January 20, 2018

John Denver – The Man, The Movements: Save The Environment, End The Wars, Don’t Corrupt God’s Food With GMO’$! / Let This Be A Voice Part 1: PBS Nature Video

Rocky Mountain High (Colorado) HQ

John Denver – Country Roads

Annie’s Song

Thank God I’m A Country Boy

John Denver – Sunshine On My Shoulders (1974) Johnny Carson Show

John Denver – Rhymes & Reasons

John Denver Loved children and nature. And America Loved Him Right Back.
What would John think about forcing poisonous Vaccines onto children?
John was staunchly Anti-War. What would he think about this idea of killing millions of innocent women and children?
What would he think about the total destruction and pollution of our land, sea and air?
What would he think about the wanton destruction of wildlife and wildlife habitats?
What would he think about GMO’$. Genetically Modified Organisms, or GEO’$ Genetically Engineered Organisms.
I think we would have a staunch ally in our fight for a GMO Free America.
Correction, I think we do have a staunch ally in our fight for a GMO Free America.

Oh yea. John Denver is back in the game!
He’s not going to let a little thing like a fatal airplane crash stop him from helping the Country, Land and People he loved so very much.

It’s time to pull out all the stop’s.

Unlike with most of the people we are in the midst of bringing back to confront the Rothschild’s. We couldn’t find a direct link between the Rothschild’s and John Denver’s untimely ‘accident’.

Except 3 possibilities:
1) John had already written Anti-War songs and was starting to speak out against the first Iraq War. Staunchly Anti-War.
2) He died in a plane crash. One of the Rothschild’s CIA favorite ways of getting rid of people they don’t want around.
NOTE: There is a computer animation of the crash. These Computer Animations are always used to cover up the truth about something, and make the computer animation the last word, regardless of any other evidence. They should of just said “Engine Trouble” or something and left the animation stuff alone. That’s a possible sign of cover-up right there.
3) 1997 was the year GMO’s became totally LEGAL and farmers started planting GMO crops. John Denver would have plenty to say about the corruption of natural food.PLENTY. And loudly.
There’s rumor that he already had an Anti-GMO song out. We’ll keep looking>

I can only imagine the songs he would of written against the corruption of our natural food stock.

John Denver’s Last Performance

John Denver – Let This Be A Voice Part 1 [ PBS Nature Special ]

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