February 18, 2018

RIVERS OF HARMONIC GOLD: Tesla’s Harmonic Resonance Frequency Technology Used to Create Gold

WARNING: Man Made Gold?

Harmonic Gold is Gold created using Harmonic Resonance Frequency Technology, Tesla’s Frequency Technology. Which actually manipulates ‘Matter’, Metals, Rocks, Wood, anything made of ‘Matter’, at the atomic level.

It was discovered quite by accident, as many great discoveries are.

A Scientist was working on the effects of Tesla’s Frequency Technology on different substances, and accidentally left the
machine on much longer than expected.

And what he discovered was that the material they were experimenting with lost a certain molecule. This changed the molecular make up of the material, transmuting or changing the material from one metal into another.

The scientists were shocked, but the very first words they spoke were,
“We will soon be able to change lead into Gold. We will be able to take cheap plentiful metals and turn them into Precious Metals!”

That was 30+ years ago. And not a single word has been mentioned about it until recently.

A mainstream news organization reported that it was now possible to create man made gold using the Frequency Method above, but they could only get gold from mercury and it was so costly, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Of course, this comes from the Media that is owned by the Banks who hoard and control the world Gold Supply. So that response is not surprising. So we here at the TDP, take whatever they say with about a dozen spoons of salt. And since we don’t like salt, that much, we don’t believe anything they say.

The above video illustrates that the Elites are well aware that this information is out in the Public Domain.

They say it’s hard and expensive. The word we got was that it was easy, and not expensive at all. Keep in mind, this technology does nothing more than point radio waves at a certain object using a certain frequency. That’s it.

It’s all done with nothing more than ‘radio waves’.

Everything that was just said, is the total amount of information available to the general public on this subject. All the information has been removed from the net, except for a 5 minute spot in one of the New Energy Documentaries that we carry.

But that was more than enough to clue in the True Democracy Party.

Gold is classified as a Chemical Element. And thus, it will be easy to manipulate with Harmonic Resonance Frequency Technology.
It will be like mixing together certain elements with a spoon made of Radio Waves. At the proper frequency, gold will be created out of lead and other less valued metals.

We should be able to create and make it pour, like a “River Of Gold”. A River of Harmonic Gold.

We don’t even have to speculate the uses Cheap Bulk Gold could be put to 🙂

On this issue, the Government already has all the information needed. It may be hidden, but they have it.

The India Scientific Community is already working on isolating all the different frequencies needed to manipulate matter into whatever they want and they are teaching it to their college students.

It’s very boring stuff, but they had a couple of video’s up about the college lectures on the subject.
These video’s which were some of the very few on the subject online, have since disappeared from the web.
They could not be re-located after being located in preparation for this article a couple of months ago.

Information is disappearing from the Web like crazy 🙂
The ‘Fear Factor’ in those behind the throne must be at almost fever pitch.

Distribution of Capacity and Production will be similar to that of the Sheet Diamond Project, except production will be set about three times higher than with the ‘Sheet Diamonds’.

Yes. We have no issue with flooding this world with Rivers of Harmonic Gold. NONE!

Cost: Same as with our Plate/Sheet Diamond Proposal.

Price: $300 Per Square Inch rough.
$500 Per Square Inch Polished.
Same price for everyone, large or small, government or non.

The amount of money/Profit should be three times that of the Sheet Diamond Project. Our estimates show $300 Billion per year, at least.

This means even more State and Federal funding to the point where taxes should be vastly decreased. And this is not all.
We also have other money making and job solutions for America.

This technology isn’t as easy to access and get data on. The Elites have kept a tight lid on this technology.
We will need to be in control of the Government in order to locate this tech. Or we can reverse engineer this technology from the information we already have.

If it was created by accident, and we know exactly what they were doing, we can easily pick it up from there, if we have to.

Resonance Frequency Technology is also a New Energy Source. Again, all the information on it is buried, but we think we can retrieve a lot of it.

That’s what we mean. They are really starting to remove mountains of information from the net. This particular technology is well over 80 years old, pioneered by Nikola Tesla. And they are still trying to keep it hidden. It’s just really incredible.

Resonance Frequency Technology as a new Power Source will be covered soon. It involves a small control box that allows the user to access virtually unlimited free energy from the earth’s Magnetism. It’s just a device that allows you to tap into the Earth’s Natural energy, and use it to power a vehicle or a home.

We will be covering that subject too, in the last of our series on New Energy Sources and Inventions.

* Gold is a chemical element. Its chemical symbol is Au and its atomic number is 79.

* Compared to other metals, gold is less chemically reactive.

* Gold is a good conductor of electricity and heat.

* Gold is shiny, soft and dense. It is also malleable, which means it can easily be beaten into thin sheets or other shapes.

* Gold is malleable enough for just 1 gram to be hammered into a sheet 1 square meter in size. It can also be made so thin that
it appears transparent.

* Due to a similar appearance to gold, the mineral pyrite has the nickname fool’s gold.

* The amount of gold in various alloys (a combination of gold and another metal such as silver) is measured in carats (k). Pure
gold is 24k.

* As of 2009, it has been estimated that humans have mined around 160000 tonnes of gold.

* Over the last 100 years South Africa has been the biggest producer of gold. In recent times however it has been surpassed by

* As of 2009, the USA has 8133 tonnes of gold reserves while Canada only has 3.

* Throughout history gold has often been seen as a symbol of wealth.

* Gold is the most popular precious metal for investments.

* The price of gold continually fluctuates and is often linked to major economic events.

* There is a monetary system called the ‘gold standard’ which fixes a unit of money to a certain weight of gold.

* Over the years gold has been used to create expensive jewelry, coins and various forms of art such as the Egyptian pharaoh
Tutankhamun’s famous burial mask. In modern times it has also been used for things such as electronics and dentistry.

* Injectable gold has been proven to help reduce pain and swelling in patients suffering from tuberculosis and rheumatoid

* Gold is a popular choice when it comes to rewarding achievement with medals, statues and trophies. Academy Award, Olympic and
Nobel Prize winners all receive golden items in recognition of their achievement.