December 17, 2017

VITAMIN D WARS: Proactive Steps to a Cancer Free Life: Vitamin D / Big Pharma’s All Out War On Vitamin D! – Intel Hub “CHILDREN OF THE SUN”

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By Cynthia Henrich
April 2, 2012

Cancer is an opportunistic disease. It uses the opportunity that it recognizes in a toxically burdened, nutritionally and emotionally deficient body to overrun your normal defense system.

Cancer, which seems like such an overwhelming and complicated disease, truly has the potential to be vastly simplified when you break it down to its most basic issues: deficiency and toxicity.

Figure out the reasons behind the deficiency and clean up the toxic burden, and your body is enabled to carry on the healing processes of which it is intrinsically capable. This actually applies to virtually all disease, both physical and emotional.

More and more research supports the optimization of our Vitamin D levels as an extremely important step in the quest for a cancer free, long, healthy life. In fact, a recent study in The American Journal of Cardiology found that Vitamin D deficiency (serum levels below 30 ng/ml or 75 nmol/L) was a strong independent predictor of all causes of death.

More than 70% of the people in the study were below the status of 30 ng/ml required for “sufficiency”, but many clinicians believe that the number forsufficiency should be closer to 50 ng/ml, putting about 95% of the people in a state of deficiency.

Vitamin D3, cholecalciferol, is what our bodies produce when our skin is exposed to the sun or UV-B light. Everyone should know their Vitamin D status, simply ask your doctor to run a 25(OH)D test (not a 1,25(OH)D test) the next time you get your blood drawn.

It’s as important as knowing your address or phone number, and it’s virtually guaranteed that you are not at optimal levels. But since Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, which your body will store, it’s important to check your baseline, and also a good way to gauge, over time, how much sun and supplementation is required to get you and keep you sufficient.

The importance of becoming sufficient in regards to your Vit D levels cannot be overstated when it comes to cancer, but the incredible benefits extend much further.

Having optimized Vit D levels enables our immune system to function correctly, both in it’s ability to ward off disease and to effectively modulate itself so as not to create autoimmune conditions.

Vit D has been shown to clear the brain of the plaques found in Alzheimer’s disease, shrink uterine fibroids, and prevent cavities in your teeth. Is there nothing this sunshine jewel cannot conquer?

From Therapeutic Advances in Gastroenterology: “Some nontraditional roles ascribed to vitamin D include anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating effects. These effects have led to possible implications in the pathophysiology of immune-mediated diseases including multiple sclerosis and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). In addition, vitamin D insufficiency has been linked to higher rates of cancers including colon, prostate and breast cancers.”

According to the Grassroots Health Vitamin D Action Project, certain levels of Vitamin D equate to being optimal for different situations:
deficient < 50 ng/ml optimal 50-70 ng/ml to address cancer, disease and calcium absorption 70-100 ng/ml pregnancy outcomes 120 ng/ml Most adults will require between 1,000-5,000 IU per day to maintain sufficiency, and up to 8,000 IU per day to get sufficient, in addition to the sun and what little is derived from foods. What about toxicity? Not a problem indicates the study, which found no toxicity with up to 10,000 IU per day and up to 200 ng/ml serum levels. Take advantage of the energy of the sun by getting as much Vitamin D as possible by going outside, without sunscreen, for 10-15 minutes, or until you notice a faint pink tinge to your skin. Of course, adjust for the fairness of your skin according to what you know your limits may be, but you need to expose your arms, at least, and NO sunscreen or the magic will not happen! Our human ancestors did not have sunscreen and their bodies were capable of handling daily sun exposure; farmers have been out in the sun for years without massive waves of death and skin cancer. Our issue is that we do not consume the proper nutrition to support the health and protection of our skin, such as the antioxidants and phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, and another source of ultraprotection, astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is a super-antioxidant found in krill and other sea creatures that consume a microalgae rich diet of this incredible super fat-soluble carotenoid. Supplementing with 4 mg of high quality astaxanthin can be extremely protective against sun damage and supportive of your overall immune function and is definitely high on the list of things to add to your regimen for optimal health. It’s also the perfect compliment in your quest for optimal Vitamin D from sunshine! Create a body your soul wants to live in! Cynthia Henrich supports people diagnosed with early stage cancer who are motivated to create change in their lives to leave the demon they’ve faced in the dust. Cancer is a lifestyle, deficiency, emotional dis-ease that can create enormous and positive change in one’s life, when approached as a puzzle that you solve to reach your full health potential. Cynthia Henrich, Holistic Health Insider, is the little black dress of optimal health; providing simple, timeless, elegant, solutions to a life challenge that can seem overwhelming. Cynthia was diagnosed with Stage 2 colon cancer ten years ago, after being misdiagnosed for two years in the mainstream. Cynthia and her husband had two beautiful boys, 4 and 2, at the time of diagnosis, and her dreams came true when she learned she was having a little girl almost two years after her diagnosis. And thus commenced a hold-on-tight, roller-coaster-adventure, everything-is-possible life of bliss helping others to do the same. Institute of Medicine Vitamin D Rebuttal (Part 1 of 5) - Internationally renowned natural health physician and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. John Cannell discuss the Institute of Medicine's recent findings regarding Vitamin D. (Part 1 of 5)
Big Pharma Declares War on Natural Vitamin D Supplementation – Launches Blatant Mis-Information Campaign So They Can Patent Synthetic Vitamin D Drug

It is getting nasty out there. This week a hit piece on Vitamin D was launched by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). Hiding behind a government sponsored (and funded) team, a panel of doctors circulated their “review” of “1000″ Vitamin D studies with conclusions that were completely contrary to scientific evidence of Vitamin D.

One of the panelists, Glenville Jones, PhD, was widely quoted in the media as saying that most people “probably don’t have vitamin D deficiency” and “We think there has been an exaggeration of the public’s interest in vitamin D deficiency”. It turns out that Dr. Jones is a scientific advisor for Cytochroma, Inc., the pharmaceutical company that is developing a patentable synthetic version of Vitamin D. Clearly this is a conflict of interest that was never mentioned in their report.

But conflict of interst is just one of many problems with the IOM report.

The panel consulted with 15 world class experts of Vitamin D and decided to suppress their input. The Vitamin D Council states, “Many of these consultants are either famous Vitamin D researchers, like Professor Robert Heaney at Creighton University or, as in the case of Prof. Walter Willet of Harvard, the single best known nutritionist in the world.”

Aside from hidden agendas, the panel simply refused to consider most of the studies that are out there on Vitamin D purely because most research reports are not reported through randomized controlled trials(RCT). Therefore, virtually all the research that we have reading about the last few years was completely ignored by the panel. How convenient.

For example, the IOM claimed they reviewed a “1000″ studies. Actually, the report only cites 4 (yes FOUR) studies on cancer. Yes, cancer, one of the hottest areas of vitamin D research. Four. What’s worse, is that of the four studies reviewed, none of them used vitamin D doses greater than 1000 IU’s per day, which is way below therapeutic levels. Is it any wonder they concluded that vitamin D does nothing for cancer?

The panel also tripled their recommendations for daily vitamin D supplementation from 200 IU’s per day all the way up to a whopping 600 IU’s per day. This is in line with their conclusion that vitamin D is only useful to prevent rickets. Sure, you won’t get rickets at these doses, but it does nothing to help with the myriad of inflammatory diseases like of heart disease and cancers which may be preventable at much higher doses of vitamin D. The Vitamin D Council has long recommended a daily dose of 5000 IU’s per day.

Their choice of a “safe” upper limit of 4000 IU’s per day is interesting in that they chose to be silent on the majority of studies they reviewed showing doses of 25,000 to 40,000 IU’s per day were safe.

The Alliance for Natural Health USA is circulating a petition to Congress to review the biased report by a government based and funded organization (OIM). Anyone can sign the petition. Just click here.

The conclusion of all this is that most people are still very deficient in vitamin D (just ask the Mayo Clinic) and that vitamin D supplementation is probably one of the most effective means of decreasing your chances of heart disease, cancers and a host of inflammatory long term conditions that confront our modern living conditions.

I am still taking my daily dose of 5000 IU’s. The government panel can stick it where the sun don’t shine. (In that case, they should be taking a ton of vitamn D.)

Andrew Jones, M.D.

Medical Director, Women’s Health Institute of Texas

Children of the Sun – Billy Thorpe

VITAMIN D DECEPTION VITAMIN D WARS: Chemtrails – (Chemical Weapon Chemical Warfare) Censorship Level [Active]

THE VITAMIN D WARS: Aluminum blocks out the Specific Frequency of the Sun, needed to produce Vitamin D in Humans

Vitamin D, we now know, works better than vaccines at preventing a flu infection, and the best part is that it makes your immune system stronger for the future.

Vitamin D most important vitamin, new studies are indicating so far. New research shows that vitamin D can protect against cancer, diabetes, depression, and heart disease — and can make you live longer.

This is an aspect of Aerial Spraying of Aluminum Oxide (Heavy Metal) and Barium (Heavy Salt) AKA Chemtrails, not usually covered.

The US Government admits to Aerial spraying of these substances for the purpose of light deflection to help prevent “Global Warming”, which itself is a fabrication. Many say to boost the Carbon Tax Deal.

The effects of heavy metal poisoning by Aluminum on humans, plants and animals and Barium poisoning by heavy salts are well documented scientific facts, though they are not shared through the mass media with the public.

It has also been scientifically proven that there are other Nasty Substances inside these Aerial Spraying Concoctions like, arsenic, bacterium, Nano Particles, and DNA. What in God’s name DNA is doing in Aerial Spraying is a BIG QUESTION in and of itself.

But now we find out that Aluminum blocks out the Specific Frequency of the Sun, needed to produce Vitamin D in Humans and animals.

As much information as the TDP has on Chemtrails, X-Wars and HAARP, we missed this one. But then we found out about the Absolute Importance of VITAMIN D to Humanity and to the animals of Earth as well, and that Aluminum blocks out the Specific Frequency of the Sun needed to produce it, and all the pieces immediately fell into place! .

The below Video’s will give you all the Proof, Evidence and Information you need to decide for yourself.
The Video, “What in the World are they Spraying?”, will give you total information on all aspects of Aerial Spraying, except the Vitamin D/Aluminum Oxide Connection.

The other video’s fill in that vacant area.

Together they form a most complete picture of what is going on in our skies, and it’s pretty unbelievable, and it was very well hidden.


How Cool Is That! 🙂
Life wouldn’t be worth living, if it weren’t interesting!
– Admin

Vitamin D deception

Chemtrails and Vitamin D.

Chemtrail Weapon Now Discovered–The Light Frequency needed for Vitamin D production is blocked by Aluminum. The source of many diseases. Is this intentional or not, sickening of the world population by Deflection of Essential Energy Waves. The controllers are killing their own. Accident or fate. You decide.


What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length)

The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup Revealed.

By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. Our innate intelligence tells us these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet has probed the questions: who is doing this and why. With the release of this video, all of that has changed. Here is the story of a rapidly developing industry called geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water — all supposedly for the betterment of mankind. Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 — and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health. We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it. Do not watch this documentary if you have high blood pressure.

• Expected ship date October 22, 2010
• Runtime 95 minutes
• Produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy and Paul Wittenberger

The film makers are encouraging everyone who purchases a DVD to make copies and hand out for free in support of thier vision of making this issue known to all. DVDs can be ordered at

“Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign” “Chem-Trail” “Geo-Engineering” “Distributed Aerosol Campaign” “Weather Modification” “Soft Kill” “Eugenics” “Chemtrail Dispersions” “Nanoparticles” “Nano-Tech” “Aluminum” “Barium Salts” “Contrail” “Chronic Wasting Disease” “Alzheimers” “Biological Weaponry” “Bio-Weapon” “RNA” “DNA” “Spraying Operations” “Fibers” “Heavy Metals” “Toxic” “Detox” “Atmospheric Weapons” “Atmosphere” “Atmospheric Geoengineering” “California Skywatch” ” Solar Radiation Management” “Rosalind Peterson” “Soil Pollution” “Lack of Vitamin D” “Rocket Fuel” “Jet Trails” “Upper Atmospheric Testing”

There are No Accidents! We Must Act!

There might be something we can do in the mean time, until we can get this insane policy stopped.


Grow Lights are lights designed to put out the same Light Spectrum as the Sun for the purposes of growing plants indoors.
Do these special lights include the Vitamin D Frequency of the Sun, which is being blocked by Aerial Spraying of Aluminum Oxide?

We don’t know, but we will be looking into it.

If it does, we can start putting these lights in place all over. And when we are inside our homes, we can start receiving Free Medicine. The best the world has to offer.

Of course the media will come out and say :
1) It won’t work.
2) It will give you Cancer

The Sun doesn’t give you cancer. The Sun can Cure Cancer in many.

Only if you know what Cancer is, can you fully understand this statement.

Cancer is a Common Fungus called “Candida”. Cancer is a Fungus.

Sunlight Kills Fungus! It’s actually quite simple.


We must not underestimate the intelligence of those who are behind this Hidden Chemical Aerial Warfare against US.

I’d hate to play a game of Chess against someone who could figure out the frequency of the Sun that produces Vitamin D in Humans and then figure out the metal with the frequency that blocks the so-called Vitamin D Frequency.

And then devises a clever plan to hide what they are doing, in plain site.

We smell brilliance and high intelligence behind this…to a point.
But only to a point. Maybe humanity is not as dumb as we act sometimes.
How smart can you really be, if you didn’t think people would figure this game out.

Knowing is half the battle. So the Battle is half Won!

This is the latest, latest news about Cancer that has been suppressed.

[ CANCER CURES: The Truth About Cancer ]