February 25, 2018


The Real Iran – Jim Stone

Many people have posted pictures of Iran to “dispel the myth” that Iran is a backwards country with people who need to be “liberated”.

They then proceed to perpetuate that myth with pictures of goats and barns and other B.S.
I won’t do that here.

The fact of the matter is that a majority of Iranians live at least as well as Americans.

Iran is a first world country which aside from mandating women wear a head scarf (and men not walk around half naked), actually allows people to live their lives as they wish with far less interference than in America. That’s the real truth about Iran, and the following pictures PROVE IT.

This is Tehran. This is the city that Iran built the nuclear reactor for. [ SOURCE ]

Notice, more so than Americans, the people are INDIVIDUALS – it’s OBVIOUS!

This is another major Iranian city

Another Iranian city

Here are some BADLY BEATEN Iranian women (according to CNN)

Here is Tehran at night

Another shot of Tehran

Here are some Iranian goat herders

Here are the “mud huts” they live in.

If America goes in and destroys these people, without a damn good reason, it will be one of the greatest crimes the world has ever witnessed. The best kept secret in the world is Iran. This nation has stood up to Israel and the “elite” and maintained it’s national integrity. This is the true free world, where the people don’t get jammed into the corporate monoculture and do the bidding of the zionist banks. Despite severe sanctions placed on them, they have flourished because they are a people of a very high caliber.

Iran has NEVER attacked a neighbor, all wars in modern history that the Iranians got involved in were defensive, unlike America and Israel, which are the two nations of the world that have proven repeatedly over and over and over and over and over and over again that it is THEY that are the terrorists, indeed, the world fears America, and for a damn good reason. Iraq was VERY similar to Iran, and has been bombed to sand. How much do you think they love us for it? Think a nation like this is built for free?

Question: Do you think these people want to be LIBERATED by America? Do you think they dream about living in New York?

The Real Iran the US Doesnt Want You to See

Iran has been antagonized by the western Media particularly the US media, most Americans do not even realize that Iran is not an arab country and is more secular than Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Nonetheless, arabs too have great rich culture and are loving people.

Iran is a Persian nation with a distinctive culture and language. Annual Purchasing Power Parity makes Iran the 17th largest economy which is continuing to diversify.

Iran the first country to develop an engine that runs on natural gas is now the 16th largest automaker in the world. Contrary to statements made by govt officials, Iran is not an anti semitic country and currently is home to over 20 thousand Jews.

The Islamic Republic may not be the true representation of the Iranian people but under the new theocracy, Jews actually received better treatment than before and Iranian Jews are free to visit Israel to see family members.

I wish one day the US will ally with Iran like they did during the 2001 Herat Uprising and join forces in fighting terrorist groups like the Taliban, an old threat to Iran and the region.

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