December 17, 2017

MUSIC WARS: The Illuminati Strikes Back! “Excellent” New Online World Of Music: Is Who, How and Where You Get Your Music About To Change? Time To CHANGE THE BEAT !

The response by the Illuminati controlled ‘old’ “New World Order” of the music Industry to the NEW “New World Order” of online music and artists was swift, pertinent, and excellent in every way. The True Democracy Party must take our hats off to them.

No Secrets.

This was, is, and completely intended to be from the very beginning, a direct challenge to the Illuminati and their NWO control of the music Industry. We’re still miffed after what they did to the Dixie Chicks. This one’s for them, and the rest of us.

Within 2 days, Google launched a new online music service, which even we must promote, and acknowledge.
At [ ] you can now listen to and download 20,000 songs For FREE! 20,000 Free Music Downloads, WOW!

That’s a better musical economic deal than we are proposing at $1.00 for 4 songs from an online music artist.
But our online music is 90% completely original, and it’s end-less, with far more instruments of all kinds per song.
And with only a few exceptions, it’s by far, a much better class of music.

More on a par with great soundtracks and classics than with simple songs.

No matter how it turns out, the American people and the people of the world will be the winners.

Challenge Accepted.

Let the new Music Wars begin.


Best Illuminati hiphop song

TDP, Syko Beats, Dansonn Beats, Lindsey Stirling and YouTube Launch “New World Order” Of Music

The True Democracy Party, quite by accident, discovered an amazing ‘new world’ of original music online. Almost completely separated from the “Controlled Music Industry” and it’s “Clear Channel” Radio Empire counter part.

Are you tired of the same five songs by the same five artists being played over and over again?

We Are.

There is an end-less supply of great sounding original music online, just begging for recognition.
We are going to see if we can convince some of these Artists to join a lose nit online music club where people could simply purchase 4 songs for $1 dollar, for personal listening only of course.

I myself would love to download affordable music, with the money going directly to the Artist.

Could this be a new trend. We will shortly be looking into this to see what it will take.

In the mean time…..

Welcome to a “Whole New World” of Music. [ This is only a very small sample ]

Welcome to our World.

Transcendence Music Video – Lindsey Stirling

Party Rock Anthem -Violinists can shuffle too

Hip Hop Violin – WINNER [Nuttin But Stringz]

“When Angels Fall” Dark Sad Emotional Piano Choir Beat

“Requiem of the Night” Dark Underground Piano Choir Beat

Samurai Spirit | Ethnic Style Rap / Hip Hop Instrumental | Syko Beats

CheckMate | Rap / Hip-Hop Instrumental | Syko Beats | Dark Strings Orchestra Deep Beat

Exorcist Hip Hop Remix [CRG]

“Out Of Time” Dark Epic Frantic Orchestral Choir Beat

GunSlinger | Western Style Rap/Hip Hop / Rock Instrumental | Syko Beats

Lonely Soul | Sad Rap / Hip-Hop Instrumental | Dark Piano | Syko Beats

5th Dimension | Space /Alien Instrumental | Rap / Hip-Hop | Syko Beats | Best Independent

Spontaneous Me Lindsey Stirling – Violinist Extreme

best violin EVERbest violin solo

hip hop violin right round – lindsey stirling – violinist

The gael by Jenny O’ Connor (Last of the Mohicans)

Why So Serious Remix Darknight: Jokers Mix

Moonlight Sonata [Remix]

“It Can’t Rain Forever” Sad Inspiring Piano Choir Beat