January 29, 2015

FEMA Trains, Coffins & Concentration Camps For Martial Law: What Do The NWO and CDC Have Planned For US ?

Fema Coffins Investigated

Known FEMA CAMP Locations.
There’s a “Camp” near you.

Fema Trains, Fema Coffins & Concentration Camps For Martial Law
This is not a “car carrier”, unless cars sit on benches lined along both sides of the interior.


  1. NWO el presidente says:


    • admin says:

      “There are none so helplessly enslaved, as those who think they are free.”

      Educate yourself. The REAL CRIME is that we are here risking our lives and trying to help People like you, and no matter what you say, we will continue.

      Have a nice day :)

      Check out these articles before you open your mouth and insert foot again.



      60,000 estimated deaths. What do you think they are going to do with the bodies?

      They could put them in those plastic disposable coffins and ship them anywhere in the country in those window-less FEMA Trains and no one would be the wiser.

      If you are to survive and help us out of this mess, instead of just calling people names, you will need to think outside the box.


      • Wicklife says:

        Israel is a freind and ally of the west and America. America and other western powers must help Israel maintain its balance of power with its enemies. It deserves to survive as a country. The only reason the current crisis came to pass was the effort of a flotilla of vessels to break a blockade. The determined use of knives ,iron bars,& clubs indicate the occupants of the vessel were armed and dangerous. If Israel has a right to exist it has a right to defend its self. If a vessel wants to go through a blockade it must submit to search.

        • admin says:

          Israel was behind 911!

          They are no friend of the United States!

          They are no friend of Humanity. They act like barbaric child killers.

          Do some research. There are plenty of article’s and video’s that tell the truth.

          Anti-Semite? Start with a history of the House of Rothschild.

          They control England and Israel and the US Government and 90%+ of the world Central Banks.

          They controlled and set up Hitler and Stalin

          When I stand before God, it will not be said that I willingly supported Child Killers, Murderers and Thieves!!!

          You are on the wrong side of this issue.

          Everyone in Israel and you should spend a week in Palestine, with your children, dressed as they are.

          After a week, if you or your children are not killed, then let’s see what song you sing!





          • jaysun says:

            What a load of misinformed uneducated crap. You should check the validity of your sources. You only list one website which is fabricated nonsense.

          • admin says:

            You are right.

            Everything is fine. The government tells the truth.

            The media tells the truth.

            Fluoride is not poison.

            Aerial Spraying (Chemtrails) of Heavy metal and heavy salts is good for you and the environment.

            Vaccines don’t kill thousands of children a year and are perfectly safe.

            Mercury is not one of the most toxic substances on earth, so it’s ok to put it in your fillings and vaccines.

            They don’t use aborted babies in vaccines either, even though the government admits that.

            You are just too smart for us.

            So why don’t you tell us what the CDC (Center For Disease Control) wants with 500,000 Disposable Coffins.

            Everything you see was approved by Presidential Executive Orders. EVERYTHING.

            And they are not Censored, just not talked about or buried, but they are accessible.

            Look up our Post on FEMA, they are all there.

            You sir, appear to be the uneducated one!

            “For there are none more enslaved than those who think they are free.”

            Or maybe we could say “There are none more uneducated than those who think they are educated” :)

        • admin says:

          The Flotilla was in International Waters which makes the attack a Act Of Piracy.

          They stole all of the occupants electronic devices. All of them. That makes them thieves.

          They assassinated people on the ships, shots to the head and backs of individuals. That makes them Murderers.

          In the words of the IDF, “they treat the Palestinians like SH1T.” Their own words!

          At the True Democracy Party, we are not fooled by the lies of Israel.

          Oh yea, they kill American’s too.

          Not a single drop of American Blood should be spent on Israel. And if American’s had a say in the matter, not another drop would be.

    • Matt says:

      NWO el presidente

      You are a fu**ing idiot. Thesis, Anti-Thesis, Synthesis (Problem,Reaction,Solution) has been used for thousands of years. Revolutions have happened and will happen again, this is the system that our corporatized government has set up for the people who will revolt. We will be put in these trains and escorted into the FEMA camp and then exterminated if we can’t be “re-educated”. Just recently documents have been found that solidify the fact of Re-education camps in America. Do some research, America and other countries are not controlled by who they seem to be.

    • Cerano says:

      These are burial vaults guys! This went from being “coffin liners” to “disposable coffins”. Stop and look and ask questions – what in the world is a “disposable coffin”? There’s no such thing. And did you even read what’s above? It’s a VAULT! Do you know what a vault is? It’s NOT a coffin. It’s the container that a coffin goes in. This is the storage for a company that makes burial vaults. It’s big because it has to fit a coffin – not two or three bodies. And it’s a revolutionary thing for the funeral industry because they used to be metal or concrete and didn’t nest. Storage was expensive. These are nestable and not bothered by the elements.

      And the thing clearly goes with the flat side down. The main part is a dome. This is nothing more than a simple vault. And the quantity? Did you ever stop to think about how much space 120,000 of these would take up? At 6 rows wide and 15 units high, it would require one mile of field to store. There is nowhere near that many in this footage.

      Who’s the sheeple now? Those of you who swallow this kind of conspiracy crap. It’s not even a credible conspiracy.

      • admin says:

        It’s you who needs to think and use their brain. What are you thinking?

        Put bio-degradable bodies into Plastic that doesn’t degrade. The tops on these units are flat for stacking. Not the regular domed tops the company usually sell. Yes you must not of been paying attention. They showed the “FLAT LIDS” also.
        These bad boys were meant for stacking. The only real question is WHY?

        They were purchased through the C.D.C. Center for Disease Control and put out in the open for all to see. If there is a simple explanation, they have refused to provide it for years.

        And it’s a FACT they or someone tied to them created AIDS, and H1N1 through H1N5 Viruses in the lab. H1N5 they even posted on the web for all to see.
        Now why would they do that, when they are saying it could wipe out half of Earth’s population.
        This was all carried in the Huff Post, not regular online fair.

        You are the one who needs to wake up.

        You are worse than Sheeple. You are a dis-information TROLL.

        Unlike most people who see these things, they quickly see for themselves, that a casket would not fit inside these things. Too small.

  2. TrmnTraks says:

    People need to take a serious comparative look at the US and the Roman Republic. Also for most US citizens I would suggest a fair amount of research into what a Republic actually is. This is normal hierarchy established corresponding to the wealth gradient. People with the money have to pay for things. It’s in the constitution as National Treasure points out so neatly, my boy Nicky Cage. In an idealistic republic the wealthy look after everybody else; the ugly part being that little people being looked after can’t necessarily afford to look after themselves and are basically enslaved, unless they prefer poverty or are able to rise up through the capitalistic societal ideal (American dream) and become a slave owner themselves if you will pardon the metaphor(s).

    The real problems in America are the debates over whether things like worker compensation, severance pay, safety regulations, and environmental regulations are things that are “optional” for corporations. Also corporations are run by people, a person can’t be trade-marked.

  3. G says:

    First off, Israel was not behind 9/11. YOUR own government killed your brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and cousins and aunts and uncles and friends, for their own world agenda. They don’t Carr about you and never have. JFK was assassinated for being a REAL president, by HIS so called supporters. You think they care about you? If the government didn’t conduct 9/11 why have they lied about what happened that day over and over again with a different reason everytime? But yet what y’all call conspiracy theorists haven’t changed their story once? If you believe the government you deserve what they give you. Just know 90% of Americans will be ushered into these camps as your last stop. What are you gonna do to stop it? How are you prepared? And if you say you are a doomsday prepper your an idiot!

  4. sheryl rapp says:

    i want to do something what can i do to start people need to be wake up?

  5. nadia says:


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