size until I could only notice one of them, and it had become the whole bottom layer of the storm cloud. It stretched out and the middle pressed together like a soft ring held between two fingers.

And then this elongated churning doughnut shaped storm cloud, twisted around on itself into a giant figure ‘8’.

These storm clouds were thick, angry and mean looking. One of the scariest things I have ever seen. It looked like a giant monster that could just come down and snatch someone away.

I wish I had had a camera or video camcorder.

For some reason, I wasn’t scared at all. Not even a little bit. To me, this was the ultimate test for the O.A.A.C.
What would happen? Trees were bending in all directions from the wind fury of the storm cloud.

The rain fell in a sheet for about one minute and then stopped. It slightly rained again a few minutes later, and then changed into a steady moderate rain fall for about ten minutes.

After that, the large cloud simply mellowed out (lost all power, darkness and menace) and just drifted away to the Northwest of Frederick, MD.

The Sun came back out, dried everything up, and it was like the storm, never was.
All three layers of clouds were gone, leaving only thin stringly looking chemtrails that refused to disperse.

This massive storm had people worried at first, no one had seen anything like this before.

It was a complete wash out 🙂


DAY 4: 7/25/2012 AFTER THE STORM

Morning: Total Crystal Clear Skies for 100 Mile Radius. As far as you could see from Frederick and Washington D.C. in all directions, there was not a single cloud in the sky.

SPECULATION: The O.A.A.C. works by converting Negative Energy into Positive Energy. The amount of negative Energy directed against it is changed into Positive Energy. The harder you hit it, the stronger it becomes.

This unit wasn’t designed, even in theory, to have a 75-100 Mile radius at 100% effectiveness.

Afternoon: The first signs or wisps of Chemtrails could be seen forming over D.C. at 2pm.
They steadily grew until there were a few large chem clouds. No total coverage.

D.C. is within Range of our O.A.A.C. along the outer limit.

Frederick, MD. Skies completely clear…until later 5pm a single Chemtrail Super Tanker showed up. It was flying very low. Far under where you normally see a chemtrail tanker and far below regular air traffic. You could actually see jumbo jets flying way higher and leaving no contrail.

It was putting out twice the Chemtrail Material as normal. Even more than this picture.

But that’s not even the weird part.

Next, an Unmarked Military Helicopter (Green with no numbers or markings) was on a intercept course. It flew to the right of our main office and the Super Tanker flew to the left of our office. We were in the middle of this V shaped course they were flying.

The copter was observing the Chemtrail progress.

Now this part is good. The Chemtrail, twice, if not three times as thick as a normal chemtrail, started acting strange. The trail, instead of remaining straight and starting to slowly spread it’s chemical payload, started to become zig zagged on it’s own and then it started to break instantly vanish and dissolve.

It was hard to believe. and after a moment, it was like it had never been there. Now this is well within the range of our O.A.A.C.

Here’s the really weird part. After the Super Tanker had dumped it’s complete load of chemtrail material, it stopped and hovered in place, in mid air, as if looking back and wondering what happened to it’s Chemtrail. It hovered so long, I got tired of watching it, just sitting there.

What the Hell have we got ourselves into?

NOTE: A neighbor told me that he had seen another Military Helicopter the previous day in the area.
“It was one of those ‘Long’ ones” He said. “And I think it had Guns.” WTH? What’s going on here?


DAY 5: 7/26/2012 The Gloves Come Off (new Chemcloud Dispersal Methods)

The day started overcast with chemical clouds. They were flying a new pattern, 6 abreast, very close to each other.
Well within range of our O.A.A.C. The trails didn’t take. They were vanishing almost as fast as they were being laid down.

Afternoon: Clear skies…until, the Chem Cloud Bomb. See Pictures.

The skies, as usual, were clear…until I noticed a Chemcloud headed toward Frederick from the Southwest. The same direction the Storm had come from.

It came in distinct Waves, three. When you looked in the direction that it came from, you notice something strange.

Strange is now normal here.

This Cloud was fanning outward in all directions from a single point in the sky. Like when a stone is dropped in a pond of still water and the waves radiate outward.

We speculate that “they” created a large Chemcloud outside of the range of our O.A.A.C. and then hit it with a few H.A.A.R.P. Blasts to push it over Frederick, so to say. Clouds don’t normally fan out in all directions. They normally just float across the sky. See Pictures.

And there is more! As you will see.

In this short set of pictures, you can can see the curvature of the outer edge of the Chemcloud.

Also notice the skies are clear, except for the chemcloud.



In this picture, you see the direction the Chemcloud is coming from and notice the Micro-wave ripples in the upper Right hand corner of the picture.



In this set of pictures, notice the skies are clear, except for the Chemcloud advancement.



In the above picture, top right corner, near the small cloud, there is a small dark dot. That is “Spotter Joe”. He flies a small Cessna with a Blue stripe down it’s side.

He has been seen everyday since the first night. He always appears flying through the opening in the Chemcloud Cover.
It seems that he directs the area’s to be covered that were missed or opened up.

He also doesn’t like his picture taken.

The above shot was the third Picture of him. The other two, where he was closer, didn’t come out at all.

And right before this picture, I was distracted by a Jumbo Jet that flew directly over my head, less than a 800 feet off the ground.

It looks far away. It wasn’t. I heard “Spotter Joe” coming 5 minutes away. I didn’t see or hear this Jumbo Jet until it was right over my head. It’s engines were quieter than the Cessna’s.

The nearest airport for these types of planes are 60 miles away, the other side of Washington D.C.
Maybe he got lost flying through the Chemcloud.

He was under all air traffic and the chemclouds.

These two pictures are the ones above, but you can see the curvature of the cloud better in relationship to the Jet.



And thus concludes our first minor test of the Super Charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Cleaner.

It was a Complete Success!

The Elites are going to have issues. If they had to go through all this for just One O.A.A.C., and we are calling for 50,000 to be spread across the U.S. and around all major Cities, well you get the picture 🙂


The Battle of Orgon Begins. This unit not only helps with clean skies, it also puts out Positive Energy that is helpful to all life. It transforms Negative Energy into Positive Energy.

This morning, outside our windows, we heard words we had never heard before in the morning.

“Good Morning Neighbor.” One stranger said to another. What? People greeting people with smiles and cheerfulness.

We want 13 to 20 units set up around London and the Vatican.

We really don’t care about their weather, or their Chemclouds. But we do want to convert all their Negative Energy into Positive Energy. And they have a lot of Negative Energy to convert and or remove.

The newly created Super charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Cleaner could be the perfect tool for the job.

It’s time to bring the fight to them.



DAY 6: 7/27/2012: ROUND 2 – First Government Visit

MORNING: Beautiful bright morning over Frederick and surrounding area. There are clouds, but they are not interfering with the Sunlight.

All other areas, very cloudy in distance, all directions.

Before Noon: First visit from the Government. All white Unmarked Government car with side mounted spotlight drives by the office slowly and then drives to parking lot across street at angle to our office and parks facing us. Full View.

We hope they don’t pull a ‘Wilhelm Reich’ on us and “Burn all our books and destroy all our equipment and our Bucket of salt water” 🙂

We let him know we know he was there. Short Visit. He didn’t stay long.
Must of been our Natural Deodorant 🙂

He was an advance scout. We are “marked”.

Heavy Cloud build up in all directions around Frederick. All types of clouds are in the air.
Big clouds, little clouds, clouds that climb on rocks. Tube clouds, puffy clouds, chem clouds, even clouds with chicken pox 🙂 You name it, we have it today.

Light is coming and going as the clouds block out the Sun and then the Sun breaks through. Classic Battle! Ongoing as of now.
Storm clouds appear to be trying to force their way in, and are being blocked by some unseen force.

By now, we know the scenario.

The clouds will either break up or there will be a short rain and the Storm will of expended all it’s energy and the Sun will break through with a vengeance, giving us another beautiful day and night.

These guys are relentless. They just don’t give up!

Also had a low fly over by a Jumbo Jet “Ghost Plane”. This is a plane that is ‘Chalk White’ all over. It didn’t look like paint, or even a color. More like a different shade of the sky in the background. WEIRD!

Are we having fun yet? We’re having a Ball!

You can’t make up some of this stuff! And this is all within six days and one hour after set-up.

Within one hour of set-up, “they” realized there was a issue with the Chemical Coverage over Frederick, Maryland and took the appropriate measures.

And we have been at it every since.

Of course, the bottom line is that they have already lost. If we can tie up and defeat millions of dollars worth Chemicals and planes and science with a couple of foil wrapped buckets of salt water with a few copper pipes sticking out the top…THEY ARE DONE!


We need your help. Help us spread Positive Energy around America and the World. Do your part for clean skies and clean hearts.

Directions for making a Super Charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Cleaner are [ HERE ]

DEFEAT CHEMTRAILS! Simple And Easy – Free Instructions (Super Charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Conditioner (O.A.A.C.) “What Do Your Skies look Like? Ours Are Beautiful!”


[ Disclaimer ] “Entertainment Purposes Only”

You will need:

PARTS LIST: 1 Guardian G-1 Unit

(2) 5-Gallon Plastic Buckets

(2) 5-Gallon Bucket Plastic Lids

(3) Heavy Duty “Foil” Rolls. Dollar Store

(5) 10 Foot Sections of 3/4″ 0r 1″ inch Metal Tubes
(Copper, Zinc Coated Steel Elec. Conduit, or Aluminum)

(*) Table Salt

(*) PH Balance Test Strips


(1) Hack Saw

(1) 7/8″ or 1″ Spade bit and Drill


Cut 10’x 3/4″ Copper Pipes in half. = (8) 5’x 3/4″ Pipe Sections (Set Aside)

Put lids together and Drill 8 holes in a rough circle (Doesn’t have to be exact). 1″ or 2″ from outside Rim.

Wrap the outside of each bucket in a Pack of Foil each. Don’t cover bottom.

Wrap each Lid in Foil. (4 or 5 Wraps each should be good.)

Stuff one Bucket into the other.

Fill Bucket nearly Full and add 5 Pinch’s of Sea Salt. (1) per Gallon of Water. (For Alkalinity and Stability)

Smooth out foil on lids so you can see the holes. Line lids up and Poke the 8 Pipes through the 8 holes.

Put lid and pipe assembly into the buckets and smash down on lid. (It doesn’t have to lock in place)

You can paint and decorate as desired.

Put a couple of chairs nearby and enjoy the weather 🙂

Here are some pics of the completed rough “Garden Decoration”.

And some Pics of our nice sky’s.

Notice anything missing. Look hard.

The pics aren’t perfect, but you should, “Get the Picture”

That’s all we can say now. We will give full details in the next post.

Yes, we know it looks crude. Okay, very crude.

P.S. Don’t put it where just anybody can see it. Like say, from the street 🙂

[ Disclaimer ] “Entertainment Purposes Only”

Full Details: Highly Modified WILHELM REICH – ORGONE ENERGY Accumulator and Cloud Buster

Super Charged: Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Conditioner (O.A.A.C.)

Range: 50 Mile Radius 98% / 100 Mile Radius 45% Effective (Depending upon conditions)

Power Source: Concentrated Orgone Energy (The Earth)

Storage: 5 Gallons of Alkaline Water

Container: Layered Organic / Non Organic (layered Metal/Wood or Metal/Plastic enclosure)
Fully founded upon the scientifically proven experiments of Wilhelm Reich.

Completely Passive Operation: Set it and Forget It.


Orgone Energy is Attracted to Water and Metal

Orgone is Stored in Water Naturally

Orgone Energy Transforms Negative Energy into Positive Energy

Orgone Energy radiates outward from the planet and every living thing on Earth

Metal Tubes or Pipes connected to water and aimed at the sky, can Regulate Local Weather
through manipulation of Orgone Energy I.E. Bring rain when needed and bust up clouds when needed.

This particular Unit is Completely Self Regulating.

Orgone Energy enters the Accumulator through the bottom and sides where it is trapped.
Since it is attracted to metal, it attempts to get to the other side where it bounces back and forth.

With the addition of the metal pipes in the enclosure, it bounces even more rapidly, like a Pin Ball off of Bumpers in the old Arcade Style games.

Since it uses water as storage instead of air, inside the Accumulator, it can store vastly more amounts of Orgone than an Air Style Accumulator. Like water can hold a vastly larger charge of electricity than air.

ADMIN NOTE UPDATE: Since this Post we have discovered a simple metal 5 Gallon Can is ‘Perfect’ for all purposes, especially when making a “Cloud Buster” (Rainmaker)

Al Wilhelm Reich’s later ‘Cloudbuster’s’ always featured a Metal Box with water and metal pipes on the inside. Except for the giant river fed Monsters (Super Large Rainmakers) he later created.


“THE GENERAL” G-2: Orgone Accumulator Cloud Buster

G-2 Accumulator Cloud Buster.

(1) 32 to 50 Gallon Plastic Drum or Trash Can
(2) 32 to 50 Gallons of heavily Alkalined water in a 32 Gallon Heavy Duty Plastic Trash Can.
(*) Table Salt: Alkaline Water to: 7.5% ph balance to 9% ph balance.

(3) (10) 1 1/2″ Copper tubes, 5′ to 7′ feet long each.

(4) PH Balance Test Strips

NOTE: Steel Tubes/Pipes work best for Orgone Rain Makers, as in the designs by WILHELM REICH.
But for General “Cloud Busters”; Orgone Accumulator Atmospheric Conditioners (OAAC), Copper Tubes/Pipes work best. Reasons? Unknown.


1) Assemble all parts together.

2) Drill the proper amount and size holes (slightly smaller than the pipe diameter) in the plastic lid with most pipes in a circle, about half between the outside and inside of the barrel, and the rest in a circle near the center.

OPTIONAL: Cut a 3″x6″ 3 sided access port near the outside edge of the top to add salt or baking soda to alkaline water and to take PH Balance Tests.

3) Cut pipes/tubes to proper length.

4) Fill the Can/Drum with water and alkaline to proper PH Balance using;
salt, iodine table salt to 7.5% ph balance to 9% ph balance, using the PH Balance Test Strips.

5) Install Lid

6) Insert Pipes/Tubes

It should look something like this:





[ Disclaimer ] “Entertainment Purposes Only”
Remember this Item. Burn it into your memory about how to put one together.

You will need:


(2) 5-Gallon Plastic Buckets $3.00 Each

(2) 5-Gallon Bucket Plastic Lids $!.25 each

(3) Heavy Duty “Foil” Rolls. Dollar Store $1.00 Each

(4) 10 Foot Sections of 3/4″ “M” Grade Copper Pipe (10’x3/4″) $19.00 each

(1) Sea Salt or 5 Pinch’s of Sea Salt. (1) per Gallon of Water.


(1) Hack Saw

(1) 7/8″ or 1″ Spade bit and Drill


Cut 10’x3/4″ Copper Pipes in half. = (8) 5’x3/4″ Pipe Sections (Set Aside)

Put lids together and Drill 8 holes in a rough circle (Doesn’t have to be exact). 1″ or 2″ from outside Rim.

Wrap the outside of each bucket in a Pack of Foil each. Don’t cover bottom.

Wrap each Lid in Foil. (4 or 5 Wraps each should be good.)

Stuff one Bucket into the other.

Fill Bucket nearly Full and add 5 Pinch’s of Sea Salt. (1) per Gallon of Water. (For Alkalinity and Stability)

Smooth out foil on lids so you can see the holes. Line lids up and Poke the 8 Pipes through the 8 holes.

Put lid and pipe assembly into the buckets and smash down on lid. (It doesn’t have to lock in place)

You can paint and decorate as desired.

Put a couple of chairs nearby and enjoy the weather 🙂

Here are some pics of the completed rough “Garden Decoration”.

And some Pics of our nice sky’s.

Notice anything missing. Look hard.

The pics aren’t perfect, but you should, “Get the Picture”

That’s all we can say now. We will give full details in the next post.

Yes, we know it looks crude. Okay, very crude.

P.S. Don’t put it where just anybody can see it. Like say, from the street 🙂

Full Details, Next Post 🙂

THE DELUGE – THE FLOOD: Journey to Sumeria – Gilgamesh Part 2c

Time: 2698 BC (About 5700 years before present)
Location: Orygeia (Uruk) , Sumer , southern Mesopotamia (now southern Iraq)

The caravan, after meeting with the Semites of the desert nomads, started again.
After leaving the desert, continued south towards the Erytheia (Eridu) , the first Sumerian city that will be stationed on their long journey. Kyllaveias The priest, Seated comfortably in his car, he continued to observe the route. Moving along a channel of the Euphrates , which before the flood , 200 years ago, was passing through town.

Now had bazothei from silting. The Deluge had carried incredible amounts of mud from the sources of the Euphrates river, the mountains of Armenia. The silting of the channel that led to the decline of Erytheia , to the benefit of Orygeias .

For a century before the Flood (3000 – 2900 BC) the Sumer era has seen severe drought. Then the level of water in the Euphrates River had fallen too, the canals dried up, the fields are dried up, crops wiped out and people were dying en masse.

All this was recorded in the sacred signs and Kyllaveias the priest had read them all. It was considered unfair to the most learned man of the Universe . Of course, all these were warnings of Gods people not to protest against their rulers. But they did not get the divine message. They continued to protest and revolt. So, finally, the gods sent the Flood (2900 BC).

Oh, the Flood ! How many thousands of times did not tell the story of the White Temple of the god Anu (An ) in Orygeia (Uruk) !!!! Always the audience was polyplithestato. Even merchants from other cities came to hear him!

Many said a number of incorrect variants. But he, telling the story as I describe the sacred signs.

How it all began; The priest brought once again the big story in mind.

“Riots, protests, moaning, blasphemies of ordinary people against the gods, kings and priests were unimaginable degree tilt in the gods . The gods wanted peace. All this commotion that sounded from down the incredibly disturbing. So, at some point The Enyllos (Enlil) (Zeus’s Olympic Religion ) convened divine council.

– I can not stand anymore, these people said. The riots are not suffering. I do not let me sleep anymore either.

– Neither I, completed the Ninylleia (Ninlil) (Hera’s Olympic Religion ), his wife, to support her husband.

– I’m furious with them , screamed the Nergalos (Nergal) (Mars’s Olympic Religion ). Neither the breakfast drink did not let me drink from the bustle.

The Enyllos (Enlil) facing the wrath of all the gods took the plunge.
– This, warnings, do not understand. I say we send them the flood to wipe them.

– Yes, we all die! said with a mouth, Inanneia (Inanna) (Venus’s Olympic Religion ) and Ninocharsageia ( Ninhursag) (Demeter’s Olympic Religion ).

– To not left nostril by daftous , screamed the Ninyrdos (Ninurta) (Saturn’s Olympic Religion ).

Only two were differentiated from the general climate:
– The Egkis (Enki) (Poseidon’s Olympic Religion )

– The Anos (An) (Heaven’s Olympic Religion ) The Anos (An) remained neutral while the wise Egkis (Enki) was alone had no objections but did not dare put them with all the angry gods .

The decision was taken now. Immediately Enyllos (Enlil) called god Iskyro (Ishkur) (Aeolus of Olympic Religion ) of hurling the winds, the clouds gather to begin the great rain. At the same time, he ordered the bird sanctuary, the Ando (ANZU) , leontomorfo the eagle, to tear with claws at the sky to get out of the crevices of the terrible lightning.
Soon the universe turned into hell.

The Euphrates , the tiger and other rivers have started to download tons of water and mud from the mountains of their sources. Gradually dragging overflowed all irrigation projects diakanalika and the cities of Sumer . Bridges, dams destroyed everything.

The raging water inrush in the cities dragging everything.

Houses flooded, people and animals drowned and covered up all the mud.

Seven days and seven nights, it rained and blew incessantly. Eventually, when everything had been destroyed by the Great Flood ended.

Inanneia (Inanna) goddess of the city Orygeias (Uruk)

Anos (An) God of city Orygeias (Uruk)

Then intervened and Anos (An) who left a neutral stance and verbally attacked the sovereign god and son, Enyllo (Enlil) .
– Well, Enylle , she said. How did you get such a decision to destroy the people; Now who will work for us;
– destroying all agreed, replied curtly that Enyllos (Enlil) . As for what will work I guess we all know. We are working and those who worked before people make. The younger gods, the Ogygia .

When Ogygia (Igigi) [were the people who built the irrigation system diakanaliko Euphrates Delta and downstream the Sumerians deified] informed the decision of Enyllou (Enlil) , to work again, rose up.
– We xanadoulefoume not, began to cry. So we had made ​​people. We will not pay us, now broken. To those who pay their fault.

And while the gods stood in embarrassment and quarreled among themselves, suddenly, someone noticed that something moving on the plain.

They looked better and saw the top of a term in a small boat, a family of people.
Moreover, Enyllos (Enlil) turned to other gods with wild eyes.

– Who of you was the one who saved this family;

– Who else; This Egkis (Enki) who always reacts by the decisions of God’s House, called the exasperated Ninyrdos (Ninurta) .

Egkis (Enki) God of city Erytheia (Eridu)

Then the wise Egkis (Enki) stepped forward and spoke openly to everyone.

– I knew that your decision was wrong. You are foolish, impulsive and make mistakes. Were you angry and you do not understand our interest. People need to be there to work for us.

And, seeing others in icy stare, he said. – Knowing, then, that sooner or later recover from the error and you would understand your mistake, I decided to break the common decision to go to Syroppageia ( Shuruppak) and alert to the pious dream, the young king Otonapisto ( Utnapishtim, Atrahasis, Z iusudra, Xisuthros, Xisouthro) to build an ark, to put through his family, his servants and all his friends and animals and plants to continue life in the universe .

Otonapistos ( Utnapishtim) (Modern representation)

The Enyllos (Enlil) , although angry with Egkida (Enki) who once again challenged his authority and contravened the orders, seeing and mutation of most gods , he accepted the right energy and the ark came to bless the surviving family.

There, watching the Otonapisto ( Utnapishtim) to offer sacrifice, as the first act after salvation (as he was bring home a proactive Egkis (Enki) in his dream), moved for the first time, so decided give him “immortality and eternal youth” and to him and to his wife.

They took anything from the Sumeria and settled in the island of callus (Dilmun) (near the Qatar) where they lived the rest of their life dreams. ” – arrive in Erytheia ! – Yes, look, it seems! cries of people’s interest in them the caravan Kyllaveias priest from the daydream.

He looked away to the south, and saw him raise the walls of beautiful Erytheia (Eridu) , the first city that created the universe.

In this map much later (after a millennium) it seems that all the Sumerian cities were built on the banks of tributaries and canals of the Euphrates River (not on the Tigris). The tiger stopped far north as the sea, then formed a small bay in front of the bed of which reached the height of Nippur!!!

THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH / NIMROD: Second Oldest Writing – From The Lost Book Of Enki

This ancient story was considered the oldest human writing until the finding and translation of The Lost Book Of Enki, from which it is based.

It’s also important because of who the story is about. Gilgamesh is another name for Nimrod or Amon-Ra. Whose birthday just happens to be December 25th. He is a very central figure in the Lucerferian / Illuminism Religious Concepts. Their “Morning Star”.

He was a complete Tyrant. He was also founder and Ruler of Babylon and many other cities of old. He was also a Giant.


The Epic of Gilgamesh is, perhaps, the oldest written story on Earth. It comes to us from Ancient Sumeria, and was originally written on 12 clay tablets in cunieform script. It is about the adventures of the historical King of Uruk (somewhere between 2750 and 2500 BCE).

The story centers on a friendship between Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Enkidu is a wild man created by the gods as Gilgamesh’s equal to distract him from oppressing the people of Uruk.

Together, they journey to the Cedar Mountain to defeat Humbaba, its monstrous guardian. Later they kill the Bull of Heaven, which the goddess Ishtar sends to punish Gilgamesh for spurning her advances. As a punishment for these actions, the gods sentence Enkidu to death.

The later half of the epic focuses on Gilgamesh’s distress at Enkidu’s death, and his quest for immortality. In order to learn the secret of eternal life, Gilgamesh undertakes a long and perilous journey to find the immortal flood hero, Utnapishtim. He learns that “The life that you are seeking you will never find.

When the gods created man they allotted to him death, but life they retained in their own keeping.” His fame however lived on after his death, because of his great building projects, and his account of what Utnapishtim told him happened during the flood.


Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, was two-thirds God and one-third human, and 100% trouble. 18 feet tall, a seething tower of testosterone. None of the women were safe from him and all men were his slaves.


Tablet One

The story begins by introducing Gilgamesh, king of Uruk. Gilgamesh, two-thirds god and one-third man, is oppressing his people, who are crying out to the gods for help. For the young women of Uruk this oppression takes the form of a droit de seigneur — or “lord’s right” — to sleep with newly married brides on their wedding night. For the young men (the tablet is damaged at this point) it is conjectured that Gilgamesh is exhausting them through games, tests of strength, or perhaps forced labour on building projects. The gods respond to their pleas by creating an equal to Gilgamesh in order to distract him. They create a primitive man, Enkidu, who is covered in hair and lives in the wild with the animals. He is spotted by a trapper, whose livelihood is being ruined because Enkidu is uprooting his traps. The trapper tells Gilgamesh of the man, and it is arranged for Enkidu to be seduced by a harlot. This seduction by Shamhat, a temple prostitute, is his first step towards civilization, and after seven days of making love with him, she proposes to take him back to Uruk. Gilgamesh, meanwhile, has been having dreams that relate to the imminent arrival of a loved new companion.




Tablet Two

Shamhat brings Enkidu to a shepherds’ camp, where he is introduced to a human diet, and becomes the night watchman. Learning from a passing stranger about Gilgamesh’s treatment of new brides, Enkidu is incensed and travels to Uruk to intervene at a wedding. When Gilgamesh attempts to visit the wedding chamber, Enkidu blocks his way, and they fight. After a fierce battle, Enkidu acknowledges Gilgamesh’s superior strength and they become friends. Gilgamesh proposes a journey to the Cedar Forest to slay the monstrous demi-god Humbaba, in order to gain fame and renown. Despite warnings from Enkidu, and the council of elders, Gilgamesh will not be deterred.




The humans would turn their backs on the gods if they did not tame Gilgamesh so the gods created the King a massive playmate, Enkidu; part-man, part-beast. The two giants bonded in combat and then went off on noble adventures leaving the people of Uruk to get on with their lives.

tablet Three

The elders give Gilgamesh advice for his journey. Gilgamesh visits his mother, the goddess Ninsun, who seeks the support and protection of the sun-god Shamash for their adventure. Ninsun adopts Enkidu as her son, and Gilgamesh leaves instructions for the governance of Uruk in his absence.




Tablet four

Gilgamesh and Enkidu journey to the Cedar Forest. Every few days they camp on a mountain, and perform a dream ritual. Gilgamesh has five terrifying dreams about falling mountains, thunderstorms, wild bulls, and a thunderbird that breathes fire. Despite similarities between his dream figures and earlier descriptions of Humbaba, Enkidu interprets these dreams as good omens, and denies that the frightening images represent the forest guardian. As they approach the cedar mountain, they hear Humbaba bellowing, and have to encourage each other not to be afraid.




Tablet five

The heroes enter the cedar forest. Humbaba, the ogre-guardian of the Cedar Forest, insults and threatens them. He accuses Enkidu of betrayal, and vows to disembowel Gilgamesh and feed his flesh to the birds. Gilgamesh is afraid, but with some encouraging words from Enkidu the battle commences. The mountains quake with the tumult and the sky turns black. The god Shamash sends 13 winds to bind Humbaba, and he is captured. The monster pleads for his life, and Gilgamesh pities him. Enkidu, however, is enraged and asks Gilgamesh to kill the beast. Humbaba curses them both and Gilgamesh dispatches him with a blow to the neck. The two heroes cut down many cedars, including a gigantic tree that Enkidu plans to fashion into a gate for the temple of Enlil. They build a raft and return home along the Euphrates with the giant tree and the head of Humbaba.




Tablet six

Gilgamesh rejects the advances of the goddess Ishtar because of her mistreatment of previous lovers like Dumuzi. Ishtar asks her father Anu to send Gugalanna the Bull of Heaven to avenge her. When Anu rejects her complaints, Ishtar threatens to raise the dead who will “outnumber the living” and “devour them”. Anu becomes frightened, and gives into her. Ishtar leads the bull of heaven to Uruk, and it causes widespread devastation. It lowers the level of the Euphrates river, and dries up the marshes. It opens up huge pits that swallow 300 men. Without any divine assistance, Enkidu and Gilgamesh attack and slay it, and offer up its heart to Shamash. When Ishtar cries out, Enkidu hurls one of the hindquarters of the bull at her. The city of Uruk celebrates, but Enkidu has an ominous dream.




Tablet seven

In Enkidu’s dream, the gods decide that one of the heroes must die because they killed Humbaba and the Bull of Heaven. Despite the protestations of Shamash, Enkidu is marked for death. Enkidu curses the great door he has fashioned for Enlil’s temple. He also curses the trapper and Shamhat for removing him from the wild. Shamash reminds Enkidu of how Shamhat fed and clothed him, and introduced him to Gilgamesh. Shamash tells him that Gilgamesh will bestow great honors upon him at his funeral, and will wander into the wild consumed with grief. Enkidu regrets his curses and blesses Shamhat. In a second dream however he sees himself being taken captive to the Netherworld by a terrifying Angel of Death. The underworld is a “house of dust” and darkness whose inhabitants eat clay, and are clothed in bird feathers, supervised by terrifying beings. For 12 days, Enkidu’s condition worsens. Finally, after a lament that he could not meet a heroic death in battle, he dies.

Tragedy struck when Enkidu died and Gilgamesh experienced grief for the first time. Not just grief and loss, but also the realisation that one day death would come to him too.

Gilgamesh could not come to terms with his friend’s death or the looming destiny of his own final fate: He set off on a quest to find eternal life.




Tablet eight

Gilgamesh delivers a lamentation for Enkidu, in which he calls upon mountains, forests, fields, rivers, wild animals, and all of Uruk to mourn for his friend. Recalling their adventures together, Gilgamesh tears at his hair and clothes in grief. He commissions a funerary statue, and provides grave gifts from his treasury to ensure that Enkidu has a favourable reception in the realm of the dead. A great banquet is held where the treasures are offered to the gods of the Netherworld. Just before a break in the text there is a suggestion that a river is being dammed, indicating a burial in a river bed, as in the corresponding Sumerian poem, The Death of Gilgamesh.




Tablet nine

Tablet nine opens with Gilgamesh roaming the wild clothed in animal skins, grieving for Enkidu. Fearful of his own death, he decides to seek Utnapishtim (“the Faraway”), and learn the secret of eternal life. Among the few survivors of the Great Flood, Utnapishtim and his wife are the only humans to have been granted immortality by the gods. Gilgamesh crosses a mountain pass at night and encounters a pride of lions. Before sleeping he prays for protection to the moon god Sin. Then, waking from an encouraging dream, he kills the lions and uses their skins for clothing. After a long and perilous journey, Gilgamesh arrives at the twin peaks of Mount Mashu at the end of the earth. He comes across a tunnel, which no man has ever entered, guarded by two terrible scorpion-men. After questioning him and recognising his semi-divine nature, they allow him to enter it, and he passes under the mountains along the




Tablet ten

Meeting the ale wife Siduri, who assumes, because of his dishevelled appearance, that he is a murderer, Gilgamesh tells her about the purpose of his journey. She attempts to dissuade him from his quest, but sends him to Urshanabi the ferryman, who will help him cross the sea to Utnapishtim. Gilgamesh destroys some stone-giants that live with Urshanabi. He tells him his story, but when he asks for his help Urshanabi informs him that he has just destroyed the only creatures who can cross the Waters of Death, which are deadly to the touch. Urshanabi instructs Gilgamesh to cut down 300 trees, and fashion them into punting poles. When they reach the island where Utnapishtim lives, Gilgamesh recounts his story asking him for his help. Utnapishtim reprimands him, declaring that fighting the common fate of humans is futile and diminishes life’s joys.




Tablet eleven

Gilgamesh observes that Utnapishtim seems no different from himself, and asks him how he obtained his immortality. Utnapishtim explains that the gods decided to send a great flood. To save Utnapishtim the god Ea told him to build a boat. He gave him precise dimensions, and it was sealed with pitch and bitumen. His entire family went aboard, together with his craftsmen and “all the animals of the field”. A violent storm then arose which caused the terrified gods to retreat to the heavens. Ishtar lamented the wholesale destruction of humanity, and the other gods wept beside her. The storm lasted six days and nights, after which “all the human beings turned to clay”. Utnapishtim weeps when he sees the destruction. His boat lodges on a mountain, and he releases a dove, a swallow, and a raven. When the raven fails to return, he opens the ark and frees its inhabitants. Utnapishtim offers a sacrifice to the gods, who smell the sweet savor and gather around. Ishtar vows that just as she will never forget the brilliant necklace that hangs around her neck, she will always remember this time. When Enlil arrives, angry that there are survivors, she condemns him for instigating the flood. Ea also castigates him for sending a disproportionate punishment. Enlil blesses

Utnapishtim and his wife, and rewards them with eternal life. This account matches the flood story that concludes the Epic of Atrahasis (see also Gilgamesh flood myth).

The main point seems to be that when Enlil granted eternal life it was a unique gift. As if to demonstrate this point, Utnapishtim challenges Gilgamesh to stay awake for six days and seven nights. Gilgamesh falls asleep, and Utnapishtim instructs his wife to bake a loaf of bread on each of the days he is asleep, so that he cannot deny his failure to keep awake. Gilgamesh, who is seeking to overcome death, cannot even conquer sleep! After instructing Urshanabi the ferryman to wash Gilgamesh, and
clothe him in royal robes, they return back to Uruk.

As they are leaving, Utnapishtim’s wife asks her husband to offer a parting gift. Utnapishtim tells Gilgamesh that at the bottom of the sea there lives a boxthorn-like plant that will make him young again. Gilgamesh, by binding stones to his feet so he can walk on the bottom, manages to obtain the plant. He intends to test it on an old man when he returns to Uruk. Unfortunately, when Gilgamesh stops to bathe, it is stolen by a serpent, who sheds its skin as it departs. Gilgamesh weeps at the futility of his efforts, because he has now lost all chance of immortality. He returns to Uruk, where the sight of its massive walls prompts him to praise this enduring work to Urshanabi.


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