February 21, 2018

TESLA Free Energy Aerial RCVR / Magnetic Motor Generators: Luctec 1000: 2 “Off The Grid” Technologies Pushed By The True Democracy Party

For home and business energy needs we are pushing two primary technologies

1) Magnetic Motor Generator

These generator systems produce 5 times more electrical energy than they consume. They are about the size of your hot water heater, and can provide all your home electrical needs, completely “off grid”. They should sale for between $3000 and $5000 each.

LUCTEC.com with their Luctec 1000 is a world leader in this, and they have been stopped or harassed at every turn. Any issue that can be used to stop them, has been. Patent issues, court issues, you name it. In this struggle for new energy, Governments will put you in jail to keep this technology off the market.

And some inventors have even been killed to keep new energy from the public. How utterly corrupt and sad is that?!

They control the patent office of the US, and they love to turn down new energy devices.

Only as a people working together, can we bring these technologies to the World.

These are all only Interim Technologies. The really, really good stuff, we only hear rumors about. This is all actually

“Old Tech”.

These ideas form the basis of our New Energy Technologies, but we saved the best for last.

TESLA: Free Energy Aerial Receiver:

We’ve saved the best for last.

Nikola Tesla invented a free energy device and hid it right in front of everybody. We have all seen pictures of it.

It’s called the Tesla Coil. It’s the thing he use to show off to everyone with lightning shooting from the top of it.

Recently, two people from different parts of the World came to the same conclusion, while looking at the same Tesla Diagram.

If you reverse the direction of the “primary transformer”, you actually start drawing in large amounts of Radiant Electricity, that is already in the air all around us.

The Tesla Coil is not a device that makes lightning, it’s a device that produces Free Electricity. Not only that, but a similar device he made can be attached to a Electric Car, and run it with enough power to spare that it could also run the average size home.

This is a little bit above us average humans, and we will need scientists and electrical engineers to quickly reverse engineer this device. But this too, is “Old Tech” now, and shouldn’t present any major issues.

Remember: New and Free energy is not a technical issue, it’s a political issue!

Free Energy is Here! We just need to demand it, for ourselves, for our Country, and for our Planet.

Tesla’s Little Secret

UNLIMITED FREE ENERGY IDENTIFIED: This video starts off kinda of strange. Don’t be fooled. This is one of the most important short video’s on Free Energy, PERIOD. It shows what it is and where it comes from. No other video does that. Plus, it will give you a short laugh. Vital Information and a Laugh, what more can you ask from a video?

The Missing Secrets Of Nikola Tesla

Magnetic Generator To Power Your Home

FREE ENERGY Home Generator Australia – Electricity Generator – – Off the Grid – Lutec –

Electrical generator using permanant magnets and high power magnetic electrical impulses ,
similar to edwin v grays motor back in 1979. the coils in this motor do not heat up under load will power your home for years. Combination ac/dc motor.

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