February 20, 2018

Chemclouds Global Poisoning: “Who Is Stealing Our Sunshine?” “What In The World Are They Spraying?” Every American Needs To Watch These Video’s! “There is a mountain of Toxic Material being dumped on US! Someone is doing terrible things to the American People!” ”

They are trying to Geo-engineer everything. They are trying to geo-engineer the weather, the plants, the animals and us. They are micro poisoning us everyday with aluminum oxide and barium poisoning. These are known to be highly toxic to all living things.

Average tests results are 39,000 – 61,000 times greater than EPA recommends for aluminum
And 3,000 – 20,000 times greater than normal for Barium.
And they are all NATO countries being sprayed.

Maybe it’s time to get the Hell out of NATO!

Who is stealing our sunshine?
This video names public agencies and private companies involved in controlling the sunlight and even the air we breathe.
Weather Modification is Big Business!

“Owning The Weather” 92min. @Hulu“Owning The Weather” 42min. @Google

The morning was a crisp 24 degrees above zero. The sun was shinning brightly in the sky. For just a moment the day promised to warm up nicely. I looked up to get a good view of the welcoming Sun. The very first thing I saw was a Plane laying down chemtrails. Within 5 minutes I had spotted 11 Planes laying down not one, but a second layer of Chemtrails stretching from Pennsylvannia northwest of Frederick Maryland, down over Wasington DC and into Virginia.

Before I arrived at work, in DC, I counted another group of 7 Planes laying down another layer of Chemtrails. Since DC is lower than Frederick, which is in the mountains, my view wasn’t as good, but there were probably as many as before.

Now if it’s a hot day and you move into the shade, it will be cooler.
If it’a a cold day, and you move into the shade, it will be even colder.
That’s what was happening. This was at the end of Nov. 2011.

The next morning, it was even colder at 19 or so degrees, the sky was completely overcast with clouds, except for one small bright spot where the Sun was shinning through. I looked up through the hole in the clouds, and unbelievably, there was a single Jet, laying down a single pass of Chemtrails which quickly “Sealed Out The Sun”.

Now I am starting to see a pattern.

The next day, a crisp clear cold morning of 24 degrees. The sun is shinning, I look up, and it is a repeat of the morning 2 days ago. Several Planes are laying down rows of Chemtrails along the same path as last time.

Of course, now I have a new name for them and what they are doing.
They aren’t just laying Chemtrails…they are creating Chemclouds.

And the purpose is clear, and at least twofold.

1) Less sunlight, the more Energy you will have to use to keep your home warm. IE, higher energy costs.
2) These chemicals they are using are proven to cause more respiritory illness and increased trips for medical care. IE increased healthcare costs.
Anything for a buck!

Increased Heating and Healthcare Costs are more than enough reason for some to do these things if it were in their power to do so.


It’s called the Evolution of HAARP.

They’ve always known that they could do two things with HAARP from the beginning.
1) Early lab tests showed that they would easily be able to steer a hurricane.
And in 2007 when HAARP became fully operational, Haiti was hit by 4 Hurricanes in a row.These were direct hits and statistically impossible.

2) They always knew they would be able to create Earthquakes, since the technology they were using was based entirely on Nikola Tesla’s earthquake technology and principles.
Which is, if you feedback a objects frequency back into it, it will shake apart like it was an earthquake.

HAARP uses Radio Frequency. That’s what it does. And it can aim that signal, anywhere on earth.
The earthquakes in China, Japan and Haiti, were all reported uses of HAARP.

This is what they’ve always known. But things evolve.

As they’ve gotten better with it, they have discovered other uses.

The Chemclouds are composed mostly of Aluminum Oxide and Barium, among other things. The Aluminum reflects sunlight, back into space. Just the thing you need on a nice chilly day. And Barium has known bad health effects.

So who controls the weather?

In theory, the US Military controls this technology.
In practice, the Rothschild’s control this technology through their proxies here in the US; the CIA, Pentagon, White House, FEMA, Homeland Security, Upper levels of the US Air Force, NASA. The are all involved.

We have been planning to do this story for about a week.
We were fully aware that proxies of the Rothschild’s were behind this, but also knew we could never prove it, so we weren’t going to try.

And then our friends at The Daily Bell got a hold of and posted a very interesting video of Mr. Evelyn Rothschild so graciously
admitting they he had just purchased a “Weather Prediction” Company of some sort.

Thank you Mr. Rothschild. You just did for us what we knew we could not do for ourselves, because of the layers of insulation that you have installed between you and certain aspects of your business operations.

It must be nice to both own a “Weather Forecasting” Company and control a series of Weather Control Devices, like the incredibly powerful HAARP System, Made In The USA. You just shouldn’t of bragged about it.

“It turns out that he (Sir Evelyn Rothschild) has founded a weather forecasting website that can provide local predictions on an immediate basis. In explaining this, he comments that climate change is making such services important if not imperative.” The Daily Bell

Also it must be noted that we suspect other changes as well.
1) The Chemtrails and Chemclouds use chemicals that are Petroleum Based, FACT.
Which means that chemsnows and chemrains are treacherously slippery. Alot more dangerous than regular, untreated snow and rain.

2) Some of the chemicals they are using, cause water to freeze and snow to form at 40 degrees above freezing, not the regular 32 degrees. This little tidbit has been observed 4 times over the past month.

Like we said, HAARP is Evolving. There are still others aspects of HAARP that they are working on, such as the ability to disrupt
brain signals of people, by using the ability of HAARP to effect changes in water. Humans are after all, mostly made up of water.

One more thing they can do with HAARP is actually quite cool.
They can use the power of HAARP to kill a Hurricane.
That’s right folks, not only can they easily steer a hurricane where ever they want, but they can also, destroy it.
We have pic’s, or better yet, we have video of them doing it to a well known Hurricane.

It’s speculated that the two twin beams you see shooting down into the eye of the Hurricane , is actually Ionizing and cooling the water within the beams. This is in effect dumping cold water into the eye of the hurricane, cooling it down and killing it.

Oh yes…..HAARP is Evolving

[ The True Democracy Party supports a Full Nation Wide Citizens’ Initiative to Ban Chemtrails “Proposal to ban aerial spraying of aluminum oxide, barium, sulfur, ]