January 25, 2015

Rothschild’$ Exposed: $500 Trillion Worth Includes: Bank of England, Reuters News, Associated Press, ABC,CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN, Royal Dutch SHELL, Israel, Federal Reserve, US/UK Governments, CIA, NATO, Half Of World

The Man in Charge of the World; The Great Rothschild Exposing


The Rothschilds 500 TRILLION DOLLARS

Why you are a slave. Rothschild’s own you! End The FED!

Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve

The Rothschilds Exposed 1/3

The Rothschilds Exposed 2/3

The Rothschilds Exposed 3/3

House of Rothschild vs U.S. Presidents

The Rothchilds: The Bloody family
This video has a rock music beat. If you don’t like the music, turn it down. The information contained within, is invaluable

Rothschild is translated as: Red Shield in their native German Jewish laungage.

2000+ years of banker enslavement from goldsmith to fiat bank notes


Rothschilds–the Hidden Hand
Is the problem of the financial crisis really…global?

N.M. Rothschild Group -the hidden hand behind the world economy

What is colonialism? It is when some countries are made to slaves and dependent to a few private persons.
They sign agreements and become dependent, because they think they would benefit from it, or because they were already at a disadvantage. Those who are Land lords and plant owners sets the terms and conditions for those who do not have power.
These men also corrupts the country’s leaders as they provide them with benefits and money to keep them loyal.
The economic crisis in the U.S. should make people realize that banks in the end not have a free market as the final goal. They have deliberately lent too much money, knowing it will ultimately lead to chaos. Some individual owners at the top wants to sit in international financial kommitées to monitor the world economy as some kind of legislative and regulatory officers. But first they will create currency crashes, instability and a global downturn. Perhaps a third world war. Then people will prefer a regulated market, not a competetive. It will surely give the impression to be the same free market as before.
China is now used as a test country for how the whole world will work in a few years. Communism and ruthless capitalism, fascism cooperates and controls the country.
Right now we see the consequence of the fraudulent Federal Reserve System, which started in the U.S. in 1913. Maybe they get the system ended before people knows which banks in nearly 100 years has managed and improperly exploited the value of the American people’s currency, the dollar.

All the world’s currencies and economies is now under the influence of a few. It is the result of centuries of colonialism, British imperialism and trade of war. Do not forget that the U.S. began as a British colony. The latest centuries Great Britain has dominated oceans and trade. Rothschild, a German family has dominated banking and finance in Europe the last two hundred years. Today it is called globalization. Since they have control over so many banks one can say that the world today works as a colony for them. As long as we have loans and assets invested in the bank, it is ultimately them that we are giving our confidence to. If we were to pay back the loan and take out our money from banks and funds and invest them in self-sufficient farms and households with solar or wind energy and start driving electric cars powered by our own electricity Rothschild would lose power.
They want a police society and they want to upset feelings to cause violent riots around demonstrations. They want us not to like our politicians. There is already lot of youtube videos to make people hate. Do not go at it. They always play both sides in a war. When the middle class is going to do revolt, they have already dragged up the guillotine and want to help.
Grow your own food instead and produce your own electricity.

Their family biographies give the illusion that their wealth has decreased. But researchers estimate their wealth into something more than half of all the world’s wealth. Their name is not on the lists of the world’s richest. They are very rarely on TV. All governments, transnational corporations, the top layers of the financial community and media are loyal to them. Just because of this they can remain hidden but still have a major influence.

The hidden hand behind the world economy
Between 1820 to 1850 Rothschilds are financing railways in Austria and France. 1840 in the UK Rothschilds works as gold market broker for Bank of England. They start to import newly discovered gold from California and Australia.


During 1875 Lionel de Rothschild in secret financed the British government’s share in the Suez Canal.
Between First and Second World War, they financed the London Underground

For a long time, they have married their cousins to retain control over their assets. The global downturn in 2008 was designed by them. After World War that they will soon trigger, then the other half will be under their control. But they want more. They want to bring a chip inside you and own you. They own so much media, so that they can make chip implants trendy.

Baron David de Rothschild, the head of the Rothschild bank:Economic Crisis Will Bring New World Order, Global Governance. The Rothschilds have helped the British government since financing Wellington.





The ultimate parent company of the Rothschild dynasty is a private Swiss company, Rothschilds Continuation Holdings AG (RCH)
Company Overview
Rothschilds Continuation Holdings AG is a bank holding company. The company, through its subsidiaries, provides banking, treasury, investment banking, fund management, private banking and trust management services to governments, corporations and individuals worldwide. Rothschilds Continuation Holdings AG operates as a subsidiary of Concordia B.V. Baarerstrasse 95 Postfach 735 Zug, 6301 Switzerland Phone: 41 41 720 0680 Fax: 41 41 720 0683

Concordia B.V.



Concordia B.V. provides banking services through its subsidiary Rothschild Concordia AG. Concordia B.V. was founded in 2003 and is based in Gent, the Netherlands.
Concordia B.V. operates as a subsidiary of Paris Orleans S.A. As of November 20, 2007, Concordia B.V. operates as a subsidiary of Paris Orleans S.A. (ENXTPA:PAOR).

In January 2008, Paris Orléans acquired 100% of Concordia BV


The French and English branches of the Rothschild banking dynasty are to unify ownership.



Rothschilds Continuation Holdings is the ultimate parent company of the Rothschilds.




http://www.rsagroup.com Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group
http://www.jardines.com owns 20% of shares in Rothschilds Continuation Holdings AG
http://www.matheson.co.uk 100% owned by jardines
http://www.jcclgroup.com/pdf/thistle_2005_V3.pdf The Magazine of Jardine Matheson






http://www.us.rothschild.com/investmentbanking check the links down on the right



























Our Business Explained



Rothschild archive loan contracts to governments 1818-1937


Rothschild Bank AG Zurich Annual Report 2007/2008



There are now only 5 nations on the world left without a Rothschild controlled central bank: Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya.



How can you know if the Rothschilds really owns more or less all banks?
There is no official account that fully displays it. The following companies and organisations are probably custommers and partners, fronts or direct property of Rothschilds Continuation Holdings, LCF Rothschild Group, the banking House of Rothschild.







Back to the roots of Rio Tinto ..the man they called el terremoto and a London banker named Rothschild







http://www.bnymellon.com cooperates with Federal Reserve that prints the U.S dollars


http://www.jpmorgan.com Rothschild agent






http://www2.goldmansachs.com recieved $10 billion in economy crisis recovery package


http://www.lse.ac.uk London School of Economics and Political Science












The Credit crunch
-Who is the creditor?
Credit crunch Defined as “a severe shortage of money or credit”
Timeline: Credit crunch to downturn










The best way to rob a bank is to own one. Or many.
It doesn´t really work that way that each bank has a bank vault with a big fat iron door where they keep all their money. The banks invests its money in companies. Check the list down to the right.


The banks who knowingly created the credit crisis are those who now receive subsidies, from the state in the U.S. and money from taxpayers.
The banks gets rescue package that is worth 787 billion dollars.





mortgage fraud since September 2004 “The Organization as ‘Weapon’ in White Collar Crime.” Wheeler & Rothman 1982; The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One. Black 2005). Financial control frauds.



American banks had lent too much money. And suddenly the costs for credit were on a higher level. Why? The strange thing is that it was not only everyday persons who could not afford to pay back their loans or the interest fee. The biggest banks that are professionals didn´t have enough money either.
They didn´t have enough money. ..To do what? Who is it we are indebted to?
Who is the creditor?

What if those who offers the solution are secretly behind the problems?

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild knows exactly how and when the economic crisis started. Rothschilds have been on top of banking industry for 200 years. They have been lending money to states that have built armies. Theese governments has been in debt because of these wars. He rather not talk about which people are to blame for the economic crisis. Simply because his actions is the cause behind it.
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild don´t want to talk about who started the economic crisis

Can a whole world be short of money at the same time?
It is not possible for this kind of crisis to hit on the whole economy without somebody being safe from the problem and be on the other side and pull the strings. If there weren´t anyone on the other side claming interst or loans to be paid back, there wouldn´t be a problem.
The economic system is globalised today and what happens on big scale in one part affects another.
Why isn´t there enough money in the banks today?
We do not trade with aliens on Mars or Jupiter and send some money over there. We don´t make transactions to outer space. The economic system here on earth is a closed system and all the money that was in it before the recession started are still here but it has gone somewhere. It hasn´t been spread out widely because then the crisis would be over.
The money has gone from many peoples pockets to a few owners.
Rothschilds Continuation Holdings, the LCF Rothschild Group,

Moreover, the U.S. government allowes that many new U.S. dollars are created out of thin air. Among other things at the International Monetary Funds “save the world” meetings. They say that this liquidity is injected into the world economy. But what happens to the value of the dollars that already was before the IMF with a single click create 900 000 new? Every single dollar in itself may be in fact get a lower value when many new valid dollars are created. And this is what IMF, Rothschild, China, Kazakhstan, Russia wants to make the dollar instable, and then useless. But it sounds so nice when the International Monetary Fund’s lending capacity was “increased” by $ 900 000. This is a way to actually destroy the value of the currency. Trading Capital Holdings N.V. etc are earning big time on the world wide crisis. Accumulated wealth since world war 2 is theirs. They also own media, Reuters and Associated Press. When seen on TV they appears to be normal rich people wearing an average grey suit which makes the illusion perfect.
People starts taking new loans now when the rate is low. And then in August, September Rothschilds will crash the system big time.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild on CNCB news about what went wrong, what needs to change.
He is asked by the reporter: I red your writings where you went through all of the people who are to blame for what has gone on. And this is a broad group. Can you take us through your observations given the fact that we see a global situation?
He answers: Well I don´t belive there is time talking to you to go through the past. I think what im interested in how we deal with the present and go for the future. And then he starts to talk about that he wants the whole economic system to be controlled. And these controllers should have as high salary as the banks they are controlling, he says. If such a system is installed, he will be its invisible top, controlling it.
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild on CNCB news
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild on BBC.

Rothschild on top of the world pyramid of power and greed.
The centre of the world’s financial markets for over 200 years.
Financing both sides of wars for hundreds of years.
Now the world is in their hands. They have contol over both east and west. From the U.S treasury and the British Royal house, to International Bank of Azerbaijan
Rothschilds owns half the world




“None of the Rothschild enterprises have been banks in the sense as understood by the man or woman in the street”.



There are links between Rothschilds and the kommunist dictator Stalin.




When a Rothschild Falls in the Forest, Does Anyone Hear It?


More of Rothschild´s friends
http://www.warburgpincus.com Warburg familly, shareholders of U.S federal reserve


Maurice F. Strong


Rothschild Agents Take 10 Key Posts in president Obamas administration


The Swedish model -by Rothschild design
socialistic sweden is a Rothschild experiment in mind control.
Canada is swedens sister country in this project.



www.teliasonera.com/investor_relations/reports/prospectus/telia_ab.pdf Telia Sonera, swedens biggest telecom operator



Nationalize the Banks! We’re all Swedes Now
One step closer to a global communist empire run by the worlds richest.





washington mutual bank sold to JPMorgan Chase (Rothschild agent)


The Government in UK put £17 billion into the banks and owns 43 per cent of the enlarged Lloyds



The Rothschilds controls the gold market and the price of gold


China to add 800 t of gold deposits in 2009, official


“Rothschild to pull out of gold market after 200 years” They still controls the gold market.
They are still in control.



Baron Guy de Rothschild, Leader of French Arm of Bank Dynasty, Dies at 98



Rothschild and Rabobank establish global food and agri co-operation


Rothschild and Rabobank establish global food and agri co-operation






Rothschild starts new investment fund in India with Axis bank
Indian fund industry assets have jumped three and a half times to $137 billion in three years











NM Rothschild attracted by India’s love for bullion


Rothschild investing in India, Mumbai that are transforming into an International Financial Centre




Two important names: Lord Jacob Rothschild Sir Evelyn de Rothschild.




Jacob Rothschild has invested in the public stock offerings of Kazakhstan’s leading oil company and biggest commercial banks. Last year he helped raise $250 million from a public offering of his Tau Capital fund, which invests in Kazakhstan as well as Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan



Lots of information about Rothschild





























http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOy5HNIKVFs&feature=related Sir Evelyn de Rothschild on BBC.




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1caTHzqQl5U&feature=related Sir Evelyn de Rothschild on BBC.


Rothschild -their history, background art and wine





1744 or 43 Mayer Amschel Bauer, is born in Frankfurt, Germany. Mayer Amschel Bauer later changes his name from Bauer to Rothschild, after the red sign hanging over the entrance door (“Rot,” is German for, “Red,” “Schild,” is German for, “Sign”).

Rothschild Wine


All in the family A conversation with Jacob Rothschild, art collector


Baron Meyer Amschel de ROTHSCHILD


Rothschild their history and symbolism



The Rothschilds history



Rothschild and University of Chicago
university of chicago is an important platform of education for the financing ruling class and politicians.


Rothschilds investment services to generations of Chicago’s entrepreneurs, professionals, retirement plans, endowments and foundations.




The Rothschild Manifesto (swedish)









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    Rothschild’$ Exposed: $500 Trillion Worth Includes: Bank of England, Reuters News, Associated Press, ABC,CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN, Royal Dutch SHELL, Israel, Federal Reserve, US/UK Governments, CIA, NATO, Half Of World…

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    Rothschild’$ Exposed: $500 Trillion Worth Includes: Bank of England, Reuters News, Associated Press, ABC,CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN, Royal Dutch SHELL, Israel, Federal Reserve, US/UK Governments, CIA, NATO, Half Of World…

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  7. […] La familia Rothschild completamente expuesta con evidencias y videos documentales aquí: Rothschild’$ Exposed: $500 Trillion Worth Includes: Bank of England, Reuters News, Associated Press, ABC,CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN, Royal Dutch SHELL, Israel, Federal Reserve, US/UK Governments, CIA, NATO, Half Of World. Link […]

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