February 22, 2018

UFO’s In ANCIENT ART, UFO’s And JESUS CHRIST: Pictorial/Videos “We Are Not Alone And We Haven’t Been For Very A Long Time!” Acclimation: Visitors

This is the Fouth Installment of our Acclimation Series to the ‘New’ Real Reality.
This is only the first part. Ancient Visitors.
NEXT Part. Modern Day Visitors 🙂

“A picture is worth a thousand words. This Pictorial speaks for itself.”

The Above “Wood Carving” depiction is of a Major Battle between Aerial Vehicles. A “large Black Spear Shaped Ship” shows up and
easily Defeats all the other vehicles. So the story goes 🙂

[ XAXOR UFO’s in Old Art ]

[ UFO ArtWork.com ]

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