February 25, 2018

2012 RARE PROOF: MAYANS, SKULL And BONES, FREEMASONS (Illuminati), US GOV’T Linked Together: Ancient/Modern Day Knowledge

This Video and it’s Channel are under attack by someone behind YouTube.
This has been verified by the TDP Admin. Which of course is the reason we are giving this video top billing.

This truly is rare proof that our Government knows that 2012 is supposed to be a very important year. This video actually ties in the Mayan Calender and the Secret Societies. We’ve never seen this done before.

The video starts kind of slow, but that is because we need to be brought up to speed on a few issues, we may not be aware of.
Have patience, and you will be amply rewarded with very rare information.

Which is more important, the wine (information), or the bottle (video source/quality) the wine comes in?

2012 rare proof!

This is the proof that 2012 is real! This is the only video on youtube showing you the direct link between the secret societies and the 2012 conspiracy.

This video also shows that before Y2K, and before May 21,2011 prophecy, the Skull & bones already had something planned for 2012.

The Mayan’s had it planned thousands of years before that. So 1976, Y2K, and May 21,2011 were all put out there, to give you that boy cried wolf effect. If you watch all my videos, you’ll understand what’s really going on! We as of people are about to fail an important test.

If you care about your future in the world, you must wake up. All of us need to wake up.

There’s a belief out there that think they have all the answers, but don’t realize that even they might be being deceived. This is something we can change if we all just open up are minds.

Subsribe to this channel (you must subsribe to see what I’m about to reveal to the world in my up coming videos). I will clear up a lot of different subjects. And show you as a single person how to help make a difference in this world. Subsribe now. I have a lot of the answers.

You must help try to spread this message and get everyone you know to watch this video and subscribe to this channel. I will explain to all what has to be done. Thanks for caring. ( Remember, you must spread this video to everyone. It’s the only way to awaken others to what’s about to happen! Even if you have to burn it on dvds and pass it around. The future depends on people getting involved.) Thanks again.

darkbunglex it’s okay to have doubts about all this. But if you want to be sure about it, you have to face it. You said the mason symbol & and skull&bones picture aren’t new to you. That’s Good. Then you should know that the skull is suppose to be the skull of Geronimo. That lines up with the letter G in the Mason symbol. Geronimo was a native American. The face of the Mayan calendar is also a native. Understand the similarities now. There’s no face on the star of David.
agvariety 2 months ago

Hello everyone, if you pay attention to my channel, you’ll notice my views have been disabled for all my videos. Yes someone on YouTube is working against my channel. Just keep checking back and you’ll see that they froze my channel views, to keep the new comers from watching. They know the more views you get, the more others get attempted to watch & learn. So it might be hard to post the new videos on this channel, but subscribe anyway, I might have to post a series of bulletins and comments
agvariety 4 months ago 27

Watch all 4 parts. This video is to help up lift judgement off each other. And to unite the world in peace. Watch all parts before judging this. This video is not to bash anyone’s belief, but to open our minds to all possibilties. My mission is to bring peace between all religions. Thank you for reading this.


True religion possibilities-2012 pt.2

True religion possibilities-2012 pt.3

True religion possibilities-2012 pt.4

There is an Esoteric Agenda behind every facet of life that was once believed to be disconnected. There is an Elite faction guiding most every Political, Economic, Social, Corporate, some Non-Governmental or even Anti-Establishment Organizations. This film uses the hard work and research of professionals in every field helping to expose this agenda put the future of this planet back into the hands of the people.

All these video’s tie in together.

There are things you learn from the first group by { agvariety } that are not in Esoteric Agenda. But Esoteric Agenda covers a lot more ground.

If you watch all these Video’s, you will be much wiser as to what is going on today.