January 20, 2018

Rare Snows in the Sahara Desert, North Africa – Accuweather.com / HAARP? Did someone put in a “Weather Request” for Snow, or is this “Just a Test?”

Sahara snowed on january 2012 – Snow in Sahara

Rare Snows in North Africa
By Evan Duffey, Meteorologist

Feb 6, 2012; 10:02 AM ET

Snow made a rare appearance in Algiers, the capital city of Algeria.

Cold air associated with a storm system diving into northern Africa provided for some decent accumulations of snow in the north African country.

According to Accuweather Meteorologist Eric Wanenchak, most reports say the last time Algiers saw this kind of accumulation was at least seven years ago in 2005. And before that, it had been 33 years.

He said Algiers must fight a combination of limiting factors in order to see snowfall. First, the city is near the Mediterranean Sea, which is still quite warm, currently in the low 50s.

Youtube user mohsal57 shows snow falling on the tropical trees in Algiers, Algeria.

Second, they are at sea level, and lower elevations generally are warmer and mean more atmosphere that snow has to fall through.

Lastly, they are rather far south. By comparison, they are at a similar latitude as Virginia Beach.

While snow in Algiers is rare, snow to the south in the Atlas Mountains is not as rare. This event should bring more accumulating snow to these mountains to close out the weekend.

However, for Algiers, not too much more in the way of snow can be expected as temperatures have warmed well above freezing.