February 22, 2018

GAS-LESS VEHICLE CONCEPT: Magnetic Motor + Battery + Electric Motor = New Energy / Magnetic Motor Basics

Self Charging Electric Vehicle

Troy Reed Magnetic motor & electric car

1000w Kranked Currie E-bike Tire – Kills the Reflector!!

free energy Device at work
copper and magnets, rotation makes free energy.. see the video, we must learn to build BIGGER versions of these devices to free ourselves from high energy prices.

Proof of Concept
How to Build Basic Magnetic Power Generator

Magnetic Generator Basics:
Perpetual motion is found everywhere in nature, an atom with the electrons spinning in orbit around the nucleus, the earth spinning around it’s star (Our sun), and so forth. As newton put it, an object in motion, tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside source. So in this case a motor has all sorts of losses, resistive losses in the coil resistance, which is inevitable, air friction, gravity friction, and friction in the bearings and then of course bemf, which in this case has been completely eliminated and turned around to act as an advantage, not a hinderance.

These frictions are very small losses and there is more than enough energy to compensate for the losses, therefore boosting the energy well over 100% and into overunity ranges. The motor/generator runs at ambient temperatures.

LUCTEC.AU Magnetic Generator To Power Your Home
A magnetic generator that provides more than enough electricity to power your home.

By precise placement of powerful neo magnets to enhance the internal permanent magnetic stator field of this DC motor, the flux saturation will create a supermotor from the ordinary. Factory spec output and well beyond will then be obtained with less input power.

Layman’s Terms: By adding magnets to the outer casing of a electric motor, you can increase it’s RPM’s from 3000 to 15000 with less power input.

This guy and his experiments are pretty amazing.

Everything so far are Intermediate Technologies that we already here.

The next step that Tesla left off at and where this guy picks up are

Resonance Frequency Technologies, that this guy also knows about also
Tesla actually had a Electric car that ran off of Resonance Frequency Technologies. It had 2 antenna’s and a box of vacuum tubes connected to an electric motor.

We thought nobody in the regular world knew about Resonance Frequency Technologies, outside of the Government, and some very obscure online Tesla Fanatic’s.

We’ll cover Resonance Frequency Technologies at a later date.

His Website [ PMMG4HYBRID ]

Our Idea is very simple. It’s as easy to understand as 1, 2, 3,.
Magnetic Motor + Battery + Electric Motor = New Energy Self Charging Electric Vehicles